Stock Rover Reviews and Ratings: A Must-Have for Investors?

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August 29, 2023August 29, 2023

stock rover reviews

If you’re diving into the world of stock market investments, you’ve probably heard about Stock Rover. In this guide, we’ll break down Stock Rover reviews and ratings to see if it’s worth the hype.
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What Is Stock Rover?

In 2008, Howard Reisman and Andrew Martin, both investors and software developers, established Stock Rover. They created a unified investment research platform, consolidating the various tools and resources found across multiple websites. It addressed a gap in the stock research marketplace by offering sophisticated, streamlined tools that are accessible to individual investors while providing all the power needed by financial professionals.

Presently, Stock Rover operates as a private entity based in Braintree, Massachusetts. By the summer of 2021, the platform achieved a significant achievement with over $10 billion in user-linked brokerage funds.

Features & Capabilities

Stock Rover’s stock screening and market research tool cater specifically to U.S. value, income, and growth investors. It aids investors in making informed decisions by filtering out stocks that meet specific criteria. It’s almost like having a personal assistant to sift through thousands of investment options. The vast number of metrics and stocks it covers is genuinely unparalleled, making it a top choice for many experts. Here are some for its features:

  • Stock Screening: With access to 650 financial metrics on over 10,000 stocks and 44,000 ETFs, Stock Rover is a powerhouse for stock screening.
  • Screening Options: Stock Rover offers a multitude of screening options tailored for all skill levels. Investors can choose from an extensive range of pre-made screeners or even have the flexibility to design custom ones according to their specific criteria. This adaptability ensures that both novice and experienced investors can harness the full potential of the platform.
  • Diverse tools: The platform offers an array of tools that are often not found in standard brokerage platforms, making it a valuable asset for investors who want to screen stocks based on specific indicators or investment strategies. This expansive suite of tools allows for a more comprehensive approach to stock analysis.
  • Charting: Stock Rover’s superior charting capability that lets users understand the large time sequence data easily, with various metrics.
  • Research Reports: In-depth research and analyst ratings for a broad spectrum of investments.
  • User-Friendly: Despite its advanced functionalities, Stock Rover remains easy to use.

Price Point

Stock Rover is often lauded as a top-notch investment research platform, but what is its price point? There are three primary premium plans available, including Essential, Premium, and the Premium Plus. Each of these plans offers monthly, yearly, and bi-yearly billing options, granting flexibility to its users.

While the monthly fee for the Premium Plus tier is $27.99, Stock Rover encourages long-term commitment by offering financial incentives in the form of discounts for the yearly and bi-yearly subscriptions. Not only does this longer commitment help users save money, but it also emphasizes the platform’s commitment to provide sustained value to its subscribers over time.

In addition to the pricing benefits, all premium subscribers of Stock Rover enjoy the perk of free, responsive email support. This service emphasizes the brand’s dedication to assisting its users in navigating the platform and maximizing their investment research capabilities.

For those on the fence about committing to a premium plan, Stock Rover doesn’t leave them out. The platform also has a free plan that provides access to basic features, making it an excellent entry point for those new to investment research. While this does not have all the bells and whistles of the premium plans, it’s a testament to Stock Rover’s commitment to cater to investors of all levels.

Pros vs. Cons


  • Comprehensive capability in both fundamental and technical analysis of stocks.
  • Analysis coverage includes stocks and ETFs.
  • Outstanding screening feature stands out as an effective tool for identifying promising investment candidates.
  • Portfolio management analysis features include comparison of the performance against benchmarks, evaluation of trades and projection of future dividend income and portfolio performance.
  • One of the earliest to introduce an easy to set up brokerage connection feature, which allowed all users to connect their Stock Rover accounts to their brokerage houses for real-time investment research on their portfolios.
  • Several YouTube videos demonstrate how to use different screeners and tools.


  • No research support for advanced investment topics like Cryptocurrency, Forex, and Futures or Options.
  • No mobile app, though 7” tabs are supported by the website.

Stock Rover Reviews and Ratings: Final Thoughts

In the vast world of stock screeners, Stock Rover has carved a niche for itself. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just starting, this tool can be a game-changer. Always remember to do thorough research and consult multiple sources when making investment decisions.

With a history of over 10 years of product enhancements based on user feedback and  the positive Stock Rover reviews and ratings it seems, this platform might be worth considering for your investment journey. If you are interested in learning more about Stock Rover, click here to get started.
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