So What Do I Do With My Money? Travel Edition

Sometimes it’s important to step back from personal finance learning, to think about the End Game. Money is not an end in itself. Instead it’s a means to an end: a way to do things, learn information, experience a way of life before unimagined. There’s a limit to what you can earn in a lifetime, but there’s no limit to what you can do. So what’s all this money for?

When surveyed, people concerned with earning money report that Travel is one of the most important priorities for them. Travel broadens the mind. It allows one to see the way other people live, foreign political climates, and a gallimaufry of motivations for all kinds of decisions and behaviors. It is one of the best ways to cultivate a broad perspective of the way the world works.

But travel is expensive. This is the primary excuse that people give when they report reasons that they don’t travel. The thing is, expenses are relegated to a small handful of arenas. If you are able to avoid costs in these areas, you’ll avoid expenses over all. After all, we are living in the same world where a man recently visited every country on the globe, all with a shoestring budget. Clearly, travel can be done. You’ve just got to do it right.

Not all of us want to visit the world by raft, as in the example mentioned in the previous paragraph. For this class of people, airfare can be expected to be the most exorbitant price of all involved in world travel. But some airlines are learning that it’s more profitable to provide an affordable flight experience to many, than it is to provide an expensive travel experience to a very few. This is the fulcrum upon which the universal travel experience is being revolutionized.

If you are able to buy a cheap flight, chances are you can travel anywhere you want. Most of my readers are from the United States and Canada. These two nations enjoy an elite spot among world currencies. Basically, your money represents more wealth than that of foreign nations. If you are able to get to another country, you’ll find that, once there, you are able to make a life for yourself for a lot cheaper than you are back in your home nation.

That’s why airline industries charge what they do. In addition to fuel costs, insurance requirements, and mechanical concerns, airlines are the gatekeeper to the universal travel experience. They know this. As such, they charge a premium to get just about…anywhere. But a few rogue airlines are starting to prioritize quantity over (supposed) quality. We’re talking about airlines like Wow, and the ill-fated Airbus.

At this point in history, traveling internationally is unprecedented in its affordability. It’s remarkably easy for people of all stripes and incomes to see the world. So don’t wait. Do some research on an airline that provides reasonable flights to your destination of choice. Travel changes the way you see the world. Make it a priority and you’ll find that it’s affordable. Your world will never be the same.