The Rewards of Doing Your Own Lawn Care

We spend a lot of time and money trying to get a beautiful lawn. We want grass that makes our home look beautiful and enhances its value, and we also want to have a great place for family and friends to congregate.

Because we think of the ends rather than the means of lawn care, it’s easy just to think of it as a chore that needs to be taken care of so that we have time for other things. As a result, we’re often content just to hire someone for the work.

In time, though, that approach can really cause us to miss out on some rewarding opportunities. Once you realize what you could be getting out of your time and work in lawn care, you’ll wish you’d never hired somebody to do it for you.

Making Your Own Choices

When you hire someone to do lawn work, you essentially buy a package. You don’t get to specify every little detail about the project, so to a great extent, you end up with whatever species of plants that the contractor provides.

It’s so much more satisfying to choose your own lawn grass seeds and the shrubs, flowers, and trees you want to plant with them. Instead of a cookie-cutter landscape that everybody in the neighborhood has, you have something that’s uniquely yours.

Saving Money

Value is all about whether the good or service you have paid for is worth enough, in your mind, to equal or exceed the actual cash you lay out for it. Because so many people hate (or think they will hate) lawn work, that value is high, and they’re glad to pay.

So what it’s really about in terms of saving money is realizing that maybe it’s not such bad work and is, as we’ve already noted, a great project to undertake on your own. When you increase the value of doing your own landscaping and gardening while decreasing the value of paying someone to do it, the cash price is immediately and obviously too high, so you save some serious money.

Keeping It Clean

Commercial services are notorious for pouring on the fertilizers and chemicals to get the deep green color that homeowners desire. What those homeowners don’t see is the pollution they are adding to the environment and the chemicals they are exposing themselves and their kids to, some of which stay in the body for years or even decades.

Doing lawn care yourself can be healthier with just two simple steps. First, educate yourself about what’s really necessary to optimize the yard’s appearance, and second, find products that will help you meet those goals without proving so dangerous and pollutive.

Some homeowners are high-maintenance lawn caretakers, while others are less intense. There are different views about species of grass, plants to accent the home, and what we do in the yard, but everyone agrees on a minimum standard: a fully-covered lawn that provides space for recreation and beauty. There are different views about species of grass, plants to accent the home, and what we do in the yard, but everyone agrees on the basics.

Whether you want a finely manicured lawn or just a place that can put up with the wear and tear of busy kids, you can do the maintenance yourself. It’s a process that will prove more enjoyable and satisfying than hiring a contractor while saving you a lot of money and reducing the use of chemicals around people and the environment.

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