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October 13, 2023October 13, 2023

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In the world of financial markets, trading firms play a pivotal role in providing individuals with the platform and resources needed to navigate the complexities of trading. One such firm that has been gaining traction recently is TickTick Trader, a proprietary trading firm specializing in futures trading. With the firm providing traders access to capital, state-of-the-art features, and more, it’s essential to dig deeper into what makes TickTick Trader stand out in this competitive landscape. In this comprehensive Tick Tick Trader review, we will explore the specific features offered by TickTick Trader, discuss its pricing model, weigh the pros and cons, and even delve into special coupon codes that can make your trading journey more cost-effective. Whether you’re a seasoned trader or just starting, this review aims to provide you with the information you need to decide if TickTick Trader is the right fit for you.

Learn More About TickTick Trader

What Is TickTick Trader?

TickTick Trader is a proprietary trading firm specialized in the field of futures trading. Unlike typical brokerage firms where you trade with your own capital, prop trading firms such as TickTick Trader provide traders with the firm’s capital to trade. This allows individuals to engage in trading activities without the constraints of personal financial limitations. It also offers various TickTick Trader discount codes to take advantage of.

Specific Features

Market News

TickTick Trader provides real-time market news to keep traders informed about the latest market trends and economic events. This feature can be crucial for making timely trading decisions.

No Minimum Trading Days

The platform allows traders to trade without any minimum trading day requirements, offering flexibility to both new and experienced traders.

TickTickDrawdown and TTTPerformance Accounts

TickTick Trader offers features like TickTickDrawdown and TTTPerformance Accounts designed to provide traders with optimal trading conditions. While the exact details are not specified, these features likely focus on risk management and performance tracking.

TickTick Trader Discount Code: Pricing

TickTick Trader provides multiple account options to suit a range of traders, from beginners to professionals. These accounts are mainly categorized into three types: Evaluation Accounts, the Express Plan, and Direct Accounts.

In the Evaluation stage, three accounts are available, namely Starter, Advanced, and Professional. They offer capital ranging from $25K to $100K and have various profit targets and position limits. The subscription costs for these accounts vary from $145 to $285 per month. After successfully hitting their profit goals and adhering to trading rules, traders can advance to the TTTPerformance Account which has additional features like a Scaling System.

The Express Plan is a specialized account designed for more aggressive traders. For a 15-day fee of $99, it offers the opportunity to trade up to 14 contracts, with a $6,000 profit target and no daily loss limits. If successful, traders can move to the TTTPerformance Account and get their subscription fee returned.

Direct Accounts are for those who wish to skip the evaluation process. They come in three types: 10k Direct Swing, 25k Direct, and 50k Direct, each with its own set of trading rules and varied pricing.

TickTick Trader Discount Code

Speaking of account types, there are a number of TickTick Trader coupon codes that can unlock exceptional savings for traders on a variety of account options. These coupon codes are a great way to explore futures trading opportunities and potentially reduce the costs associated with trading. No matter what option you choose, TickTick Trader’s coupon codes will help you save money on this popular prop trading service.

Pros and Cons of TickTick Trader


  • Capital Provision: As a prop firm, TickTick Trader provides traders with capital, allowing them to engage in trading activities without personal financial limitations.
  • Flexibility: The absence of a minimum trading day requirement provides flexibility, particularly beneficial for new and part-time traders.
  • Advanced Features: Features like TickTickDrawdown and TTTPerformance Accounts suggest a focus on performance optimization and risk management


  • Profit Sharing: While providing capital, prop firms usually require a share of the profits, which could be a downside for some traders.

TickTick Trader Discount Code: Final Thoughts

TickTick Trader is gaining attention as a noteworthy tool for futures trading. With its unique features like TickTickDrawdown and TTTPerformance Accounts, and the benefit of no minimum trading days, it stands as a viable option for both novice and seasoned traders. However, the limited available information may make it essential for interested individuals to seek further details to make an informed choice. Utilizing coupon codes can be an excellent way for traders to explore what TickTick Trader has to offer at a reduced cost:

  • Use the discount code ‘MMDISCOUNT’ to get an additional 5% off the monthly offer.
  • Use the discount code ‘MMDIRECT10’ to get $5 off the 10K DIRECT account.
  • Use the discount code ‘MMDIRECT25’ to get $10 off the 25K DIRECT account.
  • Use the discount code ‘MMDIRECT50’ to get $20 off the 50K DIRECT account.

Learn more today how you can save on this futures trading service.

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