10 Best Stock Chat Rooms to Gain an Edge

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May 15, 2021May 15, 2021

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Trading stocks can be a great way to grow you wealth or perhaps even earn some returns in the short run. However, the market can change quickly, especially if you are trading more actively.

Plus, retail investors often don’t have access to nearly the level of resources that institutional investors do. Stock chat rooms look to change that by offering a place for trading communities to offer stock picks, tips, and trade alerts with one another.

Whether you are day trading, swing trading, or you are more of a passive investor, a stock chat room can help you gain new knowledge and insights to made better trades. And that means more money in your bank account.

Let’s get right to it and dive into the best chat rooms for stock trading.

Trade Chat RoomBest For
Warrior TradingBest overall
Benzinga ProFree trial
Trade IdeasFree chat service
Investors UndergroundTeam engagement
Bear Bull TradersNew member discounts
HaiKhuu TradingBest value
StockTwitsMultiple chat rooms
Black Box StocksSleek interface
ShadowTraderOptions trading
BuySide GlobalActive trading

Warrior Trading

Led by Ross Cameron, Warrior Trading is one of the largest day trading communities online. In addition to its chat room, it has free and paid courses, a dayBest Stock Chat Rooms trading guide, and more.

The Warrior Trading chat room is geared toward day traders; this makes sense as day trading is what the site focuses on. There is no free option, but the chat room is available with Warrior Starter and Warrior Pro subscriptions. Here is the pricing for those subscriptions:

Warrior Starter

  • $997 for course access; $197 per month after 30 days
  • Cancel anytime

Warrior Pro

  • $5,997 for 1-year access (does not auto-enroll)
  • $4,297 for 90-day access and $197 per month after 90 days

There are a variety of resources members have access to; the chat room alone features watch lists, live trades, market commentary, recaps, and Q&A. You also gain access to trading classes as a member.

Benzinga Pro

Benzinga ProBenzinga Pro is considered a stock trading news feed, brining you the latest stock market news. However, the site offers many other resources, including a stock chat room.

As a member of Benzina Pro, you’ll have access to a variety of other features, including a stock screener and squawk box. The squawk box provides extremely fast audio alerts aimed at day traders executing trades rapidly.

To gain access to all of Benzinga Pro’s features, including the chat room, you’ll have to sign up for one of their plans:

Basic ($99/month) – The basic plan offers the most basic live news feed. It also includes watch list alerts but little else.

Essential ($249/month) – The second tier plan includes all advertised features. For serious traders, this is the only plan to buy. It includes the news feed, squawk box, news desk chat, and personal account management.

As noted, there is also a 14-day free trial. To learn more about Benzina Pro, read our Benzinga Pro review.

Trade Ideas

Trade IdeasThe Trade Ideas chat room is a great option for those on a budget; anyone can sign up without a paid membership. Although free chat rooms can attract some unsightly characters, the chat is moderated, so at least it isn’t the wild west.

Trade Ideas is more than just a chat room, though. It is also a service offering a stock scanning tool that provides in-depth market analysis. It even uses artificial intelligence to drive some of its market insights. This use of AI carries over to the chat rooms, as members will sometimes discuss it there.

If you’re interested in becoming a member (although the chat is free), you can sign up for one of the two plans offered:

Standard ($118/month $1,068/year) – Standalone platform with 10 charts, 10 price alerts, and visual trade assistance.

Premium Plan ($228/month $2,268/year) – Includes access to 20 charts, 20 price alerts, AI robo-advisor Holly, and access to Brokerage Plus.

To learn more about Trade Ideas, read our Trade Ideas review.

Investors Underground

Investors Underground LogoInvestors Underground is another service that focuses primarily on day trading. However, it also has resource for swing traders and even cryptocurrency traders.

While Investors Underground was started by a trading guru named Nathan Michaud, it’s not all about Michaud these days. There are a number of staff and trade analysts sending out alerts, conducting webinars, and moderating the chat rooms.

One that note, Investors Underground has three chat rooms, all for different purposes:

Momentum Trade Chat: This chat is the most active stock chat room on Investors Underground. As its name implies, here, members discuss momentum trades and send momentum trade alerts.

Swing Trade Chat: The swing trade chat is dedicated to swing trading, which is similar to momentum trading. The key difference is these positions are typically held longer before exiting.

OTC Trade Chat: The OTC (over-the-counter) trade chat is for OTC stocks, which are not traded on a major exchange. However, members also discuss penny stocks and cryptocurrency.

The pricing for a regular membership to Investors Underground (no course access) is:

  • Monthly: $297/month
  • Quarterly: $697/quarter
  • Annually: $1897/year

To learn more about Investors Underground, read our Investors Underground review.

Bear Bull Traders

Bear Bull TradersBear Bull Traders is a relatively new trading community, having only appeared in 2016. However, the community is fast-growing and intensely loyal.

This service various trading educational materials and resources, and, of course, a trading chat room. Here, you will find real-time trade charting and live executions. Its members tend to focus on low- and mid-float stocks.

The stock chat room is moderated while the market open and features commentary from staff. There is no free trial available, but they do offer new member discounts.

HaiKhuu Trading

HaiKhuu Trading LogoFunny name? Maybe. But HaiKhuu isn’t fooling around with its commitment to trading trading success. Established in 2018 by Chicago-based Allen Dran, the group already has over 150,000 members.

The group has both free and paid chat rooms available, so you can participate in whatever fits your style–and your budget. There are experienced traders leading the discussion, so you can join in regardless of your own level of experience.

As with most of the services mentioned here, you also gain access to educational materials as a member. Even as a free member, you’ll have access to everything you need to start trading successfully.


StockTwits LogoIs the name of StockTwits along the same lines as The Motley Fool? Maybe, maybe not. Either way, there’s nothing foolish about signing up for this service.

StockTwits also has trade chat rooms focused on some different strategies, including:

  • Day trading
  • Swing trading
  • Option pattern recognition
  • E-Mini Futures

While there is no free option for this service, it is the most affordable paid service on this list, starting at $7.99 per month.

Black Box Stocks

Black Box Stocks LogoBlack Box Stocks is a trading community with a chat room and Discord, plus free education, private Twitter groups, and more.

Once you see the interface of this service, the name starts to make sense. It has a retro, blacked-out look to it, and it looks pretty nice at that. Of course, the important thing is the features, which includes an advanced stock scanner and charting tools.

For new members, there is a 20% discount available.


ShadowTraderShadowTrader offers a trade chat room that is best for options trading. In fact, it has multiple membership available for options traders.

However, it’s not all about options. ShadowTrader does also have support for stock traders and futures traders. It even includes pairs trading and Forex.

That being said, if you are specifically looking for stock chat rooms, there is only the options trading room for the moment.

One nice thing about ShadowTrader is you only pay for what you use. For instance, you can sign up for Time Spreads Advisory, Weekly Options Advisory, or Beginner Options Advisory. Each membership costs $49/month.

BuySide Global

BuySide Global“Never miss a big move” is the company’s slogan, indicating its focus on active trading. That’s why it needs its own live chat.

They have features for all of the popular actively-traded assets, including stocks, options, and futures. All have indicators, advanced order flow, and divergence & analysis volume.

In the chat room, members can follow a professional trader executing trades in real time. Plus, you’ll see their indicators in real time, too. Although BuySide Global has features for other types of assets, the chat room focuses on futures trading.

The service costs $197 monthly or $3495 for lifetime access. If that’s a tough pill to swallow, new members can sign up for a 7-day trial for $1.

Ready to Get Started?

These stock chat rooms are great if you need guidance. But if you are brand new, you might also need a platform to do your trading. After all, your 401(k) probably wasn’t cut out for this sort of thing.

If you are looking for a day trading platform, we recommend checking out SpeedTrader. As its name suggests, SpeedTrader is a lightning-quick platform perfect for those looking to make a living day trading.

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