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Jeremy Biberdorf
By: Jeremy Biberdorf
Dec 11, 2023
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In a Nutshell: The 5ers (or 5%ers) is a prop firm, which means it provides funded accounts for select traders. In fact, that’s where the name comes from, as they claim to fund the top 5% of traders.

Many prop firms have less than solid reputations, but The 5ers have managed to build a strong track record. They will fund certain traders up to $4 million, and users can trade forex, metals, and indices. Like other prop firms, traders first have to prove their trading skills.

Keep reading for my comprehensive The 5ers review so you can see if it aligns with your preferences.

Service TypeFee Structure Promotion
Prop Trading FirmVaries by account typeSave 5%
Pros & Cons
  • Instant Funding: Immediate access to trading capital up to $20,000.
  • Comprehensive Educational Resources: Offers trading strategies, webinars, and market insights.
  • Demo Account for Beginners: New traders can start with a practice account.
  • Diverse Trading Options: Trade currencies, metals, indices, and more.
  • Transparent and Fair Evaluation Process: Clear criteria for trader progression.
  • Limited Leverage Options: Leverage capped at 1:6 for low-risk and 1:30 for aggressive accounts.
  • Time Restrictions on Beginner Accounts: Set time limits can be a constraint for new traders.
  • No Live Chat Support: Lacks immediate customer support via chat.

The 5ers Overview

Initial Capital$5,000 – $100,000
Price Range$39 – $850
Profit SplitUpto 100%
Daily Loss5%
Max Drawdown6%
Profit Target5% – 10%
Tradable ProductsForex, Metals and Indices

What is The 5ers?

The 5ers is a proprietary trading firm, often referred to as a “prop firm”, that offers funded trading accounts to chosen traders. Originating from their assertion to fund the elite top 5% of traders, The 5ers provides an opportunity for investors to trade using funded accounts, while the firm garners a fraction of the profits made.

Unlike many other prop firms, The 5ers stands out by allowing traders to instantly access a funded account, bypassing traditional evaluation phases. Traders use the popular MetaTrader 5 platform and have the potential to continuously grow by meeting set profit targets.

With a variety of trading options, educational resources, and a commendable Trustpilot rating, The 5ers has carved a niche in the realm of prop trading.

Read on as I explain just how The 5ers funded accounts work as well as the site’s top features.

External The 5ers Review & Ratings

Google My Business5
Trustpilot4.8 from 1,304 reviews
Forex Prop Reviews4.8
Online Prop Trading4.7
Forex Broker Report4.6

After pouring through an extensive amount of reviews, here are some of my favorite reviews from traders who have experienced the platform firsthand:

“The first thing that we get same accounts in cheap from other prop firms which makes this firm affordable to newcomers. The growth opportunities is very fast as we get doubled at every target achieved which takes months or years in other firms here you can reach to 6 figures account in that time period.”
“The Only Prop firm that is legit right now great support,great spreads, everything is just perfect I got my account right now very happy to start a journey with 5ers.”
“I wanted to join The5ers because this fund has been long established and has good reputation. And I was not disappointed at all from the beginning as its staff were very supportive. They were helping me with my problems quickly. Now I am excited and looking forward to starting trading with The5ers soon.”
“I have just got funded with the firm. The process was very smooth, everything is automated and quick. the dashboard is very easy to follow for us new traders. When you buy a challenge you get the account same time which was really great for me.”

With a 4.8 out of 5 overall rating on TrustPilot, with over 1600 reviews, users have a lot of good things to say about The5ers. The most common praise I found in The 5ers’ positive reviews was how fast and efficient it is to get funded. Quite a few satisfied customers also mentioned the low spreads as being a major reason they love The 5ers.

The theme I found in the negative The 5ers reviews were accounts being suspended or delayed because of The 5ers requiring an interview. Some users were unhappy with this process, but it seems like one of the mechanisms The 5ers employ to avoid fraud and rule violations.

To get an even deeper feel for the customer experience, you can consider checking out The 5ers Reddit reviews. Usually, the Reddit threads about prop trading firms are pretty negative. The 5ers Reddit reviews are still positive, which is a testament to their commitment to customer satisfaction.

The 5ers History

Launched in 2016 by Gil Ben Hur and Snir Ahiel, The 5ers is a prop trading company that has swiftly made a name for itself within the competitive landscape of the financial markets. This Israel-based firm offers a unique proposition, providing funding options to talented forex traders and supporting them through their trading journey toward realizing real profits.

The inception of The 5ers was a response to a common predicament faced by many in the trading community: the struggle to access sufficient capital to trade effectively. The company’s mission is to bridge this gap, allowing traders to start earning from day one without the need for initial personal investment, thus mitigating capital risk.

The 5ers’ approach to trader development is holistic, offering a fair and transparent evaluation process that has been fine-tuned to align with traders’ needs for growth and success. Traders who join The 5ers are given the chance to manage funds and increase their capital allocation based on performance, with the potential to work with up to $4 million in trading capital.

Although relatively new, The 5ers have established a global presence, extending their operations with an office in the UK, and have been featured in various financial publications. The company’s commitment to fostering a supportive environment is reflected in its comprehensive trader resources and customer support, paving the way for both novice and professional traders to advance in the prop trading space.

How Does The 5ers Work?

The 5ers is unique in that they allow any and all traders to start using a funded account right away. This is slightly different from most prop firms, as they tend to require an education and evaluation stage before providing funding.

Using The 5ers platform is pretty straightforward. Once you select your account (based on your risk tolerance and desired capital), you pay the one-time participation fee and can begin trading right away.

The 5ers uses MetaTrader 5, which is one of the most highly utilized trading platforms, particularly in the global forex community. You can access MetaTrader 5 on your desktop as well as through mobile apps (Android and iOS).

To get started with The 5ers, you begin with a Level 1 account. You need to sustain a 6-7% net profit gain for the low-risk program and 12% for the aggressive program. Once you reach the profit target, you have to keep above the max stop out limit. You must also not exceed the max leverage rate.

Once you’ve reached your target goals, you receive your initial payout and a contract to become an officially funded trading partner with The 5ers. This results in a larger, fully-funded account, as well as profit payouts each month.

You can keep growing with The 5ers by continually reaching your profit targets.

The 5ers Features

The 5ers is a proprietary trading firm known for its unique features that cater to a wide range of traders. Let’s delve into each of these features for a comprehensive understanding:

Instant Funding

One of the standout features of The 5ers is its instant funding program. This allows traders to access funds immediately, bypassing the usual lengthy evaluation process. It’s ideal for traders eager to start trading without delays.

Bootcamp Program

The Bootcamp is an innovative approach designed for beginners. It offers a structured, phased system to help new traders build their skills and qualify for funding. This program provides a supportive environment for learning and growth.

Variety of Assets for Trading

The 5ers offers a diverse range of trading options, including forex pairs, metals, and indices. This diversity allows traders to explore different markets and apply varied strategies.

Educational Resources

The platform provides a wealth of educational materials, such as trading courses, webinars, and market insights. These resources are invaluable for both novice and experienced traders to enhance their trading knowledge and skills.

Different Capital Levels and Risk Programs

The 5ers offers programs tailored to different risk levels and capital requirements. Whether you are a conservative trader or prefer an aggressive approach, there’s a program suited to your trading style.

MetaTrader 5 Platform

The use of MetaTrader 5, a popular trading platform, ensures traders have access to advanced trading tools and features, enhancing their trading experience.

The 5ers Pricing & Plans

The pricing and plans of The 5ers are structured to accommodate a wide range of traders, from beginners to experienced professionals:

  • Entry-Level Accounts: Starting from as low as 95 euros for the Bootcamp program, these accounts are perfect for beginners. They provide a cost-effective way to enter the world of trading with minimal risk.
  • Instant Funding Accounts: Ranging up to 745 euros for the largest account, these are ideal for more experienced traders who are ready for immediate access to larger capital amounts.
  • Flexible Fee Structure: The 5ers uses a one-time participation fee, eliminating recurring charges and making it easier for traders to manage their costs.
  • Capital Growth Potential: Traders can scale their capital from initial levels all the way up to $4 million, offering significant growth potential for successful traders.
  • Profit Splits: The 5ers offers attractive profit splits, with traders keeping a substantial portion of the profits they generate.

Who is 5%ers Best For?

For the forex trader who’s already turning a profit and is eager to amplify their earnings, 5%ers presents an industry-leading funded trader program without the hassle of an evaluation phase. If the idea of sidestepping a lengthy evaluation resonates with you, then The 5ers is your go-to.

Also, if your trading approach doesn’t fit the mold at other prop firms, 5%ers welcomes you with open arms. They impose no restrictions on trading strategies—as long as your methods are lawful and profitable, you’re good to go.

Beginner traders in forex aren’t left out either. The 5ers extend a wealth of educational materials and trading tools tailored for novices. With the introduction of their cost-effective “Bootcamp” program in November 2021, new traders can practice with a demo account and vie for full funding.

For a straightforward journey to becoming a funded trader with a firm that values trust and consistency in its terms, The 5ers stands out as a reliable choice. They’re committed to maintaining clear rules and ensuring nothing stands in the way of you and your potential earnings.

Diverse Trading Styles and Strategies

The 5ers is a platform that embraces a broad spectrum of trading styles and strategies, catering to the diverse needs of traders. Whether you’re a scalper, a swing trader, or prefer a long-term approach, The 5ers offers the flexibility to trade according to your unique style.

This inclusivity is pivotal in attracting a wide range of traders, each bringing their distinct approach to the market.

Customized Trading Plans

The 5ers understands that each trader has a unique trading personality and approach. To accommodate this, they offer tailored trading plans that align with individual strategies, be it aggressive short-term trading or conservative long-term approaches.

Support for Various Strategies

From technical analysis to fundamental trading, The 5ers supports a multitude of trading strategies. This open-minded approach allows traders to utilize their expertise in the market, be it through chart patterns, economic indicators, or a combination of several methods.

No Strategy Restrictions

Unlike many proprietary trading firms that impose limitations, The 5ers offers the freedom to trade without restrictions on strategies, providing traders with the autonomy to execute their trades as they see fit.

Capital Growth and Funding Opportunities

Capital growth and funding opportunities form the core of The 5ers’ offerings. The firm provides traders with a unique opportunity to manage substantial capital, enhancing their potential for significant earnings and professional growth.

Instant Funding Programs

The 5ers sets itself apart with its instant funding programs, providing traders immediate access to capital. This feature is especially beneficial for skilled traders ready to hit the ground running without the typical evaluation periods.

Incremental Capital Growth

As traders meet specific profit targets, The 5ers offers incremental increases in capital allocation. This system motivates traders to perform consistently, rewarding successful trades with greater funding opportunities.

Profit Split and Payouts

One of the most attractive aspects of The 5ers is its generous profit split, offering traders a substantial share of the profits earned. Coupled with regular payouts, this makes The 5ers an excellent option for traders looking to monetize their skills.

By focusing on diverse trading styles and capital growth opportunities, The 5ers establishes itself as a leading proprietary trading firm, offering lucrative prospects for both novice and professional forex traders.

The 5ers Alternatives

If something in my The 5ers review has convinced you it isn’t best for you, don’t worry, there are a number of The 5ers competitors that will fund profitable traders into their trader programs. One popular opportunity for traders is FTMO.

FTMO offers experienced traders profit splits of up to 90%. The high-profit share, along with a transparent evaluation program, are some of the main reasons successful traders like FTMO. FTMO doesn’t restrict trading styles. As long as skilled traders reach the required trading goals, they can further their trading career with FTMO. To see which is best for you, consider my The 5ers vs FTMO review.

Another company making waves in the proprietary trading space is Apex Trader Funding. Their one-step evaluation and fair trading conditions make them one of the top choices for day traders seeking a reliable funding program. Apex Trader Funding allows a wide range of trading strategies, including news trading, which makes it a popular choice for consistent traders looking to capitalize on short-term market swings.

Is The 5ers Worth It?

The 5ers may be worth considering if you’re looking for a prop firm. These firms provide funding for traders who may lack their own capital. There are many prop firms out there, so it’s a good idea to consider a few before settling on one. After all, they all vary and each has its own strengths and weaknesses.

The 5ers has established a strong track record with a 4.8/5 rating on Trustpilot. You can rest assured that this is a legitimate service and not a scam.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The 5ers requires traders to meet specific trading objectives within a set number of trading days, which varies based on the chosen program.

As a proprietary trading firm, The 5ers operates under different regulations compared to traditional financial institutions. They follow strict internal rules to ensure fair and responsible trading.

The 5ers is based in Israel, with a global outreach serving traders worldwide.

The 5ers was co-founded by Gil Ben Hur and Snir Ahiel, bringing innovation to the forex prop trading industry.

Payouts at The 5ers are based on profit splits, where traders keep a significant portion of the profits they generate.

The 5ers primarily uses the MetaTrader 5 platform for its trading activities.

Time limits vary depending on the program selected, with specific criteria outlined for each trading level.

The CEO details are not publicly disclosed; however, the firm’s leadership comprises experienced professionals in the trading industry.

The 5ers was established in 2016, rapidly growing to become a notable name in the proprietary trading firm sector.

The minimum deposit varies by account type, starting from a low entry point for beginner accounts.

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