What is Take Profit Trader? Leading the Charge in Futures Prop Trading

Take Profit Trader Giveaway Contest

At Modest Money we’ve analyzed and reviewed countless prop trading firms. While there are plenty of shady prop firms to avoid, there are several firms that really stand out.

Among those our top pick is Take Profit Trader. Check out our review here. Or visit their website for full info.

Save 50% on Take Profit Trader with coupon code MODESTMONEY.

In collaboration with TPT we’re giving away 2 free $50K test accounts.

The contest runs until November 22nd, 2023 at 12AM. The 2 winners will be contacted via email to arrange the account setup.

This will likely be the first prop trading giveaway contest of many. Subscribe to our Prop Trading Insider mailing list to be notified about future contests.

Good luck!