Stock Portfolio Track App Reviews & Ratings: Navigating the Best Tools for Investors

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September 24, 2023September 24, 2023

Stock portfolio tracking apps are invaluable tools for amateur and seasoned investors. They allow them to monitor the performance of their investments in real-time, analyze market trends, and even execute trades. With features like real-time quotes, financial news updates, and advanced analytics, these apps provide a centralized platform to manage all your investment needs.

However, not all tracking apps are created equal. With many options available, choosing the right app to manage your portfolio can be overwhelming. That’s where Stock portfolio tracking app reviews & ratings come into play. They offer insights into the app’s performance, user interface, and reliability, all from the perspective of actual users. By examining reviews and ratings of the best apps, you can gauge the efficacy and user-friendliness of these platforms. This enables you to make an informed decision that aligns with your investment goals.

Seeking Alpha

Seeking Alpha Logo

Regarding in-depth market analysis, Seeking Alpha is a well-known name in the industry. This app provides a broad spectrum of features, including real-time stock quotes, financial news, and a platform for investors to discuss and analyze stock market trends. It offers a unique blend of professional and crowdsourced content, giving you expert opinions and diverse perspectives from a community of investors. Moreover, the app also features portfolio tracking capabilities to keep you updated on your investments.

Thanks to its extensive features, Seeking Alpha has a rating of around 4.3 out of 5 stars. An example from a loyal user review states, “Great source of information for investment ideas as well as checking in on currently invested stocks and their news“.
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Morningstar Logo

Morningstar is a long-standing player in the financial sector, well-regarded for its detailed financial analysis, mutual fund ratings, and investment research. The app provides in-depth data, including expert analyst reports and proprietary Morningstar Ratings. It also allows you to track and compare your portfolio against various benchmarks.

However, the app has an average rating of 1.6.
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Sharesight Logo

Sharesight is rapidly gaining popularity as a specialized tool for tracking your investment portfolio. The platform offers many features, including detailed analytics, tax reporting, and dividend tracking. One standout feature is its Custom Groups, which allows users to categorize investments in a way that best suits their financial strategy.

With a high rating of 4.4, Sharesight is fulfilling its promise to users. Many reviews applaud the analytics capabilities and ease of use. A user review captured the overall sentiment: “One of the best portfolio tracking tools I have seen. Focuses on analytics of your personal portfolio, which is my primary requirement. The Custom Groups feature is stellar“.
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Stock Rover

Stock Rover Logo

Stock Rover offers a range of features aimed at novice and experienced investors. With capabilities like advanced screening, real-time quotes, and research reports, Stock Rover provides a comprehensive snapshot of your portfolio’s performance.

While specific ratings for Stock Rover were unavailable, it generally receives favorable reviews from users who appreciate its depth of features.
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TradeStation is a platform tailored mainly for active traders. It offers features like real-time market data, advanced charting tools, and a focus on algo trading for futures contracts. The app is well-equipped to meet the needs of serious traders. Its overall user rating is 3.7, based on more than 5800 reviews.

One satisfied customer noted, “I have traded with Tradestation for a couple of years now. I have to say, their web platform and mobile app have revolutionized my trading experience. I absolutely love it!”.
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Ziggma simplifies the investment process for novice and experienced investors. It provides a user-friendly interface and a variety of tools like portfolio analytics, customizable stock scores, and investment model portfolios. While specific ratings for Ziggma are unavailable, the platform is generally well-received for its user-centric approach.

Ziggma focuses on making investing an uncomplicated experience. This may appeal to new investors or those who prefer a straightforward, no-fuss approach to portfolio management.
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Empower Logo

Empower is not just a stock portfolio tracking app. It’s a full-fledged personal finance app that gives users a 360-degree view of their financial lives. With Empower, you can track your stock investments, savings, and daily expenditures in one convenient dashboard. The app offers automated savings options, budgeting tools, and expert financial advice.

Although specific ratings for Empower are unavailable, the app is often cited for its comprehensive approach to financial management.
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StockMarketEye Logo

StockMarketEye is a straightforward but powerful tool focusing primarily on portfolio tracking and analysis. With support for multiple brokerage accounts, StockMarketEye provides real-time quotes, advanced charting tools, and a range of reports to grasp your investment portfolio’s performance fully.

With a 4.4 rating based on 102 reviews, StockMarketEye seems to satisfy its community.

One user succinctly praises the app’s straightforwardness: “I think StockMarketEye is a great software for tracking a multitude of stocks and being able to see at a glance what a stock is doing. You can monitor those stocks to see percentage of performance over a given time span and can invest in them at your discretion“.
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 Kubera Logo

Kubera offers more than just portfolio tracking. It is a one-stop shop for managing all your assets, including real estate and collectibles. With Kubera, you can integrate various accounts, from brokerage to bank accounts, to get a consolidated view of your net worth. While general ratings are not readily available, the holistic approach to asset management makes it a unique offering in the crowded field of stock portfolio track apps.
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Choosing the right stock portfolio track app is essential for anyone invested in the stock market. With a plethora of features and services offered by various apps, making an informed choice becomes crucial. User reviews and ratings serve as invaluable guides in this selection process. They provide insights into the app’s user-friendliness, reliability, and overall functionality directly from those who have used them.

So, what should you consider when selecting an app? Look for a platform that aligns with your investment strategy, has an intuitive interface, and has strong user reviews. You may also opt for apps that offer free trials or have a freemium model to test the features before making a long-term commitment. With the right app, managing your investments can become a far less daunting task.

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