Three Great Stocks to Watch Even After the Rate Hike: (SUNE) (ASTI) (BBRY)

Markets are having an incredibly hard time at the moment. The Federal Reserve has finally made good on its promise to increase its interest rate by the end of 2015, and that action is causing US stocks to tank! Nonetheless, even in a down market, there are always solid stocks to watch. Today, we’ll talk about my 3 favorite stocks to watch, even as markets continue to decline…

Sunedison (SUNE) Is Headed Up, Up And Away!!!

Sunedison Inc (NYSE: SUNE)

Sunedison has been skyrocketing in the market as of late, and for good reason. Renewable energy is becoming more and more popular. The reason is simple. We have seen several pieces of good news that are helping to add support to renewable energy. First, we recently saw a landmark deal in Paris with regard to climate change, leading to massive gains in SUNE and other solar stocks. Also, the US Congress has extended a tax credit for businesses and consumers that install renewable energy systems into their homes or offices. Finally, we recently learned that the acquisition deal between SUNE and Vivint Solar is back on, offering SUNE an incredible discount. Considering all of the positive news surrounding solar at the moment, there’s no reason to be anything but bullish when it comes to Sunedison.

Ascent Solar Tech (ASTI) Is Another Great Stock Pick

Ascent Solar Tech (NASDAQ: ASTI)

Ascent Solar is another company that’s likely to climb, regardless of the Federal Reserve’s decision to raise its interest rate. Much of my bullish opinion with regard to ASTI has to do with a recent contract the company has earned. Recently, we learned that ASTI has been granted the GSA Schedule 56 contract. Under this contract, government customers, including all branches of the United States military, federal agencies, US Forest Services and many, many more! This new contract is likely to lead to strong sales, increasing revenue, and ultimately an increase in the value of ASTI.

BlackBerry (BBRY) Is Headed In The Right Direction

BlackBerry Ltd (NASDAQ: BBRY)

BlackBerry is having an incredible time in the market as of late, and considering recent news, the gains are likely to continue regardless of the higher interest rate. My bullish opinion with regard to BBRY surrounds the company’s recent attempts to reclaim more market share in the smartphone industry. While BBRY was once the leader of the industry, as other operating systems became more popular, BlackBerry smartphones were left in the dust. Today, the company only claims less than 1% of the entire industry.

However, the company recently released the Priv smartphone. This new phone takes advantage of the incredible hardware created by BBRY combined with the popular Android operating system. The move was obviously a strong one for the company to make. In fact, when Priv was first launched, there were so many orders for the phone that shipments were delayed. Considering the popularity of Priv, I’m expecting to see more smartphones that mix BlackBerry and Android, leading to more sales and increasing share prices for BBRY.

What Stocks Are You Watching?

Now you know my favorite stocks to watch, even after the Federal Reserve rate hike. So, it’s time for me to hear about yours! What stocks do you believe are going to perform well following the rate hike? Let us know your opinion in the comments below!