The 5ers vs FTMO 2024: Which prop firm should you choose?

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In the ever-evolving world of forex trading, proprietary trading firms have gained significant traction, providing an accessible and lucrative opportunity for talented traders to manage company-funded accounts. Among these, The 5ers and FTMO have emerged as two industry-leading contenders, offering aspiring traders a unique pathway to success.

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The 5ers is Better for: FTMO is Better for:
Forex traders and investorsFutures traders and investors
High leverage trading accountsRisk management and evaluation tools
Remote proprietary trading opportunitiesScalable funding options
Customizable trading evaluation parametersMultiple trading platform support

In this article, we will delve into a comprehensive comparison of The 5ers and FTMO across three pivotal factors: funding programs, growth potential, and support services. Our aim is to provide you with an insightful analysis, empowering you to make an informed decision on which of these esteemed platforms best aligns with your trading aspirations and style. So, buckle up as we embark on an in-depth exploration of The 5ers and FTMO, and discover the opportunities that await within the world of prop trading.

5ers FTMO
Service Type Funded Trading Accounts Funded Trading Accounts
Fees Evaluation Fee: Zero up-front option
Profit Share: 50% - 100%
Evaluation Fee: Varies
Profit Share: 80% - 90%
Customer Support Email and Chat Support Email, Chat, and Phone Support
Best Use Traders who prefer higher potential profit share and lower evaluation fees Traders who prioritize consistency
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Factor 1: Funding Programs

The 5ers: Flexible Profit Split and Growth Scheme

  • The 5ers offers a unique Milestone Growth Plan
  • FTMO: Challenge-based Funding Model
  • FTMO implements a two-step evaluation process with strict trading objectives to qualify

The 5ers

The 5ers distinguishes itself with a flexible profit split and growth scheme, providing traders with an attractive opportunity to build their trading career. The platform operates under a unique Milestone Growth Plan, which enables traders to double their account size as they achieve predefined profit targets. The 5ers’ funding program starts with a low minimum trading requirement, fostering a relaxed trading environment and allowing traders to focus on long-term profitability.

Furthermore, The 5ers does not charge any subscription fees or evaluation costs up-front, making it an affordable option for traders looking to enter the prop trading space.


FTMO, on the other hand, adopts a challenge-based funding model, requiring traders to go through a two-step evaluation process in order to qualify for funding. The FTMO Challenge and Verification stages come with strict trading objectives that must be met within specified timeframes. While this model can foster discipline and consistency, it may also put additional pressure on traders, potentially impacting their trading performance. FTMO charges subscription fees for each evaluation attempt, which can add up for traders who need multiple tries to pass the tests. However, FTMO offers a variety of account sizes and profit split options, catering to a wide range of traders and their preferences.

Factor 2: Growth Potential

The 5ers: Accelerated Growth Opportunities

  • The 5ers: Double your account size at each milestone
  • FTMO: Structured Scaling Plan, Ladder-like growth system, with gradual progress

The 5ers

With The 5ers, traders can experience accelerated growth opportunities as they achieve predefined profit targets. The platform’s Milestone Growth Plan allows traders to double their account size at each milestone, offering a highly rewarding progression system. Unlike some prop trading firms, The 5ers do not impose a maximum account size limit, emphasizing consistency and long-term trading success. This unique approach provides talented traders with the potential to significantly grow their trading capital and income over time.


FTMO, in contrast, offers a more structured scaling plan for traders. Based on consistent profitability, traders can gradually increase their account size through a ladder-like growth system. While this growth plan may be slower than that of The 5ers, it encourages traders to maintain discipline and focus on sustainable profitability. And with the ability for traders to scale up to $2M, there is plenty of earning potential.

Factor 3: Support Services

The 5ers

The 5ers emphasizes personalized support and education, providing traders with dedicated account managers to offer individualized guidance and mentorship. The platform grants access to a comprehensive trading knowledge base, which includes articles, videos, and tutorials to help traders hone their skills and expand their understanding of the forex market. Additionally, The 5ers hosts regular webinars and trading room sessions, facilitating knowledge sharing and fostering a sense of community among its traders.


FTMO, on the other hand, focuses on extensive resources and community engagement to support its traders. The platform offers the FTMO Trader App, which allows traders to monitor their performance in real-time and receive important notifications. FTMO also boasts a wide range of educational content and trading tools, catering to traders with diverse experience levels and trading styles. Furthermore, FTMO maintains an active online community, often conducting trader interviews and encouraging interaction among its members. This community-driven approach helps traders stay motivated and engaged while learning from their peers and sharing experiences.

The 5ers: Personalized Support and Education:

  • FTMO: Trader App for real-time monitoring and notifications
  • Both provide access to a comprehensive trading knowledge base

Factor 4: External Customer Reviews & Ratings

External The 5ers Reviews & Ratings

Google My Business5
Trustpilotthe5ers trustpilot review
Forex Prop Reviews4.8
Online Prop Trading4.7
Forex Broker Report4.6

External FTMO Reviews & Ratings

Trustpilotftmo trustpilot review
Forex Broker Report5
TrustIndex4.9 from 5,381 votes
Google Play4.5 from 803 votes

The 5ers vs FTMO: Our Summary

When comparing The 5ers and FTMO, two leading proprietary trading firms, several key differences emerge that can significantly impact a trader’s experience and success. In terms of funding programs, The 5ers offers a more flexible profit split and growth scheme, with no upfront evaluation costs, while FTMO follows a challenge-based model with stricter trading objectives and subscription fees.

Both firms offer strong support services, but with different focal points. The 5ers focuses on personalized support and education, providing dedicated account managers and access to a comprehensive trading knowledge base. FTMO, conversely, emphasizes extensive resources and community engagement, offering the FTMO Trader App, a wealth of educational content, and an active online community.

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Ultimately, the choice between The 5ers and FTMO depends on a trader’s individual preferences, goals, and trading style. The 5ers may be better suited for traders seeking flexibility, accelerated growth, and personalized support, while FTMO may appeal to those who prefer a structured approach, stringent trading objectives, and a strong sense of community engagement.

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