Tempted To Join The Smart Phone Masses

Back in June I posted about how I don’t want a smart phone. Well I hate to admit it but I am awfully tempted to join the masses.

The big change is that now I could easily fit it into my budget (did someone say lifestyle inflation?). Also I take the train to work each day giving me 20 minutes each way that I could fit in blogging work.

Is that enough to justify it?

Easier To Afford Now

My cell phone provider has been trying to give me a smart phone for a while. Now they would only be forcing me into a 2 year contract and not 3 years. Plus they have some attractive monthly plans. So the increase in price may be as little as $10/month.

The bigger part that makes it more affordable is that I’m working a good job and still making decent money online on the side. I know I shouldn’t let that be an excuse to increase my expenses, but it sure makes it tempting.

More Opportunity To Use A Smart Phone

While working from home there really wasn’t a whole lot of time that I could use a smart phone. I’d be pretty much limited to in the bathroom and while in line ups at the grocery store. I hope that didn’t give you all a mental image of me using my potential new smart phone in the bathroom lol.

My new job is very convenient to take the train to work. It is only a short walk from my apartment and to my office at the other end. That leaves me with at least 20 minutes each way to stare out the window and avoid awkward eye contact. The workaholic in me is screaming in my head about how much more productive I could be.

Using My Phone More In General

Now that I have a girlfriend again and more of a social life it was inevitable that I’d be using my phone more. When I wasn’t using it much it was a lot easier to put up with the painful texting and lack of features. These days I’m getting pretty sick of fighting with the auto-complete texting and limited functionality.

My ipod has been getting a lot more use too since I like to listen to music during my work commute. As a result I’m carrying around both my big clunker 1st generation ipod and my cell phone. Yeah it’s probably about time to get caught up with today’s technology.

Hell, I Admit I Just Want To Fit In

Now I’m not the type to care at all about fashion or being up on current trends. Still there is something embarrassing about whipping out my old school cell phone. I know I shouldn’t care, but now that I’m one of the downtown working professionals I do feel the need to fit in a bit. I may not be wearing business attire like most of them, yet the crappy cell phone seems to make me feel like even more of an outsider. I’m like Encino Man but just back from the 90s. Just like everyone else I want to be able to zone in on my cell phone and ignore everything around me.


So while I have been resisting the smart phone trend, it does seem like it’s now in my best interest to give in. The price is in my favor and now I’d benefit a lot more from owning one. That work done on the train could free up a big chunk of time each night.

The big question is, which phone is right for me? I admit I’m anti-Apple. So no iPhone for me. Does that mean that Samsung is my next best choice? Or is there a better option? Does anyone know which phone is the best for typing? I’m not sure if I could handle the on screen keyboards though. What do you guys think?

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