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By: Jeremy Biberdorf May 06, 2023
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In a nutshell: The Funded Trader is a proprietary firm (or prop firm), meaning it allows skilled traders the ability to trade with a funded account. Traders can unlock an account all the way up to $600k, which means profits can be much larger than if trading with a small account.

The Funded Trader has established a strong track record among online prop firms, earning a 4.7/5 rating on Trustpilot. But is it the right prop firm for your specific trading needs and goals?

Keep reading for our comprehensive The Funded Trader review to see if it might be the best prop firm for you.

Refundable Challenge Fees | $400-$600 (on average)
Pros & Cons
  • A variety of ways to obtain a funded account
  • Default 80/20 payout and potential for 90/10 split
  • Tons of payout methods available
  • Integrated brokers don’t have big name recognition
  • Cheesy video game site design
  • Lack of educational resources

The Funded Trader Review 2023 | Is The Funded Trader Right for Me?

The Funded Trader is an online prop firm with multiple ways to obtain a funded account and great payout flexibility. It has many competitors, however, so how do you know if The Funded Trader is the best option for you?

In general, The Funded Trader is worth consideration by anyone looking to start trading with a funded account. There are numerous ways to gain eligibility, offering much more flexibility than some other prop firms. Plus, you can get paid out about a thousand different ways (that’s an exaggeration, of course, but they do stand out for this aspect).

The best way to know if a given prop firm is for you is to understand exactly how it works, what its top features are, and how competitive its pricing is. Fortunately for you, this Funded Trader review will cover all those aspects and more. So, keep reading to learn more!

How Does The Funded Trader Work?

The Funded Trader works like most prop firms in that traders must show their ability to consistently make profitable trades before obtaining a funded account. What’s different about The Funded Trader, however, is the ability to get an account many different ways.

In fact, there are four challenges that you can choose from to earn your funded account with The Funded Trader:

  • The Standard Challenge – This challenge features a larger drawdown (6% daily drawdown and 12% max drawdown) on all account sizes. You can also expect your first payout withdrawal in 30 days.
  • The Rapid Challenge – This challenge aims to payout in the first two weeks, give or take, hence the name. There’s also a balance-based drawdown, meaning you can hold your trades to compound your winnings.
  • The Royal Challenge – The Royal Challenge aims for ultimate flexibility, meaning traders can use EAs (Expert Advisors) and don’t have to worry about lot size limits. There’s also a max drawdown of 10% and profit target of 8%, which gives traders more leeway than other prop firm challenges.
  • The Knight Challenge – Finally, there’s the Knight Challenge (yes, The Funded Trader has a random medieval video game aesthetic). This challenge only requires one phase and the first payout can be reached in as little as 7-10 days.

The Funded Trader Features

The Funded Trader provides many feature that help set it apart from some of its competitors, including the following:

  • Numerous challenge options – Many prop firms only allow for one way to gain eligibility, maybe two if you’re lucky. With The Funded Trader, however, you can choose from one of four challenges depending on which one suits you best.
  • Scale up to $1.5 million – Successful traders can continue to grow their account size all the way up to $1.5 million, which is one of the highest among competing prop firms.
  • Discord channel – More and more traders enjoy the community aspect of Discord channels, and The Funded Trader has a rapidly growing community of traders exchanging ideas on their Discord.
  • A strong track record – With over 6,500 reviews on Trustpilot and a 4.7/5 (“Excellent”) rating, you can count on The Funded Trader to be a reliable and legitimate prop firm.

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The Funded Trader Pricing & Plans

The Funded Trader has four challenges, and each one follows a different procedure. It’s best to refer to their site for specific details, as there are many different account sizes and details for the different challenges.

Here’s a brief summary, however, for a $100,000 Regular Account:

The Standard Challenge

  • Profit target: 10%
  • Maximum loss: 12%
  • Maximum daily loss: 6%
  • Refundable Fees: $549

The Rapid Challenge

  • Profit target: 8%
  • Maximum loss: 8%
  • Maximum daily loss: 5%
  • Refundable Fees: $499

The Royal Challenge

  • Profit target: 8%
  • Maximum loss: 10%
  • Maximum daily loss: 5%
  • Refundable Fees: $489

The Knight Challenge

  • Profit target: 10%
  • Maximum loss: 6%
  • Maximum daily loss: 3%
  • Refundable Fees: $489

Is The Funded Trader Worth It?

The Funded Trader is well worth consideration for anyone exploring prop firm options. It has competitive pricing, flexible payouts, and numerous ways to obtain your funded account.

Plus, The Funded Trader is definitely not a scam, with a 4.7/5 score on Trustpilot.

To check out The Funded Trader for yourself, click here and use the coupon code “modestmoney” to save 5%!

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