TC2000 vs Thinkorswim 2023

If you’re looking for an online trading platform that offers advanced features like charting, paper trading, and analytics, chances are, you’ve likely heard of the two powerful trading platforms we’ll be covering.

The ability to perform trade executions is a necessity, but why should you settle for the basics? Your time spent stock trading will only be profitable if the data you have is helpful. If you want to truly maximize your returns, then finding the most efficient way to gather (and analyze) data is key.

In this TC2000 vs Thinkorswim comparison, we’ll place these two platforms side-by-side so you can see which service offers the best features to match your trading style.

TC2000 is Better for:Thinkorswim is Better for:
Technical analysisLive trading
Day tradingTD Ameritrade users
ChartingForex trading

Both services offer many of the same benefits: they’re both covered by FINRA/SIPC, offer real-time data, and can be used for technical studies. However, there are some noticeable differences—such as the support for foreign exchanges—that must be taken into consideration when comparing the two services.

TC2000 Thinkorswim
Free Features View stock charts Trading, charting, Level II quotes, simulated trading, screeners, drawing tools, research tools
Paid Features Charting, customizable layout, notes, watchlists, alerts, trading functionality, EasyScan, chart drawing tools, formula writing, graphing tools, pre/post market mode N/A
Annual Subscription Fees $0-$89.98 per month N/A
Securities Analyzed Stocks, Options, ETFs Stocks, futures, options, ETFs, bonds, Forex, mutual funds, crypto
Investing Approach Technical Technical/fundamental
Best Use Charting, Analytics, and Stock Screening Trading with TD Ameritrade
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Factor 1: Free Features

While neither platform can offer recommended trading strategies or specific investment advice, each one does offer a few non-paid features that can be used to successfully navigate the stock market.

Basic features—like access to a price chart—are shared by both but the exact capabilities beyond that differ widely (in the free versions).

Thinkorswim Offers Its Entire Platform for Free

  • Thinkorswim can be used on a desktop, web, or mobile platform
  • TC2000 offers free basic services via
  • Thinkorswim requires a TD Ameritrade account


The true capabilities of this trading software are reserved for the premium version of TC2000. Although the free version may not offer real-time data, it still offers enough information for people trading stocks to make educated trading decisions.

You’ll be able to view charts, monitor market volatility, and gather basic information using the browser-based version of this platform.


Thinkorswim offers everything——from interactive charts and drawing tools to simulated trading—for free with a TD Ameritrade account. This would be the better free product for day traders, although Thinkorswim isn’t as good as a paid version of TC2000.

Still, it is a pretty good option for some stock traders (depending on your investment objectives). However, you do need to take the commission costs into account. Fortunately, these are mostly flat rates, rather than being based on trading volume.

Factor 2: Paid Features

While Thinkorswim definitely excels as a free service, its overall capabilities pale in comparison to the premium plan of TC2000 (especially the desktop platform version). Still, you may not need all of these features, so let’s take a closer look at the actual differences.

TC2000 Has More Features Overall

  • TC2000 is capable of broker integration, charting, scanning, and analysis
  • Thinkorswim doesn’t have any unlockable paid features
  • TC2000 is the best choice for day traders


This platform offers a wide variety of powerful tools. Depending on the type of trader you are, these may be worth paying for!

Both TC2000 and Thinkorswim offer advanced charts, support for multiple chart patterns, and various analysis tools. However, TC2000 also offers sortable watchlists, historical condition testing, support for up to 100 alerts, automatic refresh intervals, the EasyScan stock/option screener, and more!


Thinkorswim offers all of its features for free, so there aren’t any premium plans for you to subscribe to. The platform does charge commissions (more on that later). However, both the platform itself and the data provided are offered free of charge.

Factor 3: Subscription Costs

While the capabilities of a platform will likely be what draws you in, the ongoing costs could be what pushes you away. Let’s take a look at the types of expenses you can anticipate when using these services.

Thinkorswim is (Mostly) Free

  • Thinkorswim doesn’t charge a monthly fee
  • TC2000 offers monthly, bi-annual, and annual billing options
  • Thinkorswim charges commissions on certain asset types


This platform offers three subscription types: Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Silver costs $9.99 per month, Gold costs $29.99 per month, and Platinum costs $89.98 per month. We’d recommend skipping the Silver plan, as it only unlocks interface customization. The latter two plans unlock the charting, scanning, and analysis tools you want.

Although TC2000 isn’t a broker, you can conduct trades through it. Doing so will subject you to additional fees. There are also ongoing data costs you’ll want to consider as well.

Learn More About TC2000


The Thinkorswim platform is entirely free to use with a TD Ameritrade account. However, that doesn’t mean the entire experience is fee-free. Stocks and ETFs are commission-free, but other assets may incur fees. For example, you can expect to pay $0.65 per options contract and up to $5 for futures contracts.

TC2000 vs Thinkorswim: Summary

Both platforms offer an array of advanced trading tools that can be used to maximize profits and minimize substantial losses. However, advanced traders—particularly day traders—will likely find TC2000 to be the superior platform for daily trading.

TC2000 has more to offer when it comes to charting, drawing, loading times, and the user experience in general. That said, Thinkorswim maintains the advantage in regard to forex support and ongoing costs.

If you’re already a TD Ameritrade member then Thinkorswim may be a good option for you. However, if you’re an active trader who wants to have access to one of the best charting and analysis services around, you can start using TC2000 by clicking here.

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