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March 25, 2024March 25, 2024

In today’s world, with FinTech making huge strides, it’s common for people to juggle multiple investment accounts, making it a bit of a headache to keep everything in check. This is a problem Snowball Analytics aims to tackle.

The reason many lean towards Snowball Analytics is its ease of use combined with the depth of its dividend reports and analyses. It’s a platform where you can easily connect all your brokerage accounts for updates in real-time, keep tabs on different types of investments like stocks, ETFs, and cryptocurrencies, and get a bird’s eye view of your entire portfolio in one spot.

Now, the big question is, is Snowball Analytics the right fit for you? I plan to go through Snowball Analytics reviews & ratings to give you a clearer picture from what others have experienced. This way, you can better judge if it’s the tool that meets your needs for tracking and analyzing your investments.

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Snowball Analytics Reviews & Ratings

Facebook5 out of 8 reviews
Apple App Store4.8 out of 89 reviews
Google Play4.6 out of 127 reviews
TrustPilot4.3 out of 64 reviews

As you can see from the total number of high review ratings, Snowball Analytics is loved by most users. What do users like about the platform specifically? Let’s jump in.

Positive Snowball Analytics Reviews

After scouring through many Snowball Analytics reviews, here are the positive reviews I think you can gain the most insight from:

Louis Heroux
1 review
Mar 5, 2024An A+ in my book!Did some research before jumping in and giving this app a shot. All I can say is that it’s amazing, great user interface, easy to understand and the dashboard is beautiful and user friendly. Customer service is on par since I had a small issue a couple days into the subscription and they addressed it right away and offered a great solution. Highly recommended this app to anyone that wants a great, practical and easy to use visual tool for tracking their portfolios! Keep it up Snowball! 😉
Date of experience: March 04, 2024
NordVPN Customer
2 reviews
Feb 13, 2024Snowball analytics is awesomeSnowball analytics is awesome. I’ve been using the platform since August 23. The Deep analysis of your portfolio is unmatched. I love the daily winners and losers reporting. I’ve used a half a dozen other portfolio trackers, and nobody comes close to snowball. It’s the only dividend tracker you need.
Date of experience: February 13, 2024

Tibor Nyitray
2 reviews
Feb 14, 2024

Probably the best portfolio tracker for the retail investor

I have tried many portfolio trackers, but only SNOWBALL has found a full range of investment tools. They cover US, EUR and other countries. It offers monitoring of less well-known and usual instruments, such as CEF, ETF, PREFs, Baby Bonds. The scope of performance monitoring is extraordinary and thorough. In addition, the developers are constantly adding new features and improvements during the time I’ve been using the system (1 year). In my experience and opinion very well invested money for a good price/value ratio
Date of experience: February 14, 2024

Negative Snowball Analytics Reviews

Although most users are satisfied with their experience with Snowball Analytics, there are a few detractors. Let’s dig into their complaints:

André Ramos
1 review
Jan 18, 2024

It is one of the best portfolio…

It is one of the best portfolio trackers I have used so far! The only downside is the synchronization with the Binance API.
Date of experience: January 18, 2024

This negative Snowball rating brings up a point that deserves further discussion. Snowball Analytics is compatible with over 1,000 brokers, but make sure to double check it is compatible with your brokerage before deciding to sign up.

Ladislav Humenik
March 4, 2024
its light version from the web. Hopefully all the features from the web will be implemented in the future here too.

Like many apps, they lack certain features compared to their fully functional desktop version. If you are an exclusive app user, I would recommend testing the app functionality before signing up.

Snowball Analytics Pricing

Now that you have a good understanding of what users are saying in the Snowball Analytics reviews & ratings, I will get into the pricing. Snowball Analytics introduces a 14-day freemium with no credit card requirement, offering users a chance to explore its services. This trial includes 1 portfolio, 10 holdings, and basic analysis tools. For expanded features, subscriptions are available:

  • Starters Package ($6.70/month): Beyond freemium benefits, it offers unlimited holdings, advanced tools, and weekly summaries.
  • Investor Package ($12.50/month): Suitable for experienced investors, adding more portfolios, full benchmarking, and extensive backtest data.
  • Professional Package ($299/month): Designed for fund managers, it provides unlimited portfolio access and all Investor package benefits.

Final Thoughts

Snowball Analytics stands out in the FinTech space, offering a solution for those struggling to manage multiple investment accounts. Its appeal lies in the user-friendly interface, detailed dividend calendar, and automatic brokerage connections that streamline investment portfolio management. With the ability to track a wide range of investments from stocks and ETFs to cryptocurrencies, Snowball Analytics caters to both professional investors and those just building their dividend portfolios.

Review ratings reflect a generally positive reception, with high scores across various platforms, emphasizing its effective portfolio performance tools, dividend rating system, and diversified portfolio management capabilities. Despite a few criticisms regarding app limitations and brokerage API compatibility, the overall sentiment is overwhelmingly positive, highlighting its status as a top stock tracker.

Whether you’re a novice investor or a seasoned fund manager, Snowball Analytics provides a comprehensive platform to monitor and analyze your investments efficiently. Click Here to explore more about Snowball Analytics and decide if it’s the right tool for your financial decisions.

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