TC2000 vs Trade Ideas 2024

Jeremy Biberdorf
By: Jeremy Biberdorf


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If you’re one of the many individual investors who enjoy either swing or day trading, chances are, you’re always on the hunt for a more efficient way to navigate the financial markets and increase your profits.

Fortunately, you can easily accomplish this goal by using a high-quality charting platform. These platforms allow you to analyze real-time market data, narrow down potential options using technical screening criteria, and optimize your time spent trading.

In this TC2000 vs Trade Ideas article, we’ll be comparing two popular platforms to see which one is the preferred option. Of course, like many financial products, just because a platform is more capable on paper doesn’t always mean it’s the best option.

Keep reading to figure out which platform is right for you!

For more detailed analysis of each product check out our full reviews:

TC2000 is Better for:Trade Ideas is Better for:
TC2000 brokerage usersAI-assisted trading
Chart indicatorsAutomated trading
Newer tradersBacktesting

Individual investors will have multiple premium versions of each platform to choose from, with various pricing plans offered to meet a wide variety of budgets. To effectively navigate the universe of stocks, you’ll want to make sure that your choice of platform not only has the charting tools you’re after, but features other key features as well.

The depth of features offered varies per plan, so you’ll also want to pay attention to the plan differences to ensure you’re getting access to the technical criteria tools you need (while not paying for the ones you won’t use!),

TC2000 Trade Ideas
Monthly Fees $84-167/month $84-167/month
Service Type Stock trading scanner Stock trading scanner
Securities Analyzed Stocks, options, ETFs Stocks, options, ETFs
Best Use Day trading Day trading
Modest Money Review TC2000 Review Trade Ideas Review
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Modest Money Overall Rating
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4.8 rating based on 5 ratings

Factor 1: Free Features

Generally speaking, you’ll need to pay if you want to access the real-time data from thousands of stocks using stock screeners or trading software. However, it turns out there actually are a few features you can gain access to for free!

TC2000 has a free version

  • TC2000 offers free services
  • Trade Ideas offers a free trial
  • TC2000 limits most features to paid members

TC2000 website

A free version of TC2000 can be accessed via This version of the platform will allow you to view chart patterns and look up a stock by its ticker. However, all advanced features are lacking in this version.

Features like simultaneous charts, EastScan, and “Notes & News” all require a premium membership. While it is possible to come up with a potential trading strategy without access to—at a minimum—simultaneous charts, this definitely won’t be the most effective method of doing so.

Trade Ideas website

Unlike TC2000, Trade Ideas doesn’t offer a free version of their platform that you can use forever. Individual investors who wish to try out the technical screening criteria offered by Trade Ideas will need to pay for a membership.

Click here to learn about the benefits of a premium membership!

Factor 2: Paid Features

Whether you want to set up a custom scan or test out simulated trading, it’s important to make sure that the service you sign up for is actually capable of doing the things you ask of it. Let’s take a quick look at the major features offered to individual investors by each platform!

TC2000 has more hands-on features

  • TC2000 supports over one hundred indicators
  • Trade Ideas offers AI-driven trading
  • TC2000 allows users to make custom indicators


Scanning through thousands of stocks is easy when you have access to the real-time data from this stock scanner. TC2000 is perfect for day traders, as it allows customization on almost every level (from scans to layouts).

You can access the platform via the desktop application, a web browser, or even through the mobile app. The ability to access your account from essentially anywhere makes it extremely easy to monitor market conditions, take advantage of alerts, and execute trades throughout your day.

Trade Ideas

Trade Ideas offers many features that experienced traders will be familiar with, such as scanners, charting, and backtesting. For the less experienced, Trade Ideas also has plenty of educational resources that one can use to brush up on their trading tactics.

However, the biggest advantage Trade Ideas has is artificial intelligence (AI). Using a proprietary AI system dubbed “Holly AI”, traders can get trade recommendations, partially automate, or even fully automate their trading using pre-set strategies.

Factor 3: Subscription Costs

For part-time traders, full-time active traders, and everyone in between, ongoing expenses are an important consideration. After all, you’re only subscribing to make more money. If you spend more than you make, that’s not profitable, so you’ll definitely want to compare the prices before committing to a plan or platform.

TC2000 is the more affordable option

  • TC2000 Platinum costs around $1.1k per year
  • Trade Ideas Premium costs nearly 2k per year
  • TC2000 Silver costs less than $120/year


Aside from the free version, the cheapest plan TC2000 offers is the Silver plan ($9.99/month). However, we recommend the Gold plan, which unlocks EasyScab at a cost of $29.99 per month. TC2000’s most expensive plan—Platinum—unlocks every feature at the cost of $89.98 per month.
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Trade Ideas

This platform only offers two plans: Standard and Premium. “Standard” grants access to 10 charts, 10 price alerts, and visual trade assist for $84 per month ($999 per year). If you want access to Brokerage Plus, AI-assisted trading, and higher chart/alert limits, you’ll need a “Premium” membership.

The Trade Ideas Premium membership costs $167 per month, or $1,999 per year.
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TC2000 vs Trade Ideas: Final Thoughts

We think which platform you decide to go with should really depend on your particular trading style. Are you an active retail investor or a hands-off long-term investor? Perhaps you’re one of the many part-time traders who fall somewhere in the middle?

Try to figure out which type of trader you’d classify yourself as before committing to a monthly subscription to one of these powerful tools.

If you’re the type of trader who prefers to be active, personally mull over data, and day trade, we suggest TC2000 for its plethora of features and overall customizability. Find out more about the platform and test it out for yourself by clicking here!

However, if you’d prefer a more hands-off experience largely led by AI, we think Trade Ideas would be the way to go. Click here to enjoy 15% off your first purchase at Trade Ideas (with the code MODEST15)!

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