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Jeremy BiberdorfBy: Jeremy Biberdorf

September 30, 2023September 30, 2023

Have you been thinking about subscribing to a stock market newsletter but aren’t sure which one to choose? There are hundreds of options out there, so how do you know which ones are worth your hard-earned money?

As an individual stock investor, finding a reputable and trustworthy source for stock recommendations and stock market news can be invaluable. But it can also be risky business if you end up with a newsletter that consistently underperforms the market or provides poor advice.

Best Stock Market Newsletters

  • Motley Fool Stock Advisor
  • Trade Ideas Trade of The Week
  • Seeking Alpha
  • Mindful Trader
  • Oxford Communique
  • Oxford Income Letter
  • Morningstar Premium
  • Behind the Markets
  • TickerNerd

Motley Fool Stock Advisor

Motley Fool Stock Advisor Logo

The Motley Fool Stock Advisor provides investors with stock prices and advice to help build long-term wealth. For less than $100 a year, you gain access to the Fool’s best stock ideas each month, along with a list of other recommended “best buys.” Their simple approach makes stock picking accessible for beginners while still benefiting more experienced investors.

Motley Fool Stock Advisor Ratings

  • SiteJabber 3.5 from 321 reviews
  • Young and the Invested 4.7
  • Joywallet 9/10
  • Trustpilot 3.5 from 7,653 reviews

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Trade Ideas Trade of The Week

Trade Ideas Logo

Trade Ideas‘ “Trade of the Week” feature highlights a top stock pick analyzed by their AI system, Holly Grail. Holly scans millions of stocks to find the one with the highest probability of an upward move in the next week. The analysis combines technical indicators, fundamentals, and market sentiment to determine the stock most primed for a quick gain.

Trade Ideas Ratings

  • StockScreenerTips 5
  • Capterra 4.7 from 24 reviews
  • Day Trade Review 4.4
  • Liberated Stock Trader 4.5
  • Benzinga 4.5
  • DayTradingz 4.5

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Seeking Alpha

Seeking Alpha Logo

With both free and paid content generated by contributors, Seeking Alpha offers a range of perspectives on the markets. Their “Quant” ratings use data to evaluate stocks, giving you an objective measure to compare against the subjective takes. Rather than relying on a single expert, it provides a platform for sharing insights from a wide range of viewpoints.

Seeking Alpha Ratings

  • Apple App Store 4.8 from 110,2000 reviews
  • GetApp 5 from 40 votes
  • WallStreetZen 4.5
  • Capterra 4.5 from 40 reviews
  • Best Wallet Hacks 4.2
  • Trustpilot 4 from 273 reviews

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Mindful Trader

Mindful Trader Logo

This data-driven service focuses on swing trades in the stock market. By using statistics and algorithms to test strategies, Mindful Trader has achieved triple-digit returns year after year. Rather than going with the hot stocks or interests, the Mindful Trader founder relies on cold, hard data.

Mindful Trader Ratings

  • Trustpilot 4.7 from 82 reviews
  • Tradewise Community 4.6
  • Benzinga 4.5

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Oxford Communique

Oxford Communique Logo

The Oxford Communique provides a range of stock picks and investment advice for long-term investors. For an annual fee of $49, subscribers receive stock selections on a monthly basis, weekly updates, and special reports with a mixture of large-cap stocks and lesser-known companies.

Oxford Communique Ratings

  • Stock Gumshoe 4.4 from 2795 votes
  • Best Wallet Hacks 4.2

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Oxford Income Letter

Oxford Income Letter

The Oxford Income Letter provides actionable recommendations for generating income from dividend-paying stocks. At $49 per year, this financial newsletter aims to help subscribers achieve financial independence through consistent income from their monthly stock picks.

Oxford Income Letter Ratings

  • pdFiller 5 from 95 vote

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Morningstar Premium

Morningstar Logo

Morningstar Premium provides in-depth stock research and fundamental analysis to help you make informed decisions. You can easily compare stocks, see fair value estimates and Morningstar Ratings, check fundamentals, and read analyst reports.

Morningstar Premium Ratings

  • Joy Wallet 4.5
  • Best Wallet Hacks 4.5
  • TrustRadius 4.5
  • Apple App Store 4.1 from 6,519 reviews

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Behind the Markets

Behind the Markets Logo

Behind the Markets provides profitable stock picks and insights to help you make informed investment decisions. Dylan Jovine heads up this subscription service, analyzing the financial market to find opportunities with the potential for solid average returns. You’ll also get bonus reports and alerts if his outlook shifts significantly, so you can act fast to maximize profits or minimize losses.

Behind the Markets Ratings

  • Day Trade Review 4.5

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TickerNerd Logo

TickerNerd is a premium stock-picking investment newsletter for retail investors. Its model identifies undervalued US stocks with long-term growth potential. Adopting a multi-year time horizon, each monthly report spotlights two stocks their analysts have thoroughly researched. After joining, you gain access to an archive of all past reports and educational resources to strengthen your investing skills.

Ticker Nerd Ratings

  • Product Hunt 5 from 7 reviews

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Final Thoughts on Stock Market Newsletters

Once you’ve sifted through the reviews and ratings, it’s time to determine if a stock market newsletter is right for you. The guidance and recommendations take the guesswork out of what to buy and sell.

For experienced investors, a newsletter may provide new stock ideas to stock owners or alternative perspectives. But you likely have your proven trading strategies, so take their advice with a grain of salt. The key is finding a newsletter that aligns with your investing style and risk tolerance.

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