The 5ers Coupon: Unlocking Opportunities with The 5ers Funded Trading Program

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August 17, 2023August 17, 2023

The 5ers
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In the ever-evolving Forex trading landscape, there’s a growing need for platforms that can provide tools and opportunities. Among the prop firms standing out in this competitive arena is The 5ers.

Founded with a vision to foster global trading talent, The 5ers offers a unique approach. It extends substantial capital to skilled traders, thereby increasing their profit potential. From diverse trading options to comprehensive educational resources, the platform is committed to nurturing growth and ensuring success in the Forex market.

In this article, we will delve into the remarkable features, services, and pricing of The 5ers. And we will shed light on what sets it apart from traditional brokers. For those ready to embrace an unparalleled trading experience, we will also provide access to a The 5ers 5% discount.

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What is The 5ers?

The 5%ers, or simply “The 5ers”, is a prop firm that provides skilled Forex traders with capital. Founded in 2016 by Gil Ben Hur, an independent Forex day trader, The 5%ers has become a platform fostering trading talent around the globe.

Gil Ben Hur, the visionary behind The 5%ers, brings years of experience and expertise in Forex trading. He has previously co-owned an educational trading community. Saul Lokier, the CEO of The 5%ers, assists Gil in this venture. An accomplished Forex trader, Saul is known for managing funds for international proprietary Forex funds.

An essential aspect differentiating The 5ers from others in the field is that it is not a Forex broker. Unlike brokers, The 5ers doesn’t provide retail trading accounts but offers capital funds to individual traders. Trading on The 5%ers’ platform is a privilege reserved for those who master the skill of trading. It ensures a risk-free environment and an incompatible growth scheme without extra charges.

This distinctive structure has allowed The 5%ers to carve a niche in the trading world. And it continues to attract traders seeking growth and success in the Forex market.

Features, Services, and Pricing

The 5ers stands out in the trading world for its wide range of features and services.

The 5ers offers a comprehensive trading experience. Traders can explore different currency pairs, including both forex majors and crosses, enhancing the scope of their trading activities. In addition, including commodities and indices add further diversity and versatility to the trading options.

To aid traders in their journey, The 5ers extends free trading resources such as educational courses, imparting valuable insights into trading psychology, and webinars, which keep traders abreast of industry news and trends. Access to real-time market data ensures that traders have essential information at their fingertips.

While the platform lacks live chat support, solid support is reachable through dedicated telephone numbers and email lines. This assures assistance is readily available, reinforcing The 5ers’ commitment to a comprehensive and supportive trading environment.

The 5ers’ features and services cater to the needs of modern traders. They provide them with the tools and resources required to succeed. Whether the diverse trading options or the comprehensive support system, The 5ers has created a platform that nurtures growth and offers a unique approach to the trading landscape.

The 5ers Pricing & Plans

The 5ers has developed a pricing structure for various trader preferences and skill levels. Understanding these plans can assist in selecting the right program to fit individual needs. Here’s an in-depth review of The 5ers programs:

  • The Bootcamp Program: The Bootcamp Program offered by The 5ers is a unique and low-cost challenge explicitly designed for skilled traders to prove their consistency and discipline.

Participants undergo three challenge phases on a demo account, focusing on profitability and stable trading performance. Once a trader completes a challenge successfully, he can move on to live funded accounts and become eligible for a profit split.

The entry costs are as low as $95 for a $100K challenge and $225 for a $250K challenge. This program provides a platform for traders to showcase their skills and advance to trading higher amounts with various profit targets and leverage options.

  • The Hyper Growth Program: The Hyper Growth Program by The 5ers allows traders to grow their accounts up to $4,000,000 with no time pressure.

Traders can choose from different entry levels with corresponding evaluation funding capital, target, and one-time fees. The program offers leverage of 1:30, with unlimited time limits and up to 100% profit split. Whether trading in FX, metals, or indices, the program’s flexibility and attractive growth plan make it appealing. The platform uses MT5, and it includes provisions such as daily pauses and bonuses, making it one of the industry’s highly successful programs.

  • The High Stakes Program: The High Stakes Program is for the confident trader looking for high-risk-high-reward opportunities.

By passing a two-step evaluation on demo accounts ranging from $5K to $100K, traders can enter an indefinite trading period with ambitious growth plans. With leverage set at 1:100 and specified daily and overall loss limits, traders must meet various targets. Holding trades overnight and during weekends is permitted, and the program offers scaling up to $500,000, with profit shares ranging from 80% to 100%.

The program is structured to reward successful trading with increased balance and profit splits, culminating in potential monthly salaries at higher levels.

Additionally, using our link, you’ll have access to our The 5ers coupon for 5% off on their programs, providing even more value to prospective traders looking to participate in these innovative and rewarding challenges.


The 5ers has established itself as a prominent player in funded trading. It offers opportunities for skilled traders who need more capital to maximize their potential. With a strong focus on growth, education, and various assets, this platform provides an all-in-one solution for aspiring and professional traders.

A significant highlight of The 5%ers is that through our link, traders get an immediate 5% discount, which enables them to explore more options at favorable terms.

On the downside, limitations such as constrained leverage options and the absence of live chat support may affect some users. However, these may be minor barriers for all traders.

In the final analysis, The 5ers is a robust and flexible platform that caters to different trading needs. The overall package and the benefits of The 5ers coupon could make it an appealing choice for many.

If you’re interested in exploring what The 5%ers can offer and want to leverage the benefits of The 5ers coupon, click here. Your path to a profitable trading career is a click away!

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