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September 30, 2023September 30, 2023

A stock screener filters thousands of stocks to find those meeting your needs. Want high dividend yields or low price-to-earnings ratios? A stock screener can pinpoint options fitting your investing approach.

Stock screeners save time and effort. Rather than sifting through countless stocks manually, screeners use algorithms to filter options based on the metrics you choose instantly. They make informed decisions and stock selection more efficient. For active traders and long-term investors, a stock screener is an essential tool for success.

Best Stock Screeners

  • Seeking Alpha
  • Trade Ideas
  • TrendSpider
  • TradingView
  • Stock Rover
  • FinViz
  • TC2000

Seeking Alpha

Seeking Alpha Logo

Seeking Alpha lets investors tap into the collective knowledge of the crowd. With content generated by everyone from pros to amateurs, you’ll find a range of investing strategies and stock analysis on Seeking Alpha. Their “Quant” ratings provide data-driven scores for stocks and ETFs.

Between the articles, podcasts, and videos, Seeking Alpha has something for every investor. You can discover undervalued stocks, learn new techniques, or get a second opinion.

Seeking Alpha Ratings

  • Apple App Store 4.8 from 1,102,000 reviews
  • GetApp 4.5 from 40 votes
  • WallStreetZen 4.5
  • Capterra 4.5 from 40 reviews
  • Trustpilot 4 from 273 reviews

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Trade Ideas

Trade Ideas Logo

Trade Ideas is an advanced stock scanning tool offering in-depth analysis of the market. With a variety of advanced analytical tools, it combines tried-and-tested stock scanning methods with artificial intelligence to provide the best insights. In addition to excellent stock scanning capabilities and support for multiple trading styles, Trade Ideas also offers in-depth guides on using their platform.

Due to the multitude of features offered, many new users have found the trading software challenging to learn initially. However, with practice and patience, Trade Ideas can become an invaluable tool for any trader.

Trade Ideas Ratings

  • StockScreenerTips 5
  • Capterra 4.7 from 24 reviews
  • Day Trade Review 4.4
  • Benzinga 4.5
  • DayTradingz 4.5

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TrendSpider Logo

TrendSpider offers an advanced stock screener and charting platform for traders. Their powerful stock scanner assesses chart patterns using machine learning and various indicators to identify opportunities. You can view multiple charts at once with their multi-chart layouts and set custom alerts.

TrendSpider adapts to your trading style, whether day trading, swing trading, or long-term investing. Its automated technical analysis scans the stock market for your chosen parameters and notifies you of matches so you can act fast on new opportunities.

TrendSpider Ratings

  • Warrior Trading 4.6
  • DayTradingz 4.5
  • Liberated Stock Trader 4.5
  • Google Play 4.4 from 160 reviews
  • Day Trade Review 4.3

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TradingView Logo

TradingView is one of the unique charting platforms for traders. It offers a wide assortment of trading tools and the ability to access data from nearly anywhere and introduces you to a vast community of traders.

TradingView gives you access to over 100 intelligent drawing tools and over 50 built-in indicators to analyze the markets. You can find trend lines, Fibonacci retracements, pivot points, and more. It has everything the advanced trader needs to identify opportunities.

Tradingview Ratings

  • Apple App Store 4.9 from 69,480 reviews
  • Google Play 4.8 from 406,909 votes
  • G2 4.6 from 48 reviews
  • WallStreetZen 4.5
  • DayTradingz 4.2

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Stock Rover

Stock Rover Logo

If you’re looking for an affordable stock screener with in-depth market data, Stock Rover should be at the top of your list. This highly-rated powerful tool provides a wealth of information to help you find, analyze, and invest in stocks and ETFs.

Stock Rover offers pre-built screeners with over 70 data points on U.S. and Canadian companies to filter stocks by financial metrics. It does this by filtering value, growth, dividends, and more. You can also create custom screeners to search for companies that meet your specific technical criteria.

Stock Rover Ratings

  • Stock Screener Tips 4.8
  • Liberated Stock Trader 6
  • DayTradingz 4.5
  • Best Wallet Hacks 4.5
  • Joy Wallet 4.5

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Finviz Logo

FinViz offers multiple filter types to help you narrow down stocks. Technical filters allow you to custom screen for stocks based on technical indicators like moving averages, volatility, and price performance. Fundamental filters let you filter by financial metrics such as market cap, dividend yield, and revenue growth.

Descriptive filters include options like sector, industry, and country. You can combine multiple filters to create custom scans tailored to your investment strategy.

FinViz Rating

  • FinMasters 4.3
  • DayTradingz 4.5
  • Stock Screener Tips 4.5
  • Liberated Stock Trader 3

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TC2000 Logo

TC2000 is a popular stock screener and charting platform that’s been used by traders for over 25 years. Individual investors can access TC2000 through their desktop software, web browser, or mobile app. You’ll have real-time data and technical tools at your fingertips to analyze stocks and find trading opportunities.

For day traders and options traders, the advanced features in TC2000 are especially useful. Traders can easily screen for stocks based on criteria like price, volume, performance, fundamentals, and more.

TC2000 Ratings

  • DayTradingz 4.5
  • Newton Advisor 4.5
  • Liberated Stock Trader 3
  • Trading Review 3

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Overall Thoughts on Stock Screeners

Stock screeners are invaluable tools for new investors. They simplify the complex world of stock analysis through user-friendly interfaces and preset filters tailored to your needs. For beginners, screeners highlight potential opportunities based on popular metrics like price-to-earnings ratios.

However, investors should approach findings cautiously, combining them with further research and financial advisor input. Screeners offer a broad overview of the market but aren’t foolproof. Do additional research on any stock that piques your interest before buying in.

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