Snowball Analytics Review 2023

Jeremy Biberdorf
By: Jeremy Biberdorf
Sep 20, 2023
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4.8 rating based on 5 ratings


In a Nutshell: Snowball Analytics has swiftly ascended the ranks in the world of portfolio tracking, offering a comprehensive yet user-friendly tool to investors. Their powerful portfolio tracker seamlessly consolidates investment portfolios, be it dividend stocks, real estate, or a crypto portfolio.

With a focus on helping users truly grasp their performance, Snowball Analytics emphasizes accuracy and depth in reporting.

Their service isn’t merely a simple portfolio tracking tool. By enabling automatic brokerage connection with over 1,000 brokers and supporting 70+ major stock exchanges, they cater to investors globally.

Moreover, with functionalities like dividend tracking automation and portfolio rebalancing tools, Snowball Analytics truly stands out in its offerings.

Service TypeFees
All-in-one Portfolio TrackerVaries based on plan level
Pros & Cons
  • Comprehensive investment portfolio coverage including stock portfolio, real estate, and crypto portfolio.
  • Automatic brokerage connection with over 1,000 brokers globally.
  • Detailed dividend tracker, forecasting future dividends and offering depth reporting.
  • Support for multiple currencies, allowing users to view portfolio performance in their native currency.
  • Efficient portfolio rebalancing tools and stock tracker capabilities.
  • Some users might find the plethora of features overwhelming initially.
  • Depending on one's brokerage, there might be some lag in real-time stock price updates.
  • The platform might be overkill for those only looking for a simple portfolio tracking tool.

Who is Snowball Analytics for?

Whether you’re an everyday investor tracking dividend portfolios or a seasoned trader monitoring a wide range of assets, Snowball Analytics caters to all. Beginners will appreciate the platform’s intuitive user interface and the company’s customer service, while advanced traders will find depth in Snowball’s stock tracker and dividend tracking features.

Moreover, for those who juggle multiple brokerage accounts, Snowball’s extensive automatic brokerage connection to thousands of brokers proves invaluable. Their system’s capability to handle custom assets and custom investments makes it versatile for various investment strategies.

How does Snowball Analytics Work?

At its core, Snowball Analytics acts as an all-in-one portfolio tracker. Users begin by linking their brokerage accounts, facilitated by the platform’s vast automatic brokerage connections. Once connected, Snowball starts aggregating data, providing real-time insights into your portfolio performance.

Dividend Tracking

One of the standout features is its dividend tracker. Users can effortlessly track dividend income, monitor company payouts, and even get insights into future dividend payments. The dividend calendar, coupled with detailed dividend analytics, ensures that investors remain informed about their passive income sources.

Portfolio Rebalancing

Snowball’s tool for portfolio management goes beyond mere tracking. With one-click portfolio rebalancing, users can maintain a balanced investment strategy. This is complemented by benchmarking tools, allowing users to compare their investment performance against popular indices.

Features of Snowball Analytics

Powerful Portfolio Tracker

Snowball Analytics takes pride in its sophisticated yet user-friendly portfolio tracker. With the promise to bring all your investments under one roof, it provides users with:

  • Simple Portfolio Tracking: For those who desire a no-frills experience, Snowball offers a straightforward platform.
  • Depth Reporting: Unlike many tools that only scratch the surface, Snowball dives deep. Investors can gain insights into company fundamentals, dividend stocks performance, and much more.
  • Custom Assets and Investments: Investors aren’t limited to traditional stocks or ETFs. Snowball Analytics allows tracking of custom assets, making it versatile for various investment types.

Snowball Edge

Snowball Edge appears to be a subset of Snowball Analytics’ offerings, likely an advanced or premium version. Although it’s not entirely clear from the provided data, Snowball Edge might offer additional features or more in-depth analysis, catering to the needs of more seasoned or professional investors.

Investment Strategy with Snowball Analytics

Crafting a winning investment strategy requires reliable data, comprehensive tools, and keen insights, all of which Snowball Analytics provides in spades.

Real portfolio diversification is more than just holding stocks from various sectors. Snowball Analytics showcases diversification by sectors, countries, regions, and even the composition of funds within the portfolio.

By calculating metrics like the Sharpe coefficient, investors can balance risk and profitability, making an informed decision about their investment portfolio.

Snowball Pricing and Service Fees

Understanding the cost is crucial for any tool, and Snowball Analytics remains transparent about its pricing model.

Users can choose between various plans, including long-term deals such as 1-year usage or 3-year usage commitments.

While the platform itself might have a straightforward pricing model, potential investors should be aware of any additional service fees. This could include costs associated with specific brokerage connections or advanced features.

Security and Compliance with Snowball Analytics

Ensuring the safety of one’s investment data is paramount. Snowball Analytics has made strides in this domain:

  • AWS Snow Family Connection: Snowball’s affiliation with the AWS Snow Family suggests robust and secure data storage and handling practices.
  • Law Enforcement Compliance: While the specifics aren’t detailed, the mention of law enforcement indicates Snowball Analytics’ commitment to legal compliance and user safety.
  • Crypto Wallets: For those delving into the realm of cryptocurrencies, Snowball Analytics offers tracking of crypto wallets, emphasizing the importance of security in this volatile investment space.

Final Thoughts on Snowball Analytics

Snowball Analytics, in the vast sea of investment platforms available in 2023, sets itself apart with its comprehensive suite of tools and user-centric design. Their commitment to simplifying the investment tracking process, coupled with in-depth reporting and support for a multitude of assets, showcases their dedication to serving both novice and veteran investors.

The ability to not only track but also gain insights into the intricacies of one’s portfolio, from company fundamentals to dividend growth, provides a level of clarity that many platforms struggle to match.

The emphasis on security, especially with connections to AWS Snow Family and adherence to law enforcement guidelines, instills confidence in potential users about the safeguarding of their crucial financial data. Additionally, the platform’s transparency in pricing and potential additional service fees ensures that there are no unpleasant surprises down the line for its users.

Given all these facets, we confidently rate Snowball Analytics at 4.8 out of 5. It’s a comprehensive tool that caters to a wide range of investors – ensuring that everyone, regardless of their investment savviness, can navigate the financial waters with ease. If you’re interested in giving Snowball Analytics a try and seeing the difference for yourself, click here to explore further.