Take an Extra 30 Minutes to Shop For Insurance, and Save for Years

Most insurance buyers haven’t given a tremendous amount of thought to their various insurance policies. From health insurance to car insurance, consumers think of these policies in very utilitarian terms. The average person takes just enough time to make sure they’re covered, when selecting new policies, and little more. And once a new policy is selected, policyholders are unlikely to shop around for a better deal or better coverage. In many cases, those covered don’t take advantage of the insurance coverage they have.

This last point is the responsibility of each policyholder. But getting the most out of your present coverage won’t do you much financial good if you’re paying too much in the first place. On this count, most people with one or more insurance accounts needs to do a little homework. It could save the average policyholder hundreds of dollars a year, if not more.

The challenge is the time commitment. In most cases, the only way to shop around for the best possible quote and coverage is to call lots of different insurance companies. This is an unsavory task for anyone, and it’s probably why people live with too-high insurance costs, even if they know they could get a better deal somewhere else. Even companies that advertise their rates, it is common knowledge that the rate advertised and the rate quoted by a dealer are usually two very different things.

The internet changes this whole process. Instead of having to do all the grunt work of contacting every major insurance provider as a prospective customer, with all the note-taking and hours spent on the phone, today’s insurance hunters can use automated means of finding the same information. QuoteWizard is the best and fastest way to pull off this feat. They compare dozens of car insurance quotes in minutes, to find you the best value without having to do all the digging yourself.

This is a big difference for people who used to have to set aside hours to find insurance savings. The scope of the project kept most people away. The ease with which people can find this information today is changing the industry, and it’s changing in the customer’s favor. No longer to policyholders have to sit and hope that the policy they have is the best value and provision for their needs. Within minutes they can know for sure how much they could be saving elsewhere, in what ways the coverage terms would be different, and how much money and time it would take to make the change.

For most people, insurance of all types is both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, it is a great weight off one’s mind to know that one is financially covered for liability and injury in many different circumstances. But on the other hand, it is a legal requirement and can cost a lot of money. By giving people tools with which to find the best existing savings, it’s an industry wide change: insurance, on the consumer’s terms.