The Oddest Financial Claims of All Time

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When something goes wrong and leads to an injury, you can be forgiven for wondering who’s at fault. Some accidents are caused by simple human error, while others occur for more bizarre reasons. Claims for compensation are often filed due to serious injury, but some are so strange that you might find them hard to believe.

How do you like your coffee?

One example of a strange compensation claim was one made against a fast food chain after spilling coffee in a ‘sensitive area’. This resulted in the claimant suffering third degree burns over 6% of her body. She was awarded $640,000 however she did have to cover her own medical costs.

Spilling hot coffee can be embarrassing more than anything else, but in the wrong place, it can be painful!

When the chips are down…

You might be aware that slipping on food that’s been left on the floor can be hazardous. Banana skins are common, but what about a chip? One man slipped on a French fry while in a canteen waiting to be served. He won his claim for compensation after serious damage done to his knee.

Under the bridge

An artist received thousands after slipping on fresh pigeon poo under a bridge in London. There’s plenty around under the capital’s bridges, but such accidents are incredibly rare, thankfully. Imagine having to tell someone you’ve become hurt after that?

Watch out for that…

Accidents happen all the time. In some cases, it could be down to a lack of attention being paid to what’s going on by the victim, but regardless of the cause, there’s always pain involved. No one likes getting hurt, especially if it’s in an embarrassing incident like slipping on food or spilling hot coffee.

No matter how you’re injured, you might find that it could come at a cost to your finances as well as your health. Not being able to work and therefore earn a wage will make paying for the basics tough. Also, there’s all the medical costs you could incur, meaning you may feel helpless.

Taking no win no fee advice could help if you feel the need to claim compensation. Legal fees are often a barrier for many people who suffer embarrassing yet painful accidents, but a no win no fee claim does as it says. This means that you have nothing to lose when claiming.

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