The Benefits Of Working Part-Time

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Hey, it’s a tough economy out there- I know PF bloggers realize this more than most. There aren’t enough jobs for the people who want or deserve them, and many Americans don’t have healthcare because they are either denied or they can’t afford it. Even with all this, I’m someone who chooses to work part-time, and I love it! Here’s why:

1.) It preserves my emotional energy: If you’ve read any of my blogs you can probably tell I’m a high-strung person. (I just care! About things!) My passion hasn’t become a full-time endeavor, and it never will unless I allow myself the time and mental bandwidth to pursue it. I love writing and working on my blog, but it takes a significant portion of my time each day. By working a low-stress, part-time job that isn’t tied to any of my “career objectives” I can save my energy for the things that are most important to me.

2.) I’m more relaxed: Good part time jobs can sometimes be difficult to get (I’m not recommending anyone employment at Mcdonalds in order to achieve Nirvana…), but for the most part they’re not. If you happen to be personable and college-educated you can have your pick of the litter. This means I’m at my part-time work because I want to be and find the job/organization interesting and not because it’s the best monetary offer I could get. It also helps me be more relaxed and not treat everything as so “high-stakes”. I’m able to see my boss as a person, and I’m a better employee when I don’t feel as if everything is riding on one specific task. In my experience, part-time jobs cause a lot less stress.

3.) I’m more productive in other areas of life: When I don’t have a soul crushing, bury-my-face-in-a-pillow-at-the-end-of-the-day job I actually get more done. I can crank out those freelance pieces AND cook dinner. I don’t want to just come home and nap because I’m miserable. My house is generally cleaner, errands are always done in a timely fashion and even though I’m actually logging more hours per week with my two part-time jobs– I feel I have more “free time”. It’s called liking what you do and it can have a profound impact.

I can’t imagine any full-time job that would actually afford me all the things I want/need in my career. Something would always have to give, and it’s usually either more time in the form of less money or vice versa. Even though it’s backwards logic, working part time does make me more productive. If you factor in commute time and actual hours at the office (not including overtime), and time needed with family you don’t actually have many hours on the back end of your day anyway.

4.) I have more flexibility in my schedule: That’s the beauty with part time jobs-the hours are non-traditional. And most of the time you can set your schedule around what’s convenient for you (I schedule mine around traffic and when I am most productive (1-5 in the afternoon. Ha!). With my schedule flexibility, I can also do other non-work related business I have to do. Awesome, right?

5.) I never get stuck in a routine: Having a part-time job can break up your day if you are un- or underemployed, but if you are like me and string together more than one job to make your living you can pretty much guarantee each day is going to be different. I like that I work two completely different jobs with different hours and different challenges. I am never, ever bored.

6.) My priorities are free to be my priorities: This is probably the most important reason of all. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sat in job interviews for some sort of administrative assistant job and lied about how I just wanted to answer somebody’s phone for the rest of my life. A lot of times in full time jobs (even if they are “dead end” or not) they want you to make that job numero uno. Why shouldn’t they? They’re paying you a living income after all.

I hated having to pretend that I wanted to be a career administrative assistant. Blegh. With a part-time job I am able to communicate my priorities and a lot of time my outside endeavors are championed by my colleagues. It’s a nice feeling to not have to hide my blog or who I am from the outside world. It makes things simpler.

I know many do not have the luxury of being able to choose their jobs or the hours they work, but as an unmarried, twenty-something female I’m going to take the chance for this laid-back lifestyle while I can.

What are some other benefits to working part-time? Disadvantages?

Author Bio: Guest post by Lauren (known to her friends as L Bee) – Authoress of the personal finance site “L Bee and the Money Tree“. On her blog she details daily struggles with the ever elusive “tree of wealth”, snarky thoughts on fashion and pop- culture, and gross/funny stories about her dog, Murray. A freelance writer based out of the Atlanta area, L Bee spends her free time enjoying theater, drinking wine, and annoying her boyfriend.

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