SpringCoin Debt Relief Cash Giveaway

Lately I’ve been thinking about testing out the various financial software available. It seems like there’s some really good tools out there to help with budgeting and making better financial decisions.

One of the tools I was looking into recently is SpringCoin which is basically an online debt relief coach. Since I have some debt that I’ve been putting off paying, I figured this might be a good option for me.

Unfortunately you need to be a US citizen to use this software since it asks for the last 4 digits of your social security number to pull up your credit report. So it’s not something I’m going to be able to use myself.

They do have a special promotion running where they are giving away free lifetime accounts until the end of this month. So if you’re an American and looking for help paying off debt quickly, now would be a good time to check out SpringCoin.

The folks at SpringCoin were also kind enough to help out with an exclusive giveaway here at Modest Money. No they did not pay me anything directly for this post and I am not getting any kind of referral commission either.

Here is a video explaining more about SpringCoin:

And here is what they have to say about the signup process and features of SpringCoin:

The signup process is quick and painless.

  • They ask you for the last 4 digits of your SSN# to pull a credit report to analyze your debts (this is a soft pull and doesn’t show up as an inquiry on your credit report, so don’t worry)
  • Next, connect your primary checking account (similar to Mint.com) and SpringCoin will come up with a recommended monthly payment for you based on your spending. You have the flexibility to change the monthly payment per your request.
  • And finally, complete your registration by confirming your payment amount. As I mentioned, this is a free lifetime accounts. They will NOT ask you for any payment information.

After you complete your registration, SpringCoin will develop a personalized “debt free roadmap” and tell you who to pay, how much to pay, and when to pay. They follow the popular debt snowball approach to paying off your debts, but sometimes they will recommend paying off the highest interest rate first depending on your situation.

Here are some key features of SpringCoin:

  • Weekly Goals – SpringCoin provides (3) weekly goals for you designed to help you pay off your debts even faster. By completing each task, you can earn reward points that you can enter into raffles for prizes or cash!
  • Bird’s Eye View of Account Balances – If you’ve used Mint before, it’s great to see an overview of all your account balances without logging into each account. You can connect your credit cards with SpringCoin to get an up to date balance for each credit card.
  • Budgeting Tool – SpringCoin will generate a recommended monthly budget for you. Of course you can change your budget if you wanted to, but they’ll keep track of your spending for you.
  • Bill Reminder – Not only can you connect your credit cards, but you can also connect your utility, phone/cable, or student loan bills. They’ll send you upcoming reminders of any bills that are due so you don’t incur any late fees.
  • Personalized Roadmap – Lastly and certainly not least, SpringCoin gives you a debt free roadmap to help you pay down your debts as fast as possible. You can track your progress and change your monthly payment amount as well.


So I invite you to enter the giveaway via the RaffleCopter script above. Also be sure to sign up for a free SpringCoin account. Both the giveaway and the free account promotion will close at the end of May. Good luck!

Has anyone had experience with SpringCoin or other financial software? What were your experiences?

Contest Update: Thank you to everyone who entered. The winners have been selected and e-mailed to arrange payment. Also, thank you to SpringCoin for helping out with this contest.

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