The 5ers Reviews and Ratings – A Game-Changer for Forex Traders

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August 29, 2023August 29, 2023

The 5ers Reviews

Having a reliable prop trading firm is crucial for any aspiring trader. This review dives deep into the world of The 5ers, a standout prop trading firm. Let’s explore what real users and experts are saying in various “The 5ers reviews and ratings.”
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What Is The 5ers?

“The 5ers”, often stylized as “The 5%ers”, is a unique prop trading firm specializing in forex, metal, and indices trading. Established in 2016 by the ambitious duo, Gil Ben-Hur and Snir Achiel, both hail from Israel and started as day traders. Identifying a gap in the market, they sought to help proficient traders maximize their returns without the fear of putting their own capital at risk.

Traders start by being evaluated through a Level 1 account, where their trading personalities are thoroughly assessed. There are different account types that vary based on capital and risk factors, making it adaptable for traders with varied strategies. The firm has a robust growth program and offers an enticing deal: they assume the entire risk for trading losses, hence eliminating the worry of traders losing their personal funds. As traders meet specific targets, The 5ers rewards them by increasing their trading capital – even going as far as doubling it at certain milestones.

In essence, The 5ers has carved a niche for itself by providing an efficient platform that not only funds but also cultivates and rewards talent in the trading domain.

Services and Offerings

The 5ers is a proprietary trading firm that offers traders a unique opportunity to access funding for trading in various markets such as forex, metal, and indices. Their entry fee starts as low as $95, making it a cost-effective option for many traders .

However, The 5ers is not just about providing funds. They have a rigorous evaluation process in place to ensure that only the most skilled traders can access their larger funds. This process not only filters out the best but also allows traders to earn profits during the evaluation phase.

To cater to a wide range of traders with varying risk profiles and capital requirements, The 5ers offers diverse account options. This flexibility ensures that traders can choose an account that aligns with their trading style and risk tolerance.

Furthermore, The 5ers is deeply committed to the continuous growth and development of its traders. They offer advanced trading courses that help traders build a solid trading base, develop the right mindset, and adapt their trading systems to The 5ers’ parameters. One of their notable initiatives in this regard is the $100,000 Bootcamp challenge. This challenge is structured in three stages, designed to rigorously test and train traders, ensuring they are equipped with the necessary skills to succeed in the competitive world of trading.

The 5ers Reviews and Ratings

What makes any firm shine is the satisfaction of its users. With a overall rating of 4.8/5 on

Trustpilot offers a glowing review, proclaiming The 5ers as the “best trading prop firm on the planet.” This particular review praises their high leverage and trading challenge, deeming it perfect for specific trading styles. Furthermore, their policy of no monthly fees and an unlimited time to pass catches the eye

One of the standout points is The 5ers’ approach to negative reviews. They have replied to 88% of such reviews, showcasing their dedication to addressing concerns. Moreover, they respond to these reviews in less than a week, indicating prompt customer service.

Things To Consider Before Using the 5ers


  • Affordability and Accessibility: The 5ers stands out as a proprietary trading firm that offers an affordable and accessible option for traders. It provides funding opportunities for trading forex, metal, and indices. Some traders can even start with as low as $95 to open a demo.
  • Ease of Entry: The firm simplifies the process of accessing the prop trading market, making it easier for newcomers to get started.
  • Focused on Top Traders: The 5ers’ motto of funding the top 5% of traders indicates a commitment to excellence and a focus on nurturing top talent in the forex trading world.


  • Profit Sharing: As with many prop firms, traders need to share a percentage of their profits with the firm. This can be a deterrent for some who prefer to keep all their earnings.
  • Potential Pressure: Being among the top 5% can bring about pressure to consistently perform at peak levels, which might not be suitable for all traders.

The company offers a 14-day money-back guarantee, ensuring that if clients are not satisfied with the services, they can get a full refund within the stipulated period. However, it’s essential to note that the signup fee becomes non-refundable under specific conditions, such as starting trading or violating the firm’s terms and conditions

The 5ers Reviews and Ratings: Wrapping It Up

The 5ers has built a reputation as a trustworthy prop trading firm in the forex industry. With a slew of features, transparent policies, and countless positive The 5ers reviews and ratings, it seems like a compelling option for traders worldwide. Whether you’re just dipping your toes in the trading world or are a seasoned pro, The 5ers could be the prop trading firm you’ve been on the lookout for. Click here and start trading today!

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