TheoTrade Reviews and Ratings – What do Users Think About This Trading Education Platform?

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August 25, 2023August 25, 2023

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Navigating the world of trading can be challenging, whether you’re a novice or a seasoned expert. This is where TheoTrade helps, offering a comprehensive set of educational resources tailored to enhance traders’ skills.

But with so many educational platforms available, does TheoTrade truly stand out? Is it worth the investment? Our TheoTrade review aims to address these questions, providing clarity for those considering TheoTrade. Join us as we look at TheoTrade reviews and ratings to decide if it offers a good value to traders.

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What is TheoTrade?

TheoTrade, established by Don Kaufman in 2006, is a comprehensive trading education platform. With over 20 years of experience in trading, Kaufman recognized the need for a platform that catered to traders of all levels.

Don Kaufman’s journey began with thinkorswim, an education-focused company. After its acquisition by TD Ameritrade in 2009, Kaufman served as the Director of the Trader Group for six years. By 2015, he took the next step, launching TheoTrade, fulfilling his vision of a dedicated trading education platform.

Since its founding, TheoTrade has expanded to offer a broad range of resources including webinars, trading simulations, and real-time alerts.

While some of its in-depth content requires a subscription, TheoTrade doesn’t shy away from offering valuable free resources. Anyone can access its blogs, tutorials, and a selection of ebooks without even signing up.

TheoTrade Features

  • TheoTrade Courses: A variety of trading courses developed by seasoned instructors, including Don Kaufman. Courses range from the essentials like ‘Options 101 – The Basics and Beyond’ to specialized topics like ‘High Probability Trading with In/Out Spreads’ and ‘Futures 101: An Introduction to Futures Contracts.’
  • The Rebel’s Guide to Trading Options: An e-book crafted by Don Kaufman and his expert team at TheoTrade. This 50-page resource unveils potentially groundbreaking strategies in options trading, spotlighting the dangers of diversification and revealing tools to potentially optimize trading.
  • Live Trading Chat Room: Engage with the TheoTrade community, observe professionals in action, and even trade alongside seasoned experts like Don Kaufman.
  • TheoNight Daily Reports Video Newsletter: Every day, expect a concise video newsletter, usually around ten minutes, loaded with strategies to gear you up for the next trading session.
  • Daily Video Newsletter: As an addition to the TheoNight Daily Reports, this daily video, ranging from 8 to 20 minutes, grants insights into trending options trades or the best futures to trade at that juncture. Perfect for part-time traders short on research time.
  • Buy and Sell Alerts: Never miss out again! Weekly alerts notify members of ripe opportunities in the market, aiding even the pros in capturing every golden moment.
  • TheoTrade Blog: Over 400 pages of unique video content await in this blog. From market analysis to candid takes on trading, the free content here is robust and insightful. The best part? It’s free for all.
  • Tutorials: Detailed tutorials by Don Kaufman. Drawing from two decades of trading mastery, Kaufman dishes out tips and wisdom to dodge classic blunders and enhance trading returns.
  • One-on-One Coaching: Tailored coaching sessions to fine-tune trading tactics, guided by professional traders.
  • Live Events: Engage with instructors directly in virtual Q&A sessions, and foster connections with the trading community.

TheoTrade Pricing

TheoTrade offers different membership options tailored for traders with varying needs and budgets. First, there’s a Monthly Membership priced at $99 per month. This plan grants access to an array of resources such as webinars, market analyses, and trading simulations. For those seeking a longer commitment, the Annual Membership is available at $997 per year. It provides the same benefits as the monthly plan but with an overall savings of $191 when paid upfront annually.

For traders who prefer a more a la carte approach, TheoTrade offers Individual Classes. While there are over 60 classes available on their platform, each class comes with its specific price, typically ranging from $100 to $200.

Regarding their Refund Policy, TheoTrade is pretty straightforward. If you buy a class and feel it’s not the right fit, you can cancel within 365 days. No questions asked. This refund policy doesn’t extend to the monthly or yearly memberships.

TheoTrade Reviews and Ratings

Let’s check out the TheoTrade reviews and ratings from real users, to see what customers are saying:

Orlando Oliva

Jun 12, 2023

A long journey with Theo. Highly recommended

I’ve been a member of theo, I think for about 5 years, where I had to unlearn what I had learned in order to learn from real traders. I have plenty of reasons to recommend Theo as a great opportunity to learn the business of trading. 5 star, for customer service, classes, live room, coaches etc. as everything. For those who criticize the trade recommendations that are made live in the room, what does not work for my risk, I pass and concentrate on what best suits my risk. In general, highly recommended and for my part grateful to Theo.

Date of experience: June 12, 2023


Jun 12, 2023

This site is a great learning tool no matter what and how you trade there is something for everyone here

This site is great, unless you are waiting for trades, not a lot of trades but the most important part is you learn a lot, enough to use that knowledge and trade for yourself. Very diversified instructors, the one who spoke to me was Blake Young took his mentorship my 5K turned to 80K and those are all my trades. If you are expecting hot tips not for you, if you want to learn I wouldn’t recommend any other site but this one.

Date of experience: July 12, 2022


Jun 12, 2023

Great place to learn about the market.

I have been with a number of services, but with TheoTrade I finally found the level and volume of instruction I have always been looking for in the market. I am a much better trader today because of the instruction that is here, day after day.

Date of experience: June 12, 2023

Final Thoughts

The journey of trading, whether you’re a novice finding your footing or an expert seeking to sharpen your edge, requires continuous education and resources. TheoTrade has emerged as a valuable platform, combining the expertise of industry veterans like Don Kaufman with a plethora of powerful features.

From comprehensive courses, interactive chat rooms, to timely market insights, it offers a holistic approach to trading education. If you’re serious about enhancing your trading skills and navigating the complex world of the markets, TheoTrade might be your North Star. Click here to explore what TheoTrade has in store for you.

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