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Bob Haegele By: Bob Haegele

January 25, 2022

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In a nutshell: Stock Rover is a stock screener and market research tool that has been highly reviewed for its great deal of financial data. Potential investors can filter through a wealth of data and pre-built stock screeners depending on which metrics are best for their individual needs.

Stock Rover also offers a multitude of subscription plans, making it a great option for investors who want to balance their investment budgets with the specificity of the market data and analytics they need access to.

Read our Stock Rover review to learn if it’s right for you.

179.99/year (Premium Plan 350+ stock metrics, 10 years of security historiesNone

In addition to its free services, Stock Rover’s focus is on finding, evaluating, and comparing various securities. Its proprietary research reports also provide in-depth research reports on thousands of North American firms.

Pros & Cons


  • No downloads, the entire platform is on your browser
  • Variety of subscription levels
  • Can be integrated with your brokerage


  • Cannot be used to actively trade
  • No current mobile app
  • Customer service requires extra fees

In This Article

What does Stock Rover Premium offer?

  • The premium plan offers over 350 different metrics to keep you informed in every facet of a stock’s performance.
  • At this subscription level, customers can look back up to 10 years of a given company’s financial history.
  • Investors can export their data, making this a useful subscription level who want to send Stock Rover’s market research to his or her brokerage firm.
  • Stock Rover’s customer service also improves at this point. Premium subscribers are given priority when contacting the platform’s customer service e-mail line.

There is another package called Stock Rover’s Premium Plus. While this top-tier subscription can be useful for the most involved of traders, many will be best served by the base premium plan.

Accessibility and Security

Stock Rover can be accessed anywhere in the world. There are no physical limitations as long as subscribers have reliable internet access.

Customer Service can be accessed through the website or by issuing a ticket through Stock Rover’s support team’s email address. Users of the paid services are afforded priority over those who use the company’s free platform. The customer service phone line costs an additional $50 per year for the service charge. Stock Rover’s telephones are staffed from 9 AM-5 PM, Monday through Friday, EST.

Stock Rover does not have an independent mobile application, but its desktop website can be accessed anywhere. As long as a user has either an iPhone or Android-based smartphone, they can access their account wherever they have reliable wi-fi or mobile data-based internet service.

The company also advertises the security of its transactions. All Stock Rover transactions dealt through the firm’s network are encrypted and are inaccessible to third parties. Company networks also boast multiple layers of firewall protection and authorized access to user information is kept to a limited basis.

Stock Rover Research Reports

Stock Rover trades in over 7,000 different stocks and subscribers can gain access to their proprietary research reports. These reports contain both historical and real-time data for each stock. Metrics provided include an in-house generated overall rating of the stock along with more traditional data such as return efficiency, ratings compared to similar assets, overall growth, and strength of valuation.

These reports can either be viewed in real-time on the company’s website or saved as a PDF. This ability to export a research report can be especially helpful for those who wish to export them out to a brokerage firm before considering a particular trade with a given financial advisor.

Portfolio Management Tools

Stock Rover keeps up with other investment advice companies in making sure that its subscribers keep their portfolios in line with each person’s investment strategy and specific preferences.

Individuals can even export their Stock Rover portfolios into their current brokerage either automatically or manually. The firm’s portfolio management services can then analyze and help investors plan where to go from there.

This makes Stock Rover a great option for individuals who either want further advice on where to take their investments or need advice on where to make their next move. Stock Rover can take your current market position and help you improve it. Subscribers can receive text or email reports on how their current assets are holding and even set alerts to report based on user-set parameters for a given security.

Is Stock Rover Right for You?

Stock Rover is a great option for:

  • Anyone who is an active trader and wants immediate market updates set to his or her individual parameters.
  • Investors who already are established with a brokerage firm and can act on all of the last-minute information that Stock Rover provides.
  • Experienced investors who are ready to take the next step in making every investment as efficient as possible.

If you think that Stock Rover is right for you, you can start right here to maximize your earnings!

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