TC2000 Reviews & Ratings: Is It A Must Have Charting Tool?

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September 11, 2023September 11, 2023

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In 2019, TC2000 was recognized by the Technical Analysis of Stock & Commodities magazine readers as the “favorite standalone analytical software for under $500.” This platform, available on desktop, web browser, and mobile app, offers users real-time data and technical indicators for trading.

In this TC2000 review, we aim to assess how effective these tools are for practical trading. Additionally, TC2000 provides a free simulated trading feature, educational resources, multiple analysis tools, and in-person training sessions. Let’s delve into the details and determine the platform’s usefulness for traders.

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TC2000 Reviews & Ratings

Let’s take a look at TC2000 Reviews & Ratings from actual users, to gain a better understanding of their individual experiences:

A Google user


March 13, 2011

Everything it is designed to be. Better than I expected. If you use telechart get this app.

Justin Dickinson


October 16, 2020

This app is great! It works best as a compliment to the TC2000 desktop program. It’s great because I can monitor my stocks and watchlists in real time (updated every 10 seconds). It has a handful of pre-set chart types and indicators which cannot be modified (which is maybe the only thing it’s lacking). But the app is still extremely well put together, good visual presentation, no glitches, and exactly what I need to monitor my stocks while I’m traveling and cannot access a regular computer.

A Google user


January 25, 2020

Ive used desktop version of TC2000 since 1998 and it gets better with each update…FWIW this is best charting platform value thats out there!! TC2k may I suggest some updating for the mobile app to include modifying charts please!!!

What is TC2000?

TC2000, developed by Worden Brothers Inc., is a versatile trading platform. With its recent release, TC2000 version 20, the platform introduced enhanced features like historical condition testing, synchronized charts, and new scan timeframes.

Widely recognized for its efficient charting and analysis tools, TC2000 allows users to swiftly scan thousands of stocks using the EasyScan screener.

New traders can also benefit from its trading simulator, providing a risk-free environment for practice. The platform also features a built-in journaling function.

TC2000 Features

  • Charting Tools: At its core, TC2000 shines as a charting platform. It provides far more than basic graphs; its capabilities elevate it to a premium tier. Its 70+ technical indicators and ten distinct drawing tools grant traders the analytical software power to craft compelling chart setups. Whether you’re an options trader or a stock trader focused on exchange-traded funds, the platform is flexible enough to cater to diverse trading stocks needs.
  • Real-Time Data: Diving into the financial market without up-to-date information is like sailing without a compass. TC2000 has you covered here. It collates real-time market data from over 70 global exchanges, offering feeds like Realtime U.S. Stocks and Realtime U.S. Indexes. This proves essential for day traders and long-term investors alike.
  • Customizable Scanning: Not just your average stock scanner, TC2000 boasts an impressive array of customizable scanning tools. Tailor your scans using personal criteria formulas such as market capitalization or average volumes, streamlining both technical and fundamental scanning.
  • User Experience with Customizable Layouts: No one wants to navigate a clunky interface. Thankfully, TC2000’s desktop platform offers customizable layouts. From multi-screen setups to basic plan preferences, layouts of charts can be tweaked, saved, and loaded whenever you log in.
  • Watchlists: Keeping an eye on potential opportunities? The platform’s watchlist lets you track specific stocks, helping you swiftly react to market movements.
  • Alerts: This standout feature pairs seamlessly with watchlists. Set your thresholds, and if a stock crosses it, you get an instant alert. It’s like having a vigilant assistant keeping tabs on your trading universe.
  • Simulated Trading: Test the waters without getting wet. The Trade Simulator lets users hone their trading strategies using real market data. Whether you’re with Interactive Brokers or another brokerage service, practicing in this sandbox sharpens your trading acumen.
  • Strategy Testing: While TC2000 may not provide full-fledged backtesting, it offers historical condition testing, a tool invaluable for those focused on perfecting their market timing indicators.
  • Mobile App: Not always near your desktop application? TC2000 offers mobile solutions for both iOS and Android. While the desktop remains the recommended avenue for the best user experience, having mobile flexibility is undeniably convenient.
  • Indicators: Quality over quantity. While TC2000 offers a plethora of indicators, it’s the execution and usability that set them apart. The relative strength indicator, for example, provides a comparative analysis that’s executed flawlessly, a boon for any analytical day trader.
  • Platforms: While the desktop application remains the prime arena for TC2000 users, the software doesn’t limit you. Whether you prefer the web client, the dedicated Mac app, or mobile versions, TC2000 ensures you’re always connected to the pulse of the stock markets.

Prices and Plans

TC2000, a seasoned trading platform, offers varied features across its plans:

Free Version: Found on, it provides limited access to TC2000’s capabilities. The full suite of features awaits behind a paywall.

Silver ($9.99/month): This plan unlocks customized chart layouts, notes, watchlists, and trading options. A reasonable upgrade from the free version for those seeking basic features.

Gold ($29.99/month): A notable feature is EasyScan, a proprietary stock and option scanner. Users can quickly find assets fitting their criteria. The plan also includes chart tools, formula writing, advanced watchlists, multi-monitor layouts, and a capability to track 100 alerts.

Platinum ($89.98/month): The premium offering. Subscribers can monitor up to 1,000 alerts and get automated updates. A unique feature is access to historical data for in-depth analysis and condition testing.

Final Thoughts

In our dive into the TC2000 platform, we’ve discovered a robust charting platform ideal for both stock traders and those deeply vested in technical analysis. With its vast array of offerings, from the basic plan that covers fundamental needs, to the superior offerings designed for more experienced users, there’s a package tailored for almost every trading style.

The Silver package, while presenting basic features, lays a foundation for newcomers. The charting platform’s prowess is elevated with the Gold plan, where custom scans and thorough technical analysis tools become accessible.

The platform’s integration with the TC2000 brokerage ensures a seamless experience. The trading simulator offered, provides an avenue for traders to hone their strategies in a risk-free environment.

All in all, TC2000 emerges as a compelling choice for stock traders, blending functionality with competitive pricing. Whether you’re analyzing stock charts or seeking sophisticated technical analysis tools, TC2000 seems poised to cater to those needs. Click here to learn more and get started today!

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