Summer Holidays on a Shoestring

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For many people summer holidays are imperative. A change of scenery can do a world of good; it’s a chance to rest, recharge and reflect. We return from summer holidays with a fresh perspective, feeling rested and ready to return to work, school and the routine of everyday life.

As many economies around the world are still working their way towards recovery, this can be excellent news for savvy travellers. Seeing the world has never been more accessible and affordable thanks to new flight routes, cheap holidays to Croatia are now a viable and inexpensive option. Sri Lanka and Egypt also offer great value this year and are sure to be fantastic holidays for solo travellers and families alike.

Croatia has long been a favourite among European tourists. With its vibrant cities and stunning natural beauty there is something for everyone. While it has become slightly pricier as a result of its popularity, with a well-considered budget and knowledge of tourist traps to avoid, visitors can eat fantastic meals, sip cold drinks and see all the sights on a relatively modest budget of less than £70 per day with accommodation, food and transportation being your primary expenses. However if you’re willing to head away from the better known tourist traps make sure you head out to Rab Island. Covered in pine trees and with several beaches it’s a much cheaper option for dining and accommodation compared to the mainland.

Egypt holidays are quite affordable this year after a fall in prices of around 20% for resort packages. The coastal Sharm el Sheikh is a popular destination with great food, lovely beaches and endless activities. Package deals are readily available in this part of the world which can make your holiday both inexpensive and stress-free. For those interested in having more choice with respect to their travel plans, accommodation, meals and activities can be managed for less than £60 per day.

While India has typically been the focus of UK travellers heading to the beautiful and mysterious subcontinent, Sri Lanka is fast becoming a hotspot in its own right. Jungles, pristine beaches and delicious food abound in this island paradise. With resort and shoestring offerings alike, Sri Lanka has ranked first in the annual Post Office Worldwide Holiday Costs Barometer. For less than £50 per day visitors can experience all that Sri Lanka has to offer, from stunning sunsets to jungle adventures.

Whether you’re looking to travel within Europe this summer or venture out to more exotic locales, your summer holiday should be everything you want it to be. With some research about your chosen destination you’ll be well prepared and likely able to stay within your travel budget. You’ll return from your holiday feeling refreshed and stress-free, ready to face the end of summer and begin daydreaming of your next holiday.

Author Bio: David Willen has lived most of his adult life between Denmark and London where he works as a senior accounts handler. He is a keen writer who blogs about his extensive travelling experiences around the globe.

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