The Funded Trader Reviews & Ratings: What Does This Prop Firm Bring To The Table?

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September 11, 2023September 11, 2023


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Proprietary trading firms, commonly known as “prop firms” or “prop trading firms”, offer opportunities for experienced traders. One firm that stands out is The Funded Trader. Established in June 2021, it provides a range of challenges for traders to secure funded accounts, along with promising profit splits and a notable max scale of up to $1.5 million.

For forex traders seeking more capital and a platform to enhance their trading, The Funded Trader might be the answer. This The Funded Trader review will break down the firm’s benefits and features, helping you decide if it’s the right choice for you.

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The Funded Trader Reviews & Ratings

Let’s look at The Funded Trader Reviews & Ratings to get a better understanding of the user’s experience:

Godfred Kwame ANKAPONG

Customer Service is a vital part of any…

Customer Service is a vital part of any business or firm that wants to grow.
When I get treated well and in a professional manner, then surely you desire an AAA rating.
A business needs to understand its customer’s needs to tailor great solutions in that path.

I spoke to 3 employees through the Funder Traders website and all 3 handled the conversation continually and professionally. It shows proper handover of unresolved issues.

Date of experience: August 27, 2023


I have tried more than 10 Prop Firm…

I have tried more than 10 Prop Firm Challanges with various Account Model from $2500 to $100,000. In all the prop frim challanges I have tried, TFT is the one that got me Funded for the first time. And that’s mainly because of the Benifits they give. For example, Their 1:200 Leverage was the best. Because of that benifit I Passed my 100k challange with ease. And also I have to give credit to their support team, I had Various doubts when i was doing my Evaluation and constantly I was askingh doubts to them, what’s more amazing was they replied to my very query within minutes. Thaty’s just Awesome. Can’t wait to get my first payout.👍

Date of experience: August 30, 2023


I would give a 6 star but it’s not possible

Everyone in the industry knows this skillset comes with a rollercoaster of emotions. There will be new challenges after you pass it. I had a problem with my funded account and the support was amazing they calmed me down and like they said in 48 hours everything will be set. A good trusted company with an amazing customer support ! Also with all the promotions they offer they make it easier for you to get funded. There is a reason why they are in the top 3 of funded companies for a while now

Date of experience: August 24, 2023

What is The Funded Trader?

The Funded Trader is a proprietary trading firm that offers skilled traders the opportunity to trade with funded accounts, allowing for larger trades up to $600k. This means traders have the potential to make more significant profits compared to smaller accounts.

The firm was established by Blake Olson, Angelo Ciaramello, and Nick D’Arcangelo, who also founded VVS Academy and Forex League. With their extensive trading experience and feedback from fellow traders, they launched The Funded Trader in 2020. It has since gained a positive reputation among online proprietary trading firms.

The Funded Trader Features

  • Challenge Diversity: From the Standard Challenge to the Rapid Challenge, and extending to the Royal Challenge and Knight Challenge, traders have a buffet of challenges to choose from. Each challenge is designed to fit various trading styles and realistic trading objectives.
  • Account Flexibility: The Funded Trader acknowledges the needs of both swing accounts and regular account holders. So, whether you’re an individual trader or already a professional-level investor, there’s an account just for you.
  • Tailored Trader Programs: Under the umbrella of The Funded Trader, both talented traders and consistent traders find programs that match their goals. These programs offer distinct profit objectives and are underpinned by clear, simple rules and straightforward trading conditions.
  • Active Community on Discord: Be it sharing a trading strategy, discussing the daily loss limit, or just general chat about the maximum drawdown, The Funded Trader’s Discord community is buzzing with activity.
  • Wide Instrument Palette: The Funded Trader isn’t just about Forex trading. The platform allows for a wide range of trading in a vast array of instruments, including metals, indices, and even cryptocurrencies.
  • Efficient Payouts: Your profit share will be paid with bi-weekly payouts and various payment options to choose from, including bank transfer and crypto wallet options, so withdrawal of profits is a breeze.
  • Reputation That Speaks: The wave of positive feedback and a plethora of positive reviews reaffirm The Funded Trader’s standing as one of the top-notch trading platforms and proprietary firms in the prop firm industry.

The Funded Trader Rules, Pricing & Plans

The Funded Trader offers four distinct evaluation challenges, and each has specific details tailored to it. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Standard Challenge:
    • Minimum Profit Target: 10%
    • Maximum Loss: 12%
    • Maximum Daily Loss: 6%
  • Rapid Challenge:
    • Minimum Profit Target: 8%
    • Maximum Loss: 8%
    • Maximum Daily Loss: 5%
  • Royal Challenge:
  • Minimum Profit Target: 8%
  • Maximum Loss: 10%
  • Maximum Daily Loss: 5%
  • Knight Challenge:
    • Minimum Profit Target for phase: 10%
    • Maximum Loss: 6%
    • Maximum Daily Loss: 3%

In terms of costs, The Funded Trader charges a one-time sign-up fee for each challenge. These fees are fully refundable upon successful completion of the respective challenge and receiving a funded account. They are based on the initial balances of the funded trading accounts.

For the Standard Challenge:

  • $25,000 account: $189
  • $50,000 account: $315
  • $100,000 account: $549
  • $200,000 account: $949
  • $400,000 account: $1,898

For the Rapid Challenge:

  • $50,000 account: $299
  • $100,000 account: $499
  • $200,000 account: $899

For the Royal Challenge:

  • $50,000 account: $289
  • $100,000 account: $489
  • $200,000 account: $939
  • $300,000 account: $1,399

For the Knight Challenge:

  • $25,000 account: $189
  • $50,000 account: $289
  • $100,000 account: $489
  • $200,000 account: $939

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Final Thoughts

The world of funded trading is ever-evolving, offering successful traders an exciting platform to showcase their skills without the risks of investing personal capital. The Funded Trader stands out as a reputable option in this arena, providing a range of challenges to suit various types of traders.

With its clear fee structures and refundable fees upon successful evaluation, it emphasizes transparency and motivation. The different challenge tiers, from the Standard to the Knight Challenge, allow traders of all levels to find a suitable starting point.

Our exploration of The Funded Trader suggests it’s a worthwhile consideration for those looking to enter the funded trading landscape. As always, due diligence and continuous learning remain paramount for success in the trading world.

If you are ready to learn more about joining The Funded Trader, click here to get started.

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