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May 5, 2023May 5, 2023

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SurgeTrader is surging in popularity with many skilled traders flocking to the prop firm to trade with a funded account.

This article will provide you with an exclusive coupon code for SurgeTrader as well as give you an overview of what you can expect from this top prop firm.

SurgeTrader Coupon Code 2023

SurgeTrader offers skilled traders funded accounts with many perks, so it’s not the kind of thing you can get for free.

Fortunately, you can use our exclusive code modestmoney to save 10% right now.

Keep reading to learn more about SurgeTrader and why it’s worth considering if you’re in the market for a funded account with a leading prop firm.

What Is SurgeTrader?

SurgeTrader, a product of Surge Capital Ventures, is a prop trading firm that offers a simplified process for skilled traders to start trading with a funded account.

Compared to other prop firms (which often require a multi-step evaluation process), SurgeTrader is pretty straightforward. It also supports just about any type of trading activity out there, with simple rules for trading.

On the surface, SurgeTrader is a great prop firm to consider. Let’s take a deeper look now to see if it’s really worth your time.

Learn More About SurgeTrader

How Does SurgeTrader Work?

SurgeTrader was started by an institutional trader, a venture capitalist, and a forex trader, so they came together to create the ideal prop firm. A big part of their strategy is thus to offer a simplified way for talented traders to start trading with a funded account.

In essence, this means that SurgeTrader has minimal rules compared to many other prop firms. While it’s common for prop firms to have complex rules that vary per account, SurgeTrader keeps things simple by setting uniform trading conditions and requirements. For example, the daily loss limit is 5%, the maximum drawdown is 8%, and the profit target is 10%, no matter what kind of account you have.

SurgeTrader also funds accounts as low as $25,000 all the way up to $1 million, with the audition fee rising with the account minimum. (More on pricing below).

Now let’s get into some of SurgeTrader’s key features.

SurgeTrader Features

While many prop firms work in a similar fashion, SurgeTrader has some unique features that help set it apart from competitors, including the following:

  • Intuitive proprietary platform – SurgeTrader understands that good traders are number-obsessed. With their simple-to-use proprietary trader portal, you can easily track all your trading activity. Everything you need is right there in one sleek dashboard.
  • Simplified rules – As you grow as a trader, your account may grow in size as well. It can be difficult to have to keep track of changing rules as you change accounts, but this won’t be the case with SurgeTrader. The daily drawdown, daily loss limit, etc. are all on a fixed rate, regardless of account size.
  • One-time Audition fee – To obtain your funded account, you must first pass SurgeTrader’s audition. To do so requires a one-time fee, but that’s it. You don’t have to worry about monthly fees or other hidden costs with SurgeTrader.
  • No minimums for withdrawals – Access to your profits should be open and unlimited, but unfortunately some prop firms hold onto your profits and only allow monthly withdrawals or certain minimums. With SurgeTrader, your profits are there for you to take whenever you want.
  • Immediate funding – While many prop firms have a two-step or even three-step process, traders get immediate funding once they pass the SurgeTrader Audition.

SurgeTrader Pricing & Plans

Like many prop trading firms, SurgeTrader offers various account sizes, from $25,000 all the way to $1 million.

The SurgeTrader audition fee varies based on the size of the account you are seeking.

  • $25k | $250 per audition
  • $50k | $400 per audition
  • $100k | $700 per audition
  • $250k | $1,800 per audition
  • $500k | $3,500 per audition
  • $1 million | $6,500 per audition

Don’t forget that you can save 10% on your Audition fee with our exclusive code: modestmoney.

With SurgeTrader, you’re also free to try a 30-day simulated trading account at no cost to you. While your success in this simulated environment won’t count towards the SurgeTrader Audition process, it can still be a good way to get a feel for the platform without any pressure.

Is SurgeTrader Right for You?

SurgeTrader is a leading prop firm that provides a robust platform for skilled traders who want to maximize their abilities to make profits. If you’re interested in a prop firm with simple rules, a one-time fee, no minimums for withdrawals, and more, it’s definitely worth considering.

To check out SurgeTrader for yourself, click here so you can see if it aligns with your trading needs and preferences. And don’t forget that you can save an instant 10% on the SurgeTrader Audition fee by simply using the code “modestmoney”!

Use code: modestmoney for 10% OFF on Auditions!

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