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Jeremy Biberdorf By: Jeremy Biberdorf Mar 17, 2023
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4.7 rating based on 5 ratings


In a nutshell: TC2000 is a charting software solution that’s been helping traders screen stocks and perform in-depth technical analysis for over 25 years.

Learn about all the useful features this time-tested platform has to offer traders in our TC2000 review.

FeesService Type Promotion
$0-$89.98 per monthCharting, Analytics, and Stock Screening PlatformNone
Pros & Cons
  • Real-time market data
  • Supports various OS options
  • Multiple billing options
  • Platinum membership is expensive
  • No automated trading
  • No backtesting

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Voted as the “favorite standalone analytical software for $500 and less” by the Technical Analysis of Stock & Commodities magazine readers in 2019, it’s fair to say that TC2000 has a reputation to live up to.

While there is a TC2000 brokerage service available, that’s not what we’ll be covering in this TC2000 review. Instead, we’ll be covering the TC2000 technical analysis tools platform!

Accessible from the desktop platform, a web browser, or the mobile application, this service claims to provide users with the real-time data and technical indicators they need to start trading stocks successfully.

That sounds great in theory, but how well do the TC2000 charts work for real-life trading? Let’s take a closer look at the platform and find out!

TC2000 is best for…

The active stock trader who needs instant access to the latest and most accurate stock charts. TC2000 supports a variety of trading platforms, although your experience will likely be best if you’re using the TC2000 brokerage firm as well.

Like many other charting platforms, TC200 supports over one hundred indicator values, custom scans, customizable layouts, and prebuilt layouts. It’s designed with ease of use in mind; for example, you have the ability to look up a stock simply by typing in the appropriate industry index symbols (no clicks required!).

This analytical software also offers fundamental scanning and simulated trading alongside its various fundamental analysis tools. To top it all off, it even offers stock traders competitive pricing when compared to alternative charting platforms!


Next, let’s take a quick look at some of the features and tools that you can utilize with the TC2000 charting platform.

Charting Tools

As a charting platform, TC2000’s advanced charting capabilities and wide range of proprietary analysis tools are arguably its most noteworthy features. Whether you choose to use it alongside the TC2000 brokerage service or with a separate brokerage, the TC2000 charting platform’s various advanced stock chart indicators will allow you to easily perform technical analysis on stocks, exchange-traded funds, and other types of assets.

Capable of producing far more than basic charts, TC2000 offers traders 70+ technical indicators and ten different drawing tools to create their own powerful chart setup. Traders can easily take advantage of the wide selection of stock charts to identify patterns and make informed trade decisions, thanks to these powerful features and various chart styles.

Real-Time Data

When navigating the financial market to try and find profitable trade ideas, having access to real-time data is essential. Fortunately, TC2000 serves as a reliable source of up-to-date information on the latest stock trades and market information, pooling together data from over 70 exchanges across the world onto its platform.

Users have multiple data feeds to choose from, including the Realtime U.S. Stocks, Realtime U.S. Options, and Realtime U.S. Indexes. By subscribing—or choosing to not subscribe to—certain data feeds, users will be able to focus on data that’s relevant to their trading activity. This should give them a competitive edge over other traders.

Customizable Scanning

TC2000 can also serve as an excellent stock market screening platform, thanks to its huge selection of highly-customizable powerful scanning tools. The scanning tool allows traders to find stocks that are trending and identify potential trade opportunities based on their current trading volumes.

Since it’s highly customizable, it can be set up to run scans using custom criteria such as market capitalization, price, or volume. The large selection of criteria available to users means that the scanner can be used for both technical and fundamental stock screening. This makes it an invaluable tool that can save hours of time by enabling traders to streamline their trading process.

Customizable Layouts

Functionality is important, but so is user experience. Fortunately, thanks to its customizable layouts, using TC2000 is a fairly enjoyable experience. Users can completely rearrange their individual layouts to meet their personal needs and computer setup(s). This is great news for users of multi-screen desktop computers.

These custom layouts can even be saved as presets, which means that traders who use multiple devices won’t have to readjust their screen layout every time they log in.

While this may not necessarily have a direct effect on their trading itself, it’s beneficial nonetheless, as individuals are likely to see a better performance from themselves with a truly optimized layout as opposed to a standardized one.


Watchlists are a fairly standard feature that you’re likely to find on most scanning platforms. Even so, it’s nonetheless an important feature that will surely before an integral part of your day-to-day trading routine.

The watchlist feature allows users to create a custom list of the stocks they’d like to monitor on a regular basis. Once the list has been created, these stocks can be sorted by using various criteria (such as volume or price). This makes it easy for a trader to quickly identify the latest market movements within their watchlist and react accordingly.


Pairing perfectly with the watchlists feature is the alerts feature. As the name implies, this feature allows users to set up alerts for the stocks (or other assets) that they’re watching. Once the user has set specific criteria to monitor—such as volume level—the system will actively monitor these assets.

If one should cross the per-determined threshold, TC2000 will send an email and/or push alert to the trader, giving them the chance to act before it’s too late. This feature allows traders to step away from the platform without needing to worry that they’ll be missing out on time-sensitive opportunities.

Trade Simulator

The Trade Simulator tool allows users to practice and test trading strategies using real market data without needing to risk real funds. This tool can be extremely beneficial to improving one’s own trading strategies, as the simulator offers all of the features—such as charting & scanning—of the TC2000 brokerage in the simulator.

Even if a trader chooses to go with a different brokerage, the experience they gain from using the simulator tool should still help them adjust and perfect their trading strategies moving forward.

Strategy Testing

Although TC2000 lacks a powerful stock backtesting tool, it does offer historical condition testing, which provides similar benefits. This tool can simulate trades by running them against historical market data using specific timeframes, allowing users to analyze the data for future trading strategies.

Mobile App

Although using the desktop application will offer the best trading experiences (especially when compared to the experience on mobile), TC2000 leaves the final choice up to the user. Currently, one can access the platform via the web client, through the dedicated Mac app, with the Windows platform, or with one of the mobile versions.

Mobile applications are offered for both iOS and Android systems. However, only one session of TC2000 may be run at a time.

Prices and Plans

As one might expect from a tenured platform, TC2000 has a lot of different features to offer traders. Each plan offers increasingly advanced features, so let’s compare the different plans to see which one(s) would be able to meet your individual trading needs.


TC2000 offers a barebones version of the software for free, but you’ll need to head over to to find it. Although you are able to use some basic functions this way, most essential features are hidden behind a paywall.


Costing only $9.99 per month, the Silver package unlocks a few basic features. You’ll be able to set up a customized layout of charts. You’ll also have access to notes, be able to set watchlists, and make trades through the account with this basic plan.


The Gold plan costs $29.99 per month, but we think the price increase is justifiable. For an additional $20 per month, you get access to EasyScan, which is the standout feature of TC2000.

This proprietary option & stock scanner allows you to instantly search through the stock markets for assets that match your specified parameters and indicator values. You can either use pre-set scans or set your own personal criteria formulas.

In addition to EasyScan, Gold members also gain access to chart drawing tools, formula writing, sortable watchlists, multi-monitor workspace layouts, graphing tools, and pre/post market mode. This plan even enables subscribers to track up to 100 alerts simultaneously.


If you decide to grab a Platinum package, be prepared for the giant price increase: this membership costs $89.98 per month! For that price, you instantly gain access to all of the advanced features TC2000 has to offer.

Platinum members are able to track up to 1,000 alerts at the same time, and refreshes on scans & sorts are performed automatically. These users are also able to create market timing indicators using scan plots.

However, the big draw of the Platinum membership is access to historical data. Platinum members can scan historical data, and this data can also be used for historical condition testing.

These features allow traders to analyze data—such as average volumes or trend lines—from nearly any time frame, which can be useful when creating custom reports for future reference.

Key Takeaways

TC2000 certainly isn’t unique when it comes to stock analysis services, but it does have some areas where it easily outperforms the competition. However—like any other platform—it does have a few shortcomings. Here are the key takeaways you should remember from this TC2000 review.


  • Offers charting, trading simulation, & fundamental stock screeners on one platform
  • Excellent customer service and support (including training seminars for subscribers)
  • Offers competitive pricing with monthly, annual, and bi-annual billing options
  • Easy broker integration process
  • Accessible via Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices
  • Browser-based version available for non-supported operating systems


  • It doesn’t offer any backtesting abilities
  • Reliable news service results in additional cost to subscription plan
  • The platform lacks forecasting features found on similar platforms
  • Market data costs

Is TC2000 Right for You?

Day and options traders can definitely take advantage of the advanced features offered by TC2000. The service is especially useful if you already use the TC2000 brokerage, as the services can be used concurrently for maximum efficiency.

Of course, you can also use an alternative high-end trading platform if you choose.

While the platform is lacking some modern features—such as artificial intelligence or automated trading—often found on alternative platforms or other external websites, we don’t necessarily think that these factors should dissuade you from choosing TC2000 as your tool of choice.

We’d recommend avoiding the “Silver” version of this premium stock market analysis software. Instead, opt for the Gold plan! This plan should be suitable for the average investor, but we recommend the Platinum plan for high-volume day traders (due to the inclusion of automatic refreshes).

If you’re ready to take your options and stock trading to the next level using one of the most reputable analysis and stock scanner tools around, click here to learn more (and take advantage of discounted pricing options!).

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