Swissborg: Real Decentralized Wealth Management on the Blockchain

Since the advent of Bitcoin and the rest of the cryptocurrencies, decentralized wealth management has been central to the conversation. Bitcoin came of age in the years following the United States financial crisis, wherein centralized banks nearly took down the global financial system through predatory lending practices and other financial evils. Wealth managers were helpless to save their clients’ income, or to help change the nefarious strategies of the predatory lenders.

Decentralization of financial management would be an enormous step in the right direction, and already we’ve seen various crypto applications making it possible to send money anywhere in the world, for pretty much free. But larger and more sophisticated wealth management services have yet to emerge in the cryptosphere in a significant way. That’s why I’m excited about Swissborg, which brings together and realizes much of the early potential of this still-young industry.

For a full understanding of every facet of Swissborg, check out the Swissborg Whitepaper.

What is Swissborg?

Swissborg is a decentralized (services performed by algorithm, avoiding much of the bureaucracy and corruption potential of large corporate bodies) cryptofinance ecosystem from Switzerland. This DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) is on a mission to revolutionize the Swiss AI & blockchain-powered wealth management provider industry.

Holders of this new token will be able to vote on developments and access fully transparent and trustless (meaning you’re not trusting a person to do  with your money what they promise they will; in this case, the less trust you have to place in third parties, the better) investment services to involve with their digital assets.

Furthermore, this new ecosystem allows investment managers, and financial advisors to enter the Token economy, interacting with this novel asset class and benefiting from the new technologies being designed within it. All of this will ultimately benefit the end user, as best practices are automated on the immutable blockchain.

Why are We Excited About Swissborg?

  • The Swissborg DAO issues the CHSB Token. Each token gives the holder specific voting and economic rights tied directly to the Swiss Cooperative. Token holders will receive dividends and revenues created through the DAO. It’s important to note that most crypto companies issue tokens which have no direct tie to the parent organization. With CHSB, the holder has a true financial stake in the company.
  • Another token issued (Swissborg Token, CHSB) will give holders the opportunity to access advanced investment systems and strategies within the crypto space, with a competitive fee structure to keep user costs low. 100% of CHSB will be distributed to the network, unlike some shady cryptos that hold a large portion back which can be “dumped” during an exit scam or other nonsense.
  • An important smart contract will be introduced called Smart Mandate. Users have their own customizable Smart Mandate which allows them to interact with financial advisors. Users can configure their personal requirements and investment strategies within the Smart Mandate smart contract.
  • Swissborg’s Cyborg Advisor helps users identify highly nuanced investment strategies, using AI algorithms.

Owning, investing, and securing cryptoassets continues to be a headache for anyone in the space. Swissborg seems to offer a solution which can help manage funds for optimal profit for crypto early adopters like you.