By: Jeremy Biberdorf
March 31, 2024

TickTick Trader Review 2024

By: Jeremy Biberdorf
March 31, 2024


Disclosure: This page may contain affiliate links. This means we earn a small commission (at no additional cost to you) if you purchase a product through our links.
Disclosure: This page may contain affiliate links. This means we earn a small commission (at no additional cost to you) if you purchase a product through our links.
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In a Nutshell: TickTick Trader is a prop trading firm which offers diverse funding models to cater to traders with varying skill levels and trading styles. Their portfolio includes Evaluation Accounts, Express Plans, and Direct Accounts, each with different trading rules and risk profiles. The platform provides market news, allows no minimum trading days, and offers features like TickTickDrawdown and TTTPerformance Accounts for optimal trading strategies.

Trading essentials with TickTick Trader include a Data Feed Provider and Trading Software, supporting providers like Rithmic and Tradovate, and trading platforms such as Bookmap, NinjaTrader, or Jigsaw DayTradr.

The platform ensures secure payouts through either crypto or bank transfer, and its payout policies for Direct and TTTPerformance Accounts incentivize good trading practices. User reviews consistently praise the platform’s diverse offerings, advanced software, prompt payouts, streamlined evaluation process, and excellent customer service, solidifying TickTick Trader’s reputation as a reliable prop trading platform.

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Service TypeFeesPromotion
Proprietary Trading FirmVaries Yes- Detailed below!

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Pros & Cons
  • Direct or Instant Funding Available
  • News Trading is Allowed
  • Multiple Account types for various types of traders
  • No minimum trading days
  • Third Party Tools needed for trading
  • Limited to Futures Trading

TickTick Trader Overview

Initial Capital$10,000 – $100, 000
Price Range$145 – $285
Profit Split90%
Daily Loss2% – 2.5%
Max Drawdown2.5% – 6%
Profit Target4% – 6%
Tradable ProductsEquity, Forex, Agricultural, Energy, Interest Rate, and Metals Futures

What is TickTick Trader? website

TickTick Trader is a forward-thinking trading platform, launched in 2022, with roots tracing back to 2004. Built by seasoned experts who witnessed firsthand the challenges and opaque practices in the trading world, they envisioned a solution that exemplified transparency and simplicity.

Crafted with a blend of deep market understanding and innovative spirit, TickTick Trader caters specifically to the modern futures trader. It’s not just about trading – it’s about fostering an ecosystem that values financial independence for its users. With logical, transparent rules, and unwavering 24/7 support, the platform operates with a philosophy that shifts away from the traditional profit-first model to a trader-first approach.

At its core, TickTick Trader is a testament to the belief that when traders succeed, the platform and the community thrive together.

TickTick Trader Company Background

TickTick Trader is a revolutionary trading platform that was founded in February 2022. The company’s roots date back to 2004 when the founders first ventured into the trading industry. Their journey led them to various trading rooms, prop firms, and platforms, where they observed the common pitfalls, challenges, and opaque practices prevalent in the field. This journey, coupled with their frustration over the lack of transparency and overly complicated rules in many trading firms, spurred them to create their own trading platform.

The founders of TickTick Trader spent two years, from March 2020 to February 2022, diligently planning, strategizing, and developing their vision into reality. They used their vast understanding of the financial markets, coupled with a knack for innovation, to create a platform specifically tailored for the new generation of futures traders.

TickTick Trader stands out in its mission to help traders achieve financial independence. The platform was meticulously designed to be logical, straightforward, and easy-to-understand, with clear and concise rules that traders can trust. Acknowledging the need for constant support in the ever-evolving world of trading, they provide 24/7 assistance through multiple channels and offer fast, secure payouts.

Beyond just a trading platform, TickTick Trader establishes itself as a brand that genuinely cares for its clients, moving away from the greed-driven practices that have tarnished the reputation of many firms in the industry. Their business model is built upon a foundation of sharing and caring, with a staunch belief that the success of traders equates to the success of everyone involved. This caring ethos, coupled with a commitment to transparency and customer success, sets TickTick Trader apart in the vast universe of trading platforms.

External TickTick Trader Reviews & Ratings

Apple App Store4.9 from 27,006 reviews
Trustpilottickticktrader trustpilot review
Scam Adviser4.8 from 6,255 reviews
Getapp4.7 from 111 reviews
Facebook4.7 from 126 reviews

Firsthand User Experience with TickTick Trader

Here are some reviews from traders who have experienced the platform firsthand:

“Customer Service respond in minutes. Excellent team!
The evaluation process is a great opportunity to improve your trading skills, rules are simple and clear.”
“I will highly recommend this prop firm as their customer support is top notch and payouts are quick.”
“TickTickTrader is an amazing prop firm to trade with and their plans are well designed and affordable, the customer service is second to none and it has nothing but a joy to work with this firm. Would highly recommend.”
“Customer service awesome. This prop firm is the best in the business with an easier threshold!”

What Account Types Are Offered?

TickTick Trader offers a variety of trader funding models, each designed to cater to the needs and preferences of different types of traders. The journey to becoming a funded trader typically starts with an evaluation period, during which traders demonstrate their skills and consistency. Upon passing the evaluation, they progress to the TTTPerformance account. There are three main types of accounts: the Evaluation Accounts, the Express Plan, and the Direct Accounts.

Evaluation Accounts

The Evaluation Accounts form the first group. There are three types of Evaluation Accounts: Starter, Advanced, and Professional.

The Starter Evaluation Account provides $25K of capital with a profit target of $1,500. It allows a maximum of 4 positions and has a daily loss limit of $500. The subscription fee for this account is $145 per month.

The Advanced Evaluation Account provides $50K of capital with a profit target of $3,000. It allows a maximum of 10 positions and has a daily loss limit of $1,250. The subscription fee for this account is $160 per month.

The Professional Evaluation Account provides $100K of capital with a profit target of $6,000. It allows a maximum of 14 positions and has a daily loss limit of $2,500. The subscription fee for this account is $285 per month.

For each of these Evaluation Accounts, once traders reach their profit target without violating any trading rules, they can apply for account verification. Upon successful verification, which may take up to two business days, traders will receive an email with a Certificate of Achievement, a contract, and further instructions. They then progress to the TTTPerformance Account, where they trade under similar rules but with the addition of a Scaling System.

Express Plan

The second type of account is the Express Plan. The Express Plan is a special Evaluation Account designed for aggressive and active traders. For a fee of $99 for fifteen calendar days, traders are given a chance to trade up to 14 contracts with a profit target of $6,000 and a drawdown limit of $3,500. What sets the Express Plan apart is that it does not have a daily loss limit. Once traders reach their profit target without violating the rules, they qualify for a TTTPerformance Account and are refunded their subscription fee.

Direct Accounts

Finally, TickTick Trader offers Direct Accounts, which bypass the evaluation phase and allow traders to start trading with a TTTPerformance Account right away. There are three types of Direct Accounts: the 10k Direct Swing, 25k Direct, and 50k Direct. Each account comes with its specific trading rules and varies in price, daily loss limit, drawdown limit, and the number of positions allowed.

TickTick Trader offers a variety of pathways for traders to become funded, whether they prefer to start with an evaluation or dive directly into a performance account. By providing multiple account options, TickTick Trader caters to traders of different skill levels, trading styles, and risk tolerances.

Why Choose TickTick Trader?

When it comes to selecting a trading platform that maximizes your potential and flexibility, TickTick Trader stands out for several reasons:

No Minimum Trading Days: TickTick Trader accelerates your trading journey by eliminating any minimum trading day requirements. As soon as you’ve completed your KYC checks and signed the contract, you can dive straight into trading and work towards your targets.

News Trading Permitted: TickTick Trader goes beyond simply offering a trading platform – we provide you with the latest market news, updates, and insights. This real-time data can be crucial in making informed trading decisions and staying ahead of the market.

Defined Maximum Position Size: They offer various trading plans with different maximum position sizes. Understanding these limits and choosing a plan that fits your trading style can help optimize your trading strategy and risk management.

TickTickDrawdown: Their unique TickTickDrawdown feature provides an accurate daily evaluation of your trading progress. It gives you a clear picture of your overall performance, helping you make necessary adjustments and improvements to your trading strategy.

Larger Daily Loss Limit and Position Size: They offer more flexibility than many other platforms by allowing a larger daily loss limit and position size. This leniency can offer significant opportunities and make the difference in your trades, particularly in volatile markets.

TTTPerformance Account: For traders looking to level up their trading skills, meet the TTTPerformance Account. This premium account type gives you access to professional trading tools and resources, enabling you to enhance your trading strategies and dominate the market.

Profit Splitting and Payout Arrangements

TickTick Trader provides different payout policies for its Direct Accounts and TTTPerformance Accounts, ensuring a fair and rewarding system for all traders.

Direct Accounts Payout Policy

Direct Accounts offer higher profit potentials with the convenience of instant withdrawals, skipping the 40 trading days waiting period typical for other accounts.

Once traders exceed the safety threshold, they can request a withdrawal. Each type of Direct Account has a specific safety threshold and minimum withdrawal amount:

  • The 10K Direct Swing account has a safety threshold of $1,100 and a minimum withdrawal of $250.
  • The 25K Direct account has a safety threshold of $1,600 and a minimum withdrawal of $250.
  • The 50K Direct account has a safety threshold of $2,600 and a minimum withdrawal of $500.

For the first three months, traders receive 100% of their profits. From the fourth month onwards, traders receive 90% of the profits, with the remaining 10% serving as a commission for TickTick Trader.

TTTPerformance Accounts Payout Policy

TTTPerformance Accounts offer direct payment based on achieved results. Traders can request their first payout after exceeding the account’s safety threshold and trading for at least forty trading days.

  • The 25K Starter account has a safety threshold of $1,600.
  • The 50K Advanced account has a safety threshold of $2,600.
  • The 100K Pro account has a safety threshold of $3,600.

The minimum withdrawal amount is $1,000. Traders can request a payout at any time during the calendar month, and it will be processed within five business days.

For the first three months, traders receive 100% of the profits. Starting from the fourth month, the trader receives 90% of the profits, with the remaining 10% serving as a commission for TickTick Trader. The commission is deducted when the funds are transferred to the trader’s account.

Please note that all traders are considered as Independent Contractors, and hence, are responsible for their tax payments as per their local regulations.

Secure and Convenient Payouts with Deel

To enhance the security and convenience of payouts, TickTick Trader has partnered with Deel, a payment disbursement website that guarantees fast and secure sending of funds. Deel provides USD and crypto accounts through Coinbase, PayPal, Payoneer, Revolut, and Wise. A $10 withdrawal fee is applicable per withdrawal, but this fee is waived for payouts of more than $1000.

The payout policies of TickTick Trader are designed to incentivize and reward good trading behavior, ensuring a beneficial arrangement for both the trader and the platform.

What Do I Need To Trade?

To trade with TickTick Trader, you will need:

Data Feed Provider: This is a service that provides real-time or near real-time market data for futures contracts, including prices, volume, and other relevant information. TickTick Trader supports Rithmic and Tradovate as data feed providers.

Trading Software: This is the platform where you execute your trades. TickTick Trader provides a free license key for one of the following trading platforms: Bookmap, NinjaTrader, or Jigsaw DayTradr. If you already have an existing license for other trading software, you can connect them to your TickTick Trader account. The platform supports a wide variety of trading software, such as Agena Trader, Sierra Chart, Trade Navigator, and more.

Access to Market Data and Market Depth

TickTick Trader provides non-professional traders with free top-of-the-book data for CME, CBOT, NYMEX, and COMEX during the evaluation phase. If you want to enable market depth for other exchanges, you can purchase it as an add-on for $12/month per exchange.

Market Depth for CME is provided free of charge upon request. This can be enabled through the TickTick Trader Member’s Area under the Market Data tab.

Choosing Your Data Feed Provider

TickTick Trader specializes in providing real-time market data for the financial markets, with a focus on futures markets. Users can choose from supported Data Feed providers, Rithmic and Tradovate. These providers deliver fast and reliable market data, allowing traders to make informed decisions in the futures market.

TickTick Trader offers a comprehensive trading ecosystem with its wide range of trading software, reliable data feed providers, and the provision of market data. The platform is designed to provide traders with all the necessary tools and services to help them succeed in futures trading.

TickTick Trader User Reviews

TickTick Trader continues to draw attention and acclaim from its users worldwide, setting itself apart as one of the highest-rated proprietary trading firms in the industry. With a stellar average rating of 4.8 out of 5 from over 6,228 reviews on Trustpilot, the firm’s commitment to quality service, user-centric features, and trader success is resonating with its clientele.

Several key themes stand out in these reviews:

Diverse Account Offerings: Users frequently express appreciation for the firm’s diverse range of account offerings. One reviewer mentions the TTT 10K Direct Swing account, highlighting the ability to hold up to 5 micro contracts overnight and over the weekend – a feature that’s apparently rare among futures-based prop firms. This account flexibility accommodates traders with different styles and capital bases, extending the benefits of prop trading to a broader audience.

Cutting-edge Trading Software: TickTick Trader’s partnership with top-tier trading platforms such as Bookmap has also been well-received. The opportunity to leverage advanced software tools contributes to an enhanced trading experience, empowering traders to make more informed decisions.

Timely Payouts: Numerous reviews point out the promptness of the firm’s payouts. Users express pleasant surprise at receiving their profits faster than expected, speaking volumes about the company’s operational efficiency and respect for its traders’ time.

Accessible and Expedited Evaluation: The simplicity of the firm’s rules and the speed of its evaluation process have garnered praise. One user mentioned passing the Express account evaluation in just two days, illustrating the firm’s commitment to helping traders progress quickly.

Professional and Caring Service: Reviews consistently highlight the professionalism of the TickTick Trader team and their genuine interest in users’ trading success. This supportive community is cited as a crucial asset in the challenging journey of becoming a trader.

High-Quality Customer Service: Exceptional customer service has been a recurring theme in reviews, with the firm being recognized for its responsiveness, helpfulness, and overall excellent support.

Affordable and Well-designed Plans: The firm’s affordable and well-designed trading plans have been a hit with users, making professional trading accessible to many who might otherwise be priced out of the market.

TickTick Trader has overwhelmingly positive user reviews, making it one of the best-reviewed prop firms available today. The firm’s dedication to providing an inclusive, user-friendly trading environment, coupled with its robust support system and prompt payout process, are clearly contributing to its high rating among traders.

Final Thoughts – Is TickTick Trader Worth it?

After a comprehensive review of TickTick Trader’s services, policies, and customer feedback, our recommendation for this trading platform is overwhelmingly positive; yes TickTick Trader is worth it.

TickTick Trader stands apart for its commitment to offering a tailored trading environment that is conducive to the growth and success of its users. Its trading policies, such as no minimum trading days, larger daily loss limits and position sizes, and the allowance for news trading, ensure that traders have the flexibility and freedom they need to capitalize on market opportunities.

The availability of a range of trading software and data feed providers adds to the platform’s versatility, allowing traders to select the tools and services that align best with their trading strategies. The platform’s seamless payout policies for Direct Accounts and TTTPerformance Accounts, with a highly competitive profit-sharing arrangement, provide an appealing incentive for traders at all levels of experience.

Furthermore, the glowing user reviews underline TickTick Trader’s exceptional customer service and the user-friendly nature of the platform. These reviews provide testament to the platform’s reliability, seamless payout procedures, and the real value it offers to its users.

The partnership with Deel for payout disbursement also illustrates TickTick Trader’s commitment to improving its services and providing secure and convenient payout methods.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a newcomer to the trading world, TickTick Trader offers an unparalleled trading experience that caters to your needs and ambitions. Our strong recommendation? Don’t hesitate. Choose TickTick Trader, and let your trading journey reach new heights.

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