Simply Wall St vs Seeking Alpha 2024: Which platform is better?

Jeremy Biberdorf
By: Jeremy Biberdorf


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Investing today has evolved significantly thanks to technological advancements. Investors now have access to sophisticated tools that streamline their strategies and track market dynamics, moving beyond manual monitoring and analysis.

This technological shift has led to the emergence of numerous platforms designed to help manage and research portfolios effectively. Among these options, Simply Wall St and Seeking Alpha are two prominent tools in the financial technology space.

Simply Wall St is celebrated for its visual analytics and comprehensive company data, which simplify complex financial information, making it more accessible.

Seeking Alpha, on the other hand, excels in providing in-depth market analysis, expert opinions, and community feedback, catering to both novice and experienced investors seeking detailed insights.

This article compares Simply Wall St and Seeking Alpha, highlighting their strengths, differences, and how each platform can best serve your investment needs. Whether you’re looking to enhance portfolio management or gain a deeper understanding of market trends, knowing the capabilities of these tools will be crucial.

For more detailed analysis of each product check out our full reviews:

Simply Wall St is Better for:Seeking Alpha is Better for:
Visual stock representationAnalyst ratings
Affordable pricingFlexible billing options
Retail investorsProfessional investors

What is Simply Wall St? website

Simply Wall St was launched in 2014 to make stock market analysis more accessible to the everyday investor. Headquartered in Sydney, Australia, the platform is renowned for its innovative use of infographics and visual tools to break down complex financial data into easy-to-understand formats.

This approach helps demystify the stock market for retail investors, making it easier to understand key metrics and company performance.

The platform’s core offerings revolve around visual investment reports that allow users to quickly grasp a company’s performance and valuation metrics without needing to delve into cumbersome spreadsheets.

Simply Wall St caters to both novice and experienced investors by providing insights into stocks, dividends, and overall portfolio health. It simplifies the decision-making process with clear, graphical representations of data, which are particularly beneficial for visual learners.

Full Review of Simply Wall St

What is Seeking Alpha?

seeking alpha website

Seeking Alpha is a financial research platform that emerged in 2004, founded by David Jackson. Based in New York City, it is designed to cater to investors seeking detailed analysis and diverse perspectives on stock markets.

The platform provides a wealth of information through a community-driven approach, where investors, analysts, and financial writers contribute to a rich database of investment research and opinion pieces.

One of Seeking Alpha’s distinguishing features is its comprehensive tools, which include real-time stock quotes, earnings forecasts, and personal portfolio trackers. These tools are designed to help investors stay informed and make data-driven decisions.

The platform’s extensive database covers a wide range of financial topics, making it a valuable resource for investors of all experience levels.

Additionally, Seeking Alpha offers Premium and Pro services that provide deeper insights and more exclusive content. These services target serious investors who require thorough, actionable financial information.

Full Seeking Alpha Review

Simply Wall St Seeking Alpha
Free Features Global Markets Access, Company reports (5), portfolio stock analysis (5), watchlists (5) Limited access to articles, email alerts, news updates, stock pricing, limited charts, Wall Street Stock Ratings
Paid Features Company reports, portfolio stock analysis, Stock Screener, Excel & PDF exports Premium content, news updates, email alerts, Wall Street stock ratings, Author Ratings & performance, stock pricing, stock charts, Quant rating, dividend grades, PRO content & newsletters, short ideas portal, idea screener (with filters)
Annual Subscription Fees $0-$20/month (billed yearly) $214/year
Securities Analyzed Stocks and other equities Stocks, ETFs, crypto, other equities
Investing Approach Fundamental Fundamental & analytical
Modest Money Review Simply Wall St Review Seeking Alpha Review
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Modest Money Overall Rating
4.6 rating based on 5 ratings
4.6 rating based on 5 ratings
Simply Wall St
Free Features Global Markets Access, Company reports (5), portfolio stock analysis (5), watchlists (5)
Paid Features Company reports, portfolio stock analysis, Stock Screener, Excel & PDF exports
Annual Subscription Fees $0-$20/month (billed yearly)
Securities Analyzed Stocks and other equities
Investing Approach Fundamental
Modest Money Review Simply Wall St Review
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Modest Money Overall Rating
4.6 rating based on 5 ratings
Seeking Alpha
Free Features Limited access to articles, email alerts, news updates, stock pricing, limited charts, Wall Street Stock Ratings
Paid Features Premium content, news updates, email alerts, Wall Street stock ratings, Author Ratings & performance, stock pricing, stock charts, Quant rating, dividend grades, PRO content & newsletters, short ideas portal, idea screener (with filters)
Annual Subscription Fees $214/year
Securities Analyzed Stocks, ETFs, crypto, other equities
Investing Approach Fundamental & analytical
Modest Money Review Seeking Alpha Review
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Modest Money Overall Rating
4.6 rating based on 5 ratings

Simply Wall St vs Seeking Alpha Videos

Factor 1: Free Features

  • Simply Wall St provides five free detailed reports per month.
  • Seeking Alpha offers limited free access to numerous assets.

Simply Wall St stands out in this factor by offering free users access to five comprehensive company reports per month. These reports include historical stock charts, financial statements, and detailed analyses, providing substantial value without a subscription.

This feature is especially beneficial for casual investors who need a deeper insight into a select number of investments monthly.

Simply Wall St Free Features

Simply Wall St excels by allowing users to access detailed reports on individual stocks for free, focusing primarily on quality over quantity. While it limits free access to five assets per month, the depth of information available in each report is significant.

These reports include valuation, earnings, financial health, future growth projections, and management effectiveness. Such detailed insights help users make informed investment decisions without incurring any costs. The platform’s visually appealing infographics simplify complex financial data, making it accessible even to novice investors.

Seeking Alpha Free Features

Seeking Alpha, while offering more extensive access across various assets, provides free users with only basic data and limited article previews. Free access includes stock charts, basic ratings from Wall Street analysts, and news updates, which can assist in initial research but may not suffice for users seeking comprehensive analysis.

To access in-depth articles, detailed stock ratings, and advanced financial metrics, users are encouraged to opt for premium plans. The free features are beneficial for getting a general overview of market trends and stock performance but lack the detailed analytical depth that more serious investors might require.

Factor 2: Paid Features

  • Seeking Alpha offers extensive premium tools and content.
  • Simply Wall St has cost-effective plans but fewer advanced tools.

Seeking Alpha elevates the investment research experience with its Premium and Pro subscription plans. The Premium plan offers unlimited access to a wealth of content including detailed articles, sophisticated portfolio tools, and model portfolios, which are crucial for active traders and investors.

Also, subscribers can dive into “Author Ratings” to gauge the credibility and track record of content creators, adding an extra layer of insight to their investment strategy.

Simply Wall St Paid Features

Simply Wall St’s paid offerings include the “Premium” and “Unlimited” plans. The Premium plan allows access to 30 detailed company reports per month, which is sufficient for moderate research activities.

The Unlimited plan, priced at an attractive $20 per month, removes any limitations on report access and includes the ability to export data in Excel or PDF formats.

However, despite its affordability, Simply Wall St lacks the depth of analytical tools that more experienced investors might seek, focusing mainly on providing a large volume of accessible reports rather than in-depth analysis tools.

Seeking Alpha Paid Features

Seeking Alpha’s premium plans are tailored to enhance the investing process through detailed insights and comprehensive tools. I read through the details of each plan, and it looks like Seeking Alpha wants to ensure investors have everything they need to make informed decisions:

Premium Plan:

  • Unlimited access to in-depth investment research and articles.
  • Detailed stock quant ratings and extensive investment strategies.
  • Access to model portfolios to guide personal investment decisions.
  • Portfolio tracking and management tools to monitor investment performance.

Pro Plan:

  • Includes all the features of the Premium plan.
  • Access to “Top Ideas,” featuring high-conviction investment opportunities.
  • Exclusive short ideas portal for alternative investment perspectives.
  • Advanced idea screener with customizable filters to fine-tune investment searches.
  • Enhanced author metrics to assess the reliability and performance of contributors.

These features make Seeking Alpha particularly valuable for serious investors who require a deep dive into market analytics and specific investment opportunities. The platform’s rich content and tools support a range of investment activities from casual learning to aggressive trading strategies.

Whether for long-term portfolio management or quick trades based on the latest market trends, Seeking Alpha provides a robust framework to support various investment goals.

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Factor 3: Subscription Costs

  • Simply Wall St is cost-effective with its low-cost annual subscription.
  • Seeking Alpha can be more expensive but offers flexible billing options.

When considering subscription costs, Simply Wall St emerges as the more economical choice for investors looking to maximize value. It offers a straightforward, annual payment model that allows users full access to its services at a competitive price.

This pricing structure, requiring upfront payment, may appeal to those who prefer a simpler, one-time transaction over recurring payments. However, I do admit that the lack of monthly billing options might be restrictive for some users.

Despite this, Simply Wall St’s affordability makes it particularly attractive for new investors or those with limited budgets for investment tools.

Simply Wall St Subscription Details

Simply Wall St’s subscription model is designed to be straightforward and cost-effective, particularly attractive for budget-conscious investors. Here’s a deeper look at what it offers:

  • Annual Commitment: All plans require payment for the full year upfront, which simplifies the subscription process but may deter those preferring month-to-month flexibility.
  • Premium Plan: Costs $120 annually, which breaks down to an effective rate of $12 per month. This plan offers access to 30 company reports per month.
  • Unlimited Plan: Priced at $240 annually or an effective $20 per month. This plan removes the cap on company reports and adds the ability to export data, ideal for investors who need extensive research capabilities.

This pricing structure is quite competitive, especially considering the depth of analysis and data provided. However, the lack of monthly billing options might be a limitation for some users who prefer less commitment. Despite this, Simply Wall St’s low-cost plans are well-suited for individual investors looking for valuable market insights without a hefty price tag.

Learn More About Simply Wall St

Seeking Alpha Pricing & Subscriptions

Seeking Alpha tailors its subscription plans to meet the diverse needs of investors, ranging from the casually curious to the seriously committed. The platform offers several tailored options:

  • Alpha Picks: Targets investors seeking monthly, hand-picked stock recommendations without deep analysis.
  • Premium: Provides extensive investment research and tools, including unlimited article access and stock quant ratings, for $214 annually, ideal for those needing regular, detailed market insights.
  • Pro: Priced at $2,400 annually, this plan offers all Premium features plus exclusive content and VIP support, suited for professional investors requiring in-depth tools.
  • Bundle: The Seeking Alpha bundle combines Alpha Picks and Premium at a discount, offering comprehensive access to all tools for users needing extensive resources and insights.

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Factor 4: User Experience and Interface

  • Seeking Alpha wins with its comprehensive and user-friendly interface.
  • Simply Wall St focuses on visual data presentation but lacks in-depth user engagement tools.

Seeking Alpha provides an interface that enhances user engagement through easy navigation and well-organized content. I believe this thoughtful design not only makes it simple for users to access a wide range of information but also enhances my overall user experience by facilitating deeper exploration of financial data and expert analysis.

The platform’s layout and tools are geared towards both novice and experienced investors, making it easy to track investments, read in-depth analyses, and follow market trends.

Simply Wall St User Experience:

Visual Interface

Simply Wall St is renowned for its innovative use of visual aids and infographic-style presentations. This unique interface transforms complex financial data into easy-to-understand graphics, making it particularly appealing to users who prefer visual learning.

By utilizing color-coded visuals, charts, and graphs, the platform helps investors quickly grasp key metrics and trends without sifting through dense financial statements.


One of Simply Wall St’s main strengths is its ability to simplify intricate financial data. The platform breaks down detailed information into accessible formats, such as visual summaries and straightforward reports. This ease of use ensures that even those who are new to investing can navigate the platform and understand the critical aspects of their investments.

User-Friendly Reports

Simply Wall St offers detailed, yet user-friendly reports on individual stocks. These reports cover various aspects such as valuation, financial health, future growth prospects, and management effectiveness.

Each report is designed to provide a comprehensive overview that can help both novice and experienced investors make informed decisions. The reports are regularly updated to reflect the latest data, ensuring that users have access to current information.

Seeking Alpha User Experience

Customizable Dashboards

Seeking Alpha provides a highly customizable user experience through its dashboards. Users can tailor their information feed to align with their specific interests and investment needs. This feature allows investors to focus on the stocks and sectors that matter most to them, enhancing the relevance and efficiency of their research.

Advanced Search and Filter Tools

The platform’s advanced search and filter tools are designed to help users quickly find the specific analyses, data, or news they need. These tools enable investors to sift through a vast amount of content and pinpoint the information that is most relevant to their strategies.

Mobile and Desktop Versatility

Seeking Alpha ensures a seamless experience across all devices, which is crucial for users who manage their portfolios on the go. The platform’s mobile app and desktop version are both highly functional and user-friendly, allowing investors to access their accounts, track stocks, and receive real-time alerts from anywhere.

Community Interaction

A standout feature of Seeking Alpha is its vibrant community of investors, analysts, and financial writers. This community-driven approach fosters engagement and interaction, allowing users to share insights, ask questions, and learn from each other’s experiences.

The collaborative environment not only enhances the learning process but also provides diverse perspectives on market trends and investment strategies.

Factor 5: Research Depth and Quality

  • Seeking Alpha provides in-depth research from multiple viewpoints.
  • Simply Wall St offers streamlined insights that may lack depth.

Seeking Alpha stands out for its comprehensive research offerings, which include detailed analyses from a variety of contributors, ranging from independent analysts to seasoned professionals. This depth ensures that users have access to a broad spectrum of insights, from macroeconomic overviews to micro-level stock analysis.

The platform’s commitment to providing high-quality, vetted content makes it a trusted source for investors looking for reliable and actionable data.

Simply Wall St Research Quality

  • Company Reports: Offers detailed reports but tends to focus more on summary statistics and financial health visuals.
  • Data Coverage: While broad, it often lacks the analytical depth that more advanced investors might require.

Seeking Alpha Research Quality

  • Expert Contributions: Features articles and analysis from over 16,000 contributors, providing a rich diversity of opinions and deep dives into specific industries and companies.
  • Quantitative Tools: Includes proprietary tools like Quant Ratings and Factor Grades, which assess stocks across various metrics to give users a comprehensive understanding of potential investments.
  • Earnings Estimates and Forecasts: Provides forward-looking data that can be crucial for making informed investment decisions.

Factor 6: External Customer Reviews & Ratings

External Simply Wall St Reviews & Ratings

Google Play Store4.7 from 5,491 votes
Trustpilotsimplywallst trustpilot review
Apple App Store4.5 from ‎1,211 reviews
Millennial Money4.5
Newton Advisor4.5

External Seeking Alpha Reviews & Ratings

Apple App Store4.8 from 110,2000 reviews
GetApp4.5 from 40 votes
Capterra4.5 from 40 reviews
Best Wallet Hacks4.2
Trustpilot4 from 273 reviews

Is Simply Wall St The Right Choice For You?

Simply Wall St is tailored for individual investors who appreciate visual data presentation and simplicity in their investment tools. It’s especially suitable for:

Novice Investors

Simply Wall St offers intuitive, infographic-style reports that make complex financial data accessible to beginners. Its straightforward design helps new investors quickly understand key financial metrics without getting overwhelmed.

Value Investors

The platform’s comprehensive company reports emphasize long-term financial health and value metrics. This focus helps value investors identify companies with strong fundamentals and potential for sustainable growth.

Casual Traders

Simply Wall St is ideal for those who do not require deep, frequent market analysis. Casual traders benefit from its visual summaries of financial health, allowing them to make informed decisions with minimal effort.

Visual Learners

Simply Wall St excels with its graphical representations of financial data. This feature is perfect for users who grasp visual information better than text-heavy documents, making financial analysis more engaging and intuitive.

Long-Term Portfolio Managers

The platform provides detailed company analysis crucial for long-term investment decisions. It filters out the noise of short-term market fluctuations, helping portfolio managers focus on sustainable growth opportunities.

Budget-Conscious Users

With competitive pricing, Simply Wall St offers essential tools without a significant financial outlay. This makes it appealing to users who need reliable data without the cost associated with premium services.

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Is Seeking Alpha Best For You?

Seeking Alpha caters to a diverse audience, ranging from amateur investors to financial professionals, due to its depth of analysis and community-driven content. It is particularly valuable for:

Active Traders

Seeking Alpha provides real-time alerts and market updates, making it ideal for active traders who need to stay on top of market movements. The timely information helps traders make swift and informed decisions.

Serious Investors

Those who utilize in-depth financial analyses and forecasts will find Seeking Alpha indispensable. The platform offers comprehensive reports and detailed financial insights, crucial for making well-informed investment choices.

Financial Professionals

Financial professionals rely on Seeking Alpha for its comprehensive data and expert opinions. This makes it a valuable tool for client recommendations and portfolio management, ensuring professionals have access to the latest market analyses.

Research Enthusiasts

Users who enjoy digging into earnings calls, detailed reports, and expert analyses will find Seeking Alpha’s wealth of written content invaluable. The platform offers a vast array of articles and reports, satisfying the needs of in-depth research enthusiasts.

Community-Oriented Investors

Seeking Alpha’s robust user community and the ability to follow favorite contributors creates a dynamic environment for sharing ideas and strategies. This interaction fosters a collaborative space for investors to learn and grow together.

Subscribers Seeking Customization

The platform’s various subscription options allow users to tailor their experience and access level. Whether you’re looking for occasional insights or comprehensive research tools, Seeking Alpha provides customizable plans to meet different investment needs.

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Simply Wall St vs Seeking Alpha: My Final Thoughts

Both Simply Wall St and Seeking Alpha offer valuable tools for traders, though neither is a dedicated stock picking service. Each platform provides news feeds, expert analysis, stock ideas, and portfolio monitoring features.

If you’re a newer investor, we recommend Simply Wall St for its user-friendly design and visual stock presentations that simplify complex data.

For more advanced traders seeking in-depth analysis to gain a competitive edge, Seeking Alpha is the ideal choice. Its detailed insights and expert opinions offer comprehensive support for your investment decisions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the founder of Seeking Alpha?

Seeking Alpha was founded in 2004 by David Jackson.

Where is Seeking Alpha based?

Seeking Alpha’s headquarters are in Israel.

How often is content updated on Seeking Alpha?

Seeking Alpha’s content is updated daily with new articles, analysis, and stock market data.

Can users interact with authors on Seeking Alpha?

Yes, users can comment on articles and directly interact with authors to discuss investment strategies and opinions.

What additional tools does Seeking Alpha offer to subscribers?

Seeking Alpha provides advanced tools like stock screeners, portfolio management applications, and investment idea screener.

Does Seeking Alpha host webinars or live events?

Yes, Seeking Alpha occasionally hosts webinars and live events featuring experts from the financial industry.

What methods of payment does Seeking Alpha accept?

Seeking Alpha accepts various methods of payment including major credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, and American Express, as well as PayPal.

Does Seeking Alpha address negative reviews or concerns from investors?

Yes, Seeking Alpha takes investor feedback seriously and addresses concerns through its support team. They also respond to negative reviews on public platforms.

How many customers does Seeking Alpha have?

Seeking Alpha serves millions of users globally, with a robust community of both retail and professional investors.

Who is the founder of Simply Wall St?

Simply Wall St was founded by Al Bentley.

Where is Simply Wall St based?

Simply Wall St is headquartered in Sydney, Australia.

Does Simply Wall St have privacy and data protection policies?

Yes, Simply Wall St adheres to strict privacy and data protection standards to secure user data.

How does Simply Wall St visualize financial data?

Simply Wall St uses infographics and visual tools to simplify complex financial information into understandable formats.

Is there a mobile app available for Simply Wall St?

Yes, Simply Wall St offers a mobile app that provides full access to its features on both Android and iOS devices.

Can Simply Wall St integrate with brokerage accounts?

Yes, Simply Wall St allows users to integrate their brokerage accounts to directly analyze their portfolios.

What is Simply Wall St’s refund policy?

Simply Wall St offers a 14-day money-back guarantee on their premium plans, allowing users to request a full refund if they are not satisfied with the service.

Has Simply Wall St received any industry recognition or awards?

Simply Wall St has been recognized for its innovative approach to financial data visualization and has received several industry awards, including the FinTech Australia award.