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Jeremy Biberdorf By: Jeremy Biberdorf Febuary 25, 2022
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Tickeron Review


4.5 rating based on 5 ratings


In a Nutshell: Tickeron is a useful marketplace with advisory tools and services suited for investors, service providers and traders. Paying for these professional services can cost a pretty penny, and Tickeron saw a chance to fulfill a need by using AI intelligence and human knowledge to optimize investing performance.

Read our Tickeron review to see if Tickeron might be right for you.

FeesFeaturesBest For
  • Free Beginner membership
  • $15/month Intermediate membership
  • $250/month Expert membership
  • $50/month Advisory membership
  • Screener tool
  • AI-Powered search engine
  • AI-Powered investment portfolio
  • The Academy
There is something Tickeron can offer for all types of traders and service providers
Pros & Cons
  • Offers a free plan
  • Screening tool
  • Powerful AI
  • Plenty of learning resources
  • Benefits crypto traders as well
  • Free trial period for almost all features
  • Add-on features for the Expert plan are not optional

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What is Tickeron?

To put it simply, Tickeron is an interactive financial marketplace for traders and service providers. The goal of Tickeron is to optimize your profile performance by providing a variety of tools and learning materials to ensure it. You can be an experienced advisor seeking to provide your services, or you could be a trader or investor looking for aid, Tickeron is the marketplace to address those needs.

Tickeron Features

Tickeron plans will cost you money every month, so it’s completely understandable that you want to know what it can give you. We’ll do a detailed breakdown of 4 crucial areas of the digital interactive marketplace.

Screener Tool

Tickeron has a screener tool that gives users the ability to filter the search results to locate potential options for swings, and even technical analysis scans. You may be thinking that a screener tool is nothing special, after all, Morningstar also has one, but Tickeron has propriety metrics that other screeners may not have.

AI-Powered Search Engine

This feature will cost you an additional $19.95 to access. Sure, it’s not super expensive but even $20 is expensive for something you don’t necessarily need. But the AI-powered search engine is definitely something we suggest looking into. With it, you get access to over 4,000 stocks, with thousands of ETFs and hundreds of cryptocurrencies.

Users of Tickeron can feel more secure in the confidence percentage due to the platform’s utilization of AI calculations. You can see clear data on stock patterns, and price triggers that are highly accurate.

Portfolio Optimizer

The profile optimizer does just what it suggests – optimize your profile. Input answers to a series of questions to determine your ideal investment profile. Leave the hard work up to the AI. It then generates an overview of what the best profile would be according to your answers and compares it to your existing profile.

The overview lists a diversification score, allocation quality, equity selection quality, and the breakdown of the allocation of your profile by groups (cash, domestic stock funds, fixed income funds, international stock funds). It’s a little easier than taking a platform’s stock picks as you would on Motley Fool and improving your portfolio that way.

Tickeron Academy

One of the best features of Tickeron is its Academy. The Academy is packed full of tutorials, articles, webinars and videos to help get you familiarized with the software, the interface and solve any other problems you might run into. For those who are more text-based and don’t thrive as much on visual learning, there is also a blog you can make use of that addresses investment techniques.

Who Should Use Tickeron?

As we stated, Tickeron has a little something for everyone. It may look complex, which causes some beginners to shy away, but the platform does offer a few tools geared towards those without much knowledge.

The screener is great for swing traders, and the day traders will benefit from the AI algorithms. Investors, regardless of experience level, can find some joy in using the portfolio optimizer. Then there’s the academy, which is for everyone!

Which Tickeron Plan Should You Get?

Tickeron offers 4 membership tiers. The free Beginner membership plan gives access to basic functions such as the profile diversity score and tools to help you create a portfolio. Beginners can use this to get a taste of Tickeron and experts may find the free plan useful to supplement other financial tools.

The Intermediate plan kicks it up a notch and offers AI trading services, great for supplementation as well. Then the Expert plan is where all the seriousness happens.

The one drawback about the Expert plan is the add-on features are all mandatory, which brings you a monthly fee of up to $250. It’s quite a commitment, but the proprietary nature of a lot of the features makes it worth it. Lastly, the Advisory plan opens doors for advisors looking to market their services.  Learn more about Tickeron here.

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