StockFetcher vs Finviz 2023: Which platform is better for traders?

Jeremy Biberdorf
By: Jeremy Biberdorf
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The world of investing relies heavily on the right tools to make informed decisions, and numerous platforms are available to help you sift through financial data and stock analysis. StockFetcher and Finviz are two popular tools that investors use to analyze stocks, with each offering unique features and capabilities.

In this StockFetcher vs Finviz review, we will compare the two platforms in terms of investment strategy, features, pricing, and user experience. By the end of this review, you will have a clear understanding of each platform and be able to determine which is the better fit for your investment goals.

StockFetcher is Better for:Finviz is Better for:
Customizable Trading ScansUser-Friendly Interface
In-Depth Technical AnalysisFree Stock Screener
Backtesting ToolsQuick Stock Market Overview

When choosing between StockFetcher and Finviz, it’s essential to understand their unique features and tools. While both platforms provide in-depth data analysis, your investment style and objectives may make one platform more suitable for you than the other.

StockFetcher Finviz
Service Type Stock screener, backtesting, technical analysis Stock screener, news, charts, maps, portfolio tracking
Fees Free trial, then $8.95 - $69.95/month Free and Premium ($39.50/month or $299/year)
Customer Support Email support Email support for Premium members
Best Use Traders who want to build and test custom trading strategies Day traders and swing traders who need real-time data and news
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Modest Money Overall Rating
4.0 rating based on 5 ratings
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Factor 1: Investment Strategy

StockFetcher Focuses on Technical Analysis

  • StockFetcher offers custom stock screening
  • Finviz emphasizes technical and fundamental analysis
  • Finviz offers multiple screening tools


StockFetcher is a platform designed for investors who focus on technical analysis. The platform’s primary function is to provide custom stock screening, allowing users to create, share, and use unique stock filters based on various technical indicators.

StockFetcher offers a user-friendly interface, making it easy for users to create custom screens and analyze the results. The platform also provides a selection of pre-built screens and a large database of technical indicators to help investors get started.


Finviz is a more comprehensive stock analysis platform, offering both technical and fundamental analysis tools. The platform provides multiple screening tools that allow users to filter stocks based on various criteria, including market capitalization, sector, industry, and other financial metrics.

In addition to stock screening, Finviz offers advanced charting tools, news aggregation, insider trading data, and an active forum where users can share ideas and discuss market trends. The platform’s robust set of tools makes it suitable for investors with a wide range of investment styles and objectives.

Factor 2: Features

StockFetcher Offers Custom Stock Screening

  • StockFetcher provides custom stock filters
  • Finviz offers advanced charting tools and heat maps
  • Finviz provides a wide range of financial metrics


StockFetcher’s primary feature is its custom stock screening capabilities. The platform allows users to create unique stock filters based on various technical indicators, such as moving averages, price patterns, and volume trends. Users can also combine multiple indicators to create even more targeted screens.

The platform also provides a selection of pre-built screens, a backtesting tool, and the ability to save and share custom screens with other users. These features make StockFetcher an excellent choice for investors who rely heavily on technical analysis to make investment decisions.


Finviz offers a wide range of features for investors, including advanced charting tools, heat maps, and news aggregation. The platform’s stock screener allows users to filter stocks based on a broad range of financial metrics, including market capitalization, price-to-earnings ratio, and dividend yield.

In addition to screening tools, Finviz offers detailed stock profiles, which provide essential information on individual stocks, including financial statements, insider trading data, and analyst ratings. The platform’s comprehensive set of tools makes it suitable for investors with a wide range of investment styles and objectives.

Factor 3: Pricing

StockFetcher Has a Lower Subscription Cost

  • StockFetcher costs $8.95 per month
  • Finviz offers a free version with limited features
  • Finviz Elite costs $39.50 per month


StockFetcher offers a subscription service called StockFetcher Standard, which starts at $8.95 per month for access to its custom stock screening and analysis features. A premium plan with additional features, such as intraday data, is available at a higher price point.


Finviz offers a free version with limited features, allowing users to access basic stock screening tools and charts. The platform’s premium subscription, Finviz Elite, is priced at $39.50 per month or $299.50 per year and offers additional features such as advanced charting, real-time data, backtesting, and alerts. The Finviz Elite subscription also removes ads, providing a cleaner and more efficient user experience.

StockFetcher vs Finviz: Our Summary

When comparing StockFetcher and Finviz, there are several reasons why Finviz may be the better choice for investors.

Finviz offers a more comprehensive set of tools and features, including advanced charting, heat maps, and a wide range of financial metrics. This makes the platform suitable for investors with various investment styles and objectives. Furthermore, Finviz provides a free version with limited features, allowing users to test the platform before committing to a paid subscription.

The detailed stock profiles and news aggregation features offered by Finviz can provide investors with essential information on individual stocks, helping them make more informed investment decisions. In addition, the platform’s active forum allows users to share ideas and discuss market trends, fostering a community of like-minded investors.

While StockFetcher’s custom stock screening capabilities may appeal to investors who focus on technical analysis, Finviz’s comprehensive set of tools and features make it a more versatile and powerful platform overall.

In conclusion, Finviz stands out as the winner in this comparison due to its robust set of features, versatile investment strategy options, and affordable pricing. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced investor, Finviz can provide the tools and insights necessary to make informed investment decisions.

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