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Jeremy Biberdorf
By: Jeremy Biberdorf
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When it comes to choosing an online trading platform, investors have a variety of options, each offering unique features and benefits. In this comparison, we will analyze and contrast Stockpile and Robinhood, two popular platforms in the online brokerage space.

While Robinhood is known for its commission-free trading and user-friendly interface, Stockpile offers a unique approach to investing, including the option to purchase fractional shares and stock gift cards.

This review aims to provide a detailed examination of both platforms, covering aspects such as investment options, fees, user experience, and customer support, to help investors decide which platform aligns best with their investment goals and preferences.

Stockpile is Better for:Robinhood is Better for:
Ideal for those looking to gift stocks with E-gift cards.Suitable for active traders seeking commission-free stock and crypto trading.
Great for investors interested in buying fractional shares of high-priced stocks.Excellent for investors preferring a straightforward, no-minimum-balance app.
Perfect for beginners seeking a simple platform to start investing with small amounts.Ideal for those interested in a blend of stock, ETF, and cryptocurrency options.
Best for users wanting to set up custodial accounts for minors.Great for users looking for an intuitive platform with advanced trading features.

Introducing the Platforms


Stockpile offers a unique investment approach, making it possible to buy fractional shares of stock and gift stocks via E-gift cards. This platform is particularly appealing for those who wish to invest in high-priced stocks without committing to a full share.

Stockpile also offers custodial accounts, allowing adults to open accounts for minors, making it a solid option for family-focused investing. The platform’s emphasis on educational resources further makes it suitable for beginners.


Robinhood has made a name for itself in the online brokerage industry with its commission-free trading and user-friendly app. It appeals to a broad range of investors, from beginners to more active traders, offering a straightforward platform for trading stocks, ETFs, options, and cryptocurrencies.

Robinhood’s minimalistic design and lack of a minimum balance requirement make it a go-to choice for those seeking a simple yet effective trading experience.

Check out our detailed review of Robinhood to get up-to-speed on all of its offerings.

Stockpile Logo Robinhood Logo
Type of Service Fractional share investing and stock gifts Commission-free stock and crypto trading
Best Use Gifting stocks and beginner investing Beginner-friendly and straightforward trading
Customer Support Basic customer service with an educational focus Efficient and user-friendly support
Investment Options Fractional shares, ETFs Stocks, ETFs, options, and cryptocurrencies
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Factor 1: Investment Options and Accessibility

Robinhood offers a wider range of investment options including crypto trading

  • Stockpile allows purchasing fractional shares and gifting stocks.
  • Robinhood is preferred for its broader variety of accessible investment choices.

Stockpile’s unique selling point is its ability to offer fractional shares and stock gift cards, making it possible for users to invest in high-priced stocks with smaller amounts of money. This feature is especially appealing for those looking to gift investments or for beginners with limited funds. The platform also supports custodial accounts, making it a family-friendly investment option.

Robinhood, however, stands out for offering a more extensive range of investment options. Alongside traditional stocks and ETFs, it includes options and cryptocurrency trading, catering to a broader audience of investors. Its commission-free model and absence of a minimum balance requirement make these investment options highly accessible, especially for active traders and those looking to diversify their portfolios.

Factor 2: User Experience and Platform Design

Robinhood is renowned for its sleek, intuitive interface, attracting a wide user base

  • Stockpile offers a straightforward platform ideal for beginners and gift-givers.
  • Robinhood wins for its superior user experience and design, appealing to a modern audience.

Stockpile’s platform is designed with simplicity in mind, making it accessible to beginners and those interested in gifting stocks. The interface is user-friendly, and the process of buying fractional shares or setting up custodial accounts is straightforward, catering to users who are new to investing or looking for an uncomplicated investment process.

Robinhood, on the other hand, excels in providing a seamless user experience with its modern, clean interface. The app is intuitive and easy to navigate, making the process of trading stocks, ETFs, options, and cryptocurrencies straightforward and efficient. This user-friendly design is a key factor in Robinhood’s popularity, particularly among younger investors and those who value a hassle-free trading experience.

Factor 3: Fees and Trading Costs

Robinhood offers commission-free trading across all its investment options

  • Stockpile charges a small fee for transactions, including stock gift purchases.
  • Robinhood is favored for its commission-free approach, making it more cost-effective for investors.

While Stockpile’s fee structure is relatively low, especially considering its unique offerings like fractional shares and stock gifts, it does charge a nominal fee for each transaction. This cost, though minimal, is a consideration for investors looking to minimize their trading expenses, particularly those who trade frequently or in small amounts.

Robinhood’s approach to commission-free trading stands out in the industry. This model has not only made investing more accessible but also more economical for a broad range of investors. The absence of trading commissions and hidden fees makes Robinhood an attractive platform for those seeking a cost-effective way to invest, especially for active traders and beginners.

Factor 4: Investment Education and Resources

Stockpile focuses on educational content, beneficial for beginners and young investors

  • Robinhood provides basic educational materials and market insights.
  • Stockpile is superior for its emphasis on investment education and resources.

Stockpile’s commitment to providing educational content makes it a valuable platform for novice investors and younger audiences. The platform offers resources that help users understand the basics of investing, making it a great choice for those who are just starting their investment journey or looking to learn more about the stock market.

Robinhood, while offering some educational materials and market insights, has a more limited focus in this area. Its resources are geared towards providing basic information and market updates rather than in-depth educational content. For investors who prioritize learning and understanding the intricacies of investing, Stockpile offers a more comprehensive educational approach.

The Final Verdict

In the comparison between Stockpile and Robinhood, both platforms cater to different investor needs and offer unique advantages. Robinhood stands out for its user-friendly interface, commission-free trading, and a broad range of investment options, making it a top choice for active traders, beginners, and those seeking a streamlined and cost-effective trading experience.

Stockpile, with its unique approach to fractional share investing and stock gifting, offers a novel and accessible way for beginners and families to engage in the stock market. Its focus on educational content and resources makes it especially beneficial for new investors and younger audiences who are looking to learn about investing.

With all things considered, Robinhood takes the slight edge in this competition, especially for investors seeking a straightforward platform with a wide array of investment choices and the benefit of commission-free trading. Robinhood provides an excellent option — click here to sign up.
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