Stock Rover vs Finviz 2023: Which platform is better for traders?

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The stock market can be overwhelming due to the vast amount of technical analysis available. However, valuable tools like Stock Rover and FinViz can assist potential investors in filtering through the data and finding relevant information for their needs.

Stock Rover is a powerful and complex tool that almost any investor can utilize. It offers portfolio analysis, dividend analysis, historical stock data, daily analyst ratings with rankings, an insight panel, and custom priority email alerts.

On the other hand, FinViz is an online platform that offers stock screening, research, and visualization tools all in one place. It supports multiple filters and charts, and premium members can access real-time data.

In this Stock Rover vs FinViz review, I’ll walk you through both platforms so you can make a more tailored decision.

Stock Rover is Best for: FinViz is Best for:
Long-term investors  Easier learning curve
Anyone who is an active trader  Simple market news feed
Custom priority email alerts  Lower subscription cost

When deciding between Stock Rover and FinViz, evaluating each platform’s unique features and tools is essential. While both platforms offer research tools on specific stocks and sectors, one may be more suitable for your investment style and goals than the other.

Stock Rover Finviz
Service Type stock screener and market research Stock screening, research, and visualization
Fees 179.99/year (Premium Plan) $0-$39.50/month
Best use Active trader Swing Trading
Current promotion

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More Info

Modest Money Overall Rating
4.7 rating based on 5 ratings
4.5 rating based on 5 ratings

Factor 1: Free features

Stock Rover Free Plan Provides an Ad-free Option

  • Stock Rover provides thousands of stocks
  • FinViz offer basic native news feeds
  • Stock Rover free plan offers screening data

Stock Rover

Stock Rover’s free plan offers an ad-free experience, making it perfect for users with low-resolution screens. It provides screening data on ten thousand stocks, stock market news, broker integration, and essential portfolio analysis tools. While the free version provides a decent amount of information on individual stock picks, it offers different in-depth insights than higher-tier plans.

Stock ratings, financial metrics, and ETF screening are some features excluded from this plan. However, the free plan offers enough data to execute simple stock screening strategies effectively, making it an excellent option for new investors or those with a limited budget.


FinViz offers additional features to registered users for free, allowing them to track up to fifty portfolios and use up to fifty tickers per portfolio. They can also use a maximum of 50 screeners and customize the layout.

These features can benefit investors who want to track multiple portfolios or use various screener presets to identify trading opportunities. While these free features may not be as comprehensive as those offered on premium plans, they still provide valuable tools to help investors make informed decisions.

Factor 2: Paid Features

FinViz is Relatively Easier to Learn

  • FinViz provides 65 filter parameters
  • Stock Rover provides 260 financial metrics
  • FinViz allows you to screen stocks

Stock Rover

Stock Rover’s paid plans offer many features to help investors make informed decisions. The Essentials plan provides access to analyst ratings on thousands of stocks, 260 financial metrics, and ETF screeners with over 44,000 ETFs. It also includes five years of historical company financials for detailed portfolio analytics.

The Premium plan goes further, offering over 350 metrics and ten years of financial history for a given company. Additionally, investors can export their data and send Stock Rover’s market research to their brokerage firm. Customer service improves at this level, prioritizing premium subscribers when contacting the platform’s customer service email line. These features make the Premium plan valuable for investors who want comprehensive data and customer support.


Finviz’s paid plan provides stock charts, including daily, bar, candlestick, and advanced charts with 17 chart indicators. Premium members can access interactive charts, making it easier to analyze stock data.

Other features available on the platform’s paid plan include heatmaps and email alerts for significant changes in the market, such as unusual trade volumes or significant stock price changes. These features provide valuable tools for investors to monitor the market and make informed trading decisions.

You can also go through our FinViz Stock Screener review or our detailed FinViz vs TradingView review to see how it compares against other platforms.

Factor 3: Subscription

Stock Rover Offers the Lowest Price

  • Stock Rover’s price begins at $7.99
  • Finviz provides services at $299.50/yearly
  • Stock Rover gives users custom feature

Stock Rover

Stock Rover offers various subscription plans, with pricing ranging from $7.99 to $27.99 monthly, depending on the features included.


FinViz offers a free plan with limited features, while the paid plan is priced at $39.50 per month or $299.50 annually.

Stock Rover vs Finviz: Our Summary

Stock Rover and FinViz are both widespread stock screening and research platforms. While FinViz offers advanced charting and various filters, Stock Rover provides comprehensive portfolio analysis, dividend analysis, and custom priority email alerts. Its broad range of features provides a more comprehensive and versatile platform for investors seeking in-depth market analysis and insights.

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While Stock Rover offers comprehensive portfolio analysis, dividend analysis, and custom priority email alerts, FinViz provides advanced charting, heatmaps, insider trading information, and backtesting. With its various features, FinViz offers a helpful platform for investors seeking comprehensive data analysis and trading tools.

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