Jeremy Biberdorf
By: Jeremy Biberdorf
Apr 17, 2024

TipRanks Review 2024

Jeremy Biberdorf
By: Jeremy Biberdorf
Apr 17, 2024


Disclosure: This page may contain affiliate links. This means we earn a small commission (at no additional cost to you) if you purchase a product through our links.
Disclosure: This page may contain affiliate links. This means we earn a small commission (at no additional cost to you) if you purchase a product through our links.
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In a Nutshell: TipRanks stands as a formidable player in the arena of stock analysis and investment research.

Launched to democratize investor access to professional analytical tools, TipRanks offers a suite of resources designed to guide individual investors through the labyrinth of stock market decisions.

This platform consolidates the opinions of financial bloggers, analysts, and corporate insiders, presenting them through an intuitive interface.

Founded on the principle of transparency and data-driven insights, TipRanks empowers its users to make informed investment decisions. With a vast database encompassing thousands of stocks, the platform brings clarity to the often-opaque world of stock recommendations.

Retail investors now have a tool at their disposal to gauge market sentiment, follow expert recommendations, and track institutional movements.

TipRanks’ commitment to providing a comprehensive stock screener and analysis tool is evident in its continuous updates and feature expansions.

The platform’s goal is to simplify the investment process for average investors, helping them identify trends, understand analyst ratings, and manage their portfolios more effectively.

For a deep dive into TipRanks features and pricing, continue reading my TipRanks review.

Type of ServiceFees Promotion
Investment Research Platform$29.95/month (Yearly Plan), $19.95/month (3 Year Plan)Save 50% via our Exclusive Link
Pros & Cons
  • A robust stock screener with insights from financial experts and corporate insiders.
  • Smart Score system rates stocks based on expert analysis and market data.
  • Access to hedge fund and corporate insider transaction data.
  • Real-time portfolio analysis with projected dividend yields.
  • Offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on subscription plans.
  • Premium plan may be costly for some individual investors.
  • May have a learning curve for new users unfamiliar with technical indicators.
  • Limited access to some features under the basic plan.

What is TipRanks?

TipRanks, established in 2012 by Uri Gruenbaum and Gilad Gat with academic support from Cornell University’s finance professor Roni Michaely, is a pioneering financial technology firm based in Tel Aviv.

The company launched a groundbreaking tool for investors in 2013 known as the Financial Accountability Engine. This tool employs advanced machine learning and natural language processing technologies to sift through and analyze a multitude of sources. It comprehensively reviews analyst ratings, corporate filings with the SEC, financial news sites, and more to deliver reliable investment ideas and market news.

TipRanks centralized dashboard consolidates insights from Wall Street analysts, financial bloggers, hedge funds, corporate insiders, individual investors, and investment advisors. This aggregation facilitates an unprecedented level of clarity in stock research, offering users access to a broad spectrum of financial analysts.

The platform’s capability to monitor and rank the credibility and performance of these financial experts makes it an invaluable resource. By processing and interpreting vast amounts of data, TipRanks provides users with actionable insights, helping them make informed investment decisions based on the track records of the sources it analyzes.

TipRanks has become a valuable resource to over 10 million monthly users, so they must be doing something right. Keep reading my TipRanks review to see what users like so much about their one of a kind service.

Who is TipRanks for?

  • Individual investors seeking data-driven stock market insights.
  • Long-term investors interested in following expert recommendations and market sentiment.
  • Active traders looking for real-time alerts and technical analysis tools.

How does TipRanks work? website

TipRanks operates as a comprehensive toolkit for portfolio growth, offering various membership plans that provide access to advanced features and data. The platform’s primary strength lies in its Smart Score, which rates stocks based on consolidated expert opinions and market signals.

Users can also benefit from real-time news analysis and portfolio tracking tools to stay informed and adjust their investment strategies accordingly.

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Firsthand User Experience with Tipranks

“Tipranks is one of the best sites for stock analysis. The user experience is prioritized above all else. I would highly recommend TipRanks to any investor both beginner and expert. The community ranking system also allows an investor to compare themselves to the average investor on Tipranks. Highly recommended”
“I am a new investor and have found Tip Ranks was a great platform to find Gem stocks and ETF. The interface is user friendly and easy to use. I have been using the Stocks and ETF Compare Tools, including the Dividends Caculator to review my return Dividend Yield and amount of Investment.”
“This is a fabulous website for people trading in shares. It gives a comprehensive view of a company which is a great help in deciding which stocks go buy. I never buy a stock without running it through TipRanks first and this has helped me to turn in a profit since I started trading last November.”
“Comprehensive information, well-structured, good layout of the web-site. A collection of info so powerful, it would be impossible to collect it by myself. Cannot find this sort of info anywhere else.”

TipRanks Review Videos

Reviewing Features of TipRanks

tipranks stocks

Expert Insights

With TipRanks, users can follow and learn from the market’s top-performing fund managers and financial bloggers. The platform allows for deeper analysis by tracking their trades and understanding the rationale behind their stock picks.

tipranks top wall street analysts

Smart Portfolio

TipRanks offers a Smart Portfolio feature that provides real-time analysis of users’ investments, highlighting strengths and areas for improvement. It enables investors to measure their portfolio’s performance against the broader market and make adjustments to align with their financial goals.

tipranks smart portfolio

News Sentiment

The platform analyzes financial news to deliver sentiment scores, helping investors understand the broader narrative surrounding individual stocks and sectors. This analysis can materially affect investment decisions, especially in rapidly changing market conditions.

tipranks stock screener

Transparent Analyst Ratings

TipRanks distinguishes itself by offering individual investors a gateway to unlock the full potential of the stock market through its innovative tools and comprehensive data. By aggregating ratings from over 7,500 analysts, the platform provides a collective wisdom that can pinpoint the direction of stock movements with greater accuracy.

This aggregation serves as a critical resource for investors who may otherwise spend countless hours researching individual stocks.

Moreover, the platform’s dedication to transparency extends to providing a detailed history of each analyst’s success rate and average return. This allows users to follow analysts based on their track record, adding another layer of confidence to their investment decisions.

With TipRanks, the power of informed trading is placed directly in the hands of the user, offering a strategic advantage in navigating the complexities of the stock market.

TipRanks Analyst Consensus

tipranks top stocks

TipRanks revolutionizes investment strategies by providing an Analyst Consensus feature, which aggregates the ratings of multiple analysts into a single, easily understandable consensus view.

This consensus helps investors gauge the overall sentiment of the financial experts towards a particular stock, offering a clear perspective on whether it’s generally viewed as a Buy, Hold, or Sell. This feature is invaluable for investors looking to align their investment choices with expert opinions, ensuring that their decisions are backed by comprehensive professional insights.

Portfolio Management Tools for Personalized Tracking

TipRanks elevates portfolio management with its personalized tracking tools, enabling investors to monitor their holdings effectively. The platform provides a detailed breakdown of portfolio performance, including gains, losses, and dividend returns, allowing users to assess their investment health at a glance.

Additionally, investors can receive tailored recommendations based on their portfolio composition, helping them identify potential adjustments to optimize returns and mitigate risks.

TipRanks Trending Stocks

TipRanks’ Trending Stocks feature keeps investors at the forefront of market movements by highlighting stocks that are gaining attention in the investing community. This tool is crucial for identifying momentum in specific stocks or sectors, enabling investors to capitalize on trends as they develop.

By staying informed about which stocks are trending and understanding the underlying reasons, investors can make timely decisions that align with market dynamics.

Insider Trading Insights for an Investing Edge

The Insider Trading Insights feature on TipRanks provides a unique advantage by offering visibility into the trading activities of company executives and insiders.

Understanding insider transactions can offer valuable clues about the future prospects of a company, as insiders often have access to critical information.

By monitoring these transactions, investors can make more informed decisions, potentially leveraging insider knowledge for better investment outcomes.

Real-time Alerts for Timely Decisions

TipRanks ensures that investors never miss critical market opportunities with its real-time alerts and notifications feature. Whether it’s a significant change in analyst ratings, a notable insider transaction, or a shift in stock sentiment, TipRanks keeps users informed with timely updates.

This immediacy enables investors to react swiftly to new information, maintaining a proactive stance in their investment strategy.

TipRanks Mobile App

The TipRanks mobile app is available on both Android and Apple devices, offering a streamlined and user-friendly interface for tracking stocks on the go. While the app is free and boasts a sleek, responsive design, it’s important to note that it doesn’t display all the detailed information available on the full browser version due to the smaller screen size.

The app is optimized for quick reviews and updates, making it a great tool for preliminary browsing. However, for more thorough analysis and investment decisions, I recommend using the desktop version of TipRanks, where the extended display allows for a deeper dive into comprehensive financial data and analytics.

Dividend Forecast Tool

Understanding the future income potential of investments is crucial, and TipRanks aids this with its dividend forecasts feature. Investors can view projected dividend yields and payment dates, helping them plan their income strategy and assess the sustainability of dividends from their holdings.

This feature is particularly beneficial for income-focused investors who prioritize dividend returns in their investment decisions.

Educational Resources for Informed Investing

TipRanks is committed to investor education, providing a wealth of resources designed to enhance financial literacy and investment acumen. From in-depth articles and tutorials on investment strategies to webinars hosted by financial experts, TipRanks offers tools for investors at all levels to expand their knowledge.

This commitment to education empowers users to make more informed decisions, backed by a solid understanding of investment principles and market dynamics.

TipRanks Pricing & Plans

TipRanks is an invaluable tool for both casual and serious investors, offering a range of subscription plans tailored to varying needs and investment frequencies. The platform’s pricing structure is simple and transparent, with three main tiers: Basic, Premium, and Ultimate. I will explain what you can expect from each membership tier.

The Basic plan is free and provides a solid introduction to what TipRanks has to offer, including stock screener capabilities, basic charting tools, and email alerts for up to five stocks. This option is ideal if you’re a casual investor or just getting acquainted with the platform, allowing you to explore some features without any financial commitment.

For more dedicated investors, the Premium plan, priced at $29.95 monthly when billed annually, opens up a broader array of features. It includes enhanced capabilities such as the ability to follow up to five analysts, access detailed analyst ratings and price targets, monitor hedge fund activity, and receive email alerts for up to 30 stocks.

The price of admission for this plan ensures that users can fully leverage TipRanks’ tools to gain deeper market insights and stay ahead with comprehensive data analysis.

The Ultimate plan, at $49.95 per month with an annual payment, is the most expansive offering, designed for the most data-driven, serious investors. Subscribers gain full access to all of TipRanks’ features, including the ability to track an unlimited number of analysts, view detailed expert rankings, manage multiple portfolios, and receive unlimited email alerts.

The Ultimate plan is particularly valuable for those who view the robust set of tools as an essential component in their investing arsenal, providing everything needed to forge effective and informed investment strategies.

The good news is you can save 50% on your TipRanks membership costs by using my exclusive link.

Check TipRanks website to confirm current pricing and full terms.

Top 3 TipRanks Competitors

In the vast landscape of investment research platforms, TipRanks stands out for its unique features and comprehensive data analysis.

However, several other platforms offer competitive services that cater to different investor needs. Below, we explore three key competitors that are also featured on Modest Money: Seeking Alpha, Oxford Communique, and The Motley Fool.

Seeking Alpha


Seeking Alpha logo

Seeking Alpha is a popular investment research platform known for its community-driven content. It provides a diverse range of insights from individual investors, analysts, and financial bloggers. Unlike TipRanks, which aggregates expert ratings and provides tools for portfolio analysis, Seeking Alpha emphasizes in-depth articles, investment theses, and earnings call transcripts.

Key Features:

  • Crowdsourced Analysis: Seeking Alpha sets itself apart with its vast collection of user-generated content, offering various perspectives on stocks, ETFs, and investment strategies.
  • Earnings Call Transcripts: A standout feature, providing investors access to unfiltered remarks from company executives, aiding in more nuanced investment decisions.
  • Premium Research: Seeking Alpha Premium offers detailed stock analyses and ratings, similar to TipRanks, but with a stronger emphasis on narrative and user engagement.

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Oxford Communique


Oxford Communique Logo

The Oxford Communique is a newsletter service led by Alexander Green, providing subscribers with investment advice, market analysis, and stock recommendations. The service is more personalized compared to the broad data aggregation approach of TipRanks, focusing on Green’s investment philosophy and strategies for wealth building.

Key Features:

  • Curated Investment Recommendations: Subscribers receive monthly newsletters with specific stock picks and investment strategies, tailored to Green’s conservative, growth-oriented approach.
  • Wealth-Building Insights: Beyond stock recommendations, the newsletter offers advice on personal finance, wealth preservation, and lifestyle enhancements, aiming for holistic financial well-being.
  • Exclusivity and Community: Subscribers become part of an exclusive community, with access to special reports and updates, differentiating it from the open-access model of TipRanks.

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The Motley Fool


The Motley Fool Logo

The Motley Fool is renowned for its investment advisory services, stock recommendations, and financial news coverage. It offers a more guided investment approach through its subscription services like Stock Advisor and Rule Breakers, providing handpicked stock picks and investment strategies.

Key Features:

  • Stock Advisor Service: Subscribers receive monthly stock picks from the founders, along with detailed analyses and recommendations, aiming for long-term growth.
  • Comprehensive Financial News: The Motley Fool offers a wealth of articles, news updates, and educational content, helping investors stay informed about market trends and investment basics.
  • Community and Forums: The platform fosters a vibrant community where investors can discuss stock picks, market trends, and investment strategies, encouraging peer learning and support.

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Each of these platforms offers unique advantages and caters to different investor preferences and needs. While TipRanks excels in providing data-driven insights and analyst ratings aggregation, Seeking Alpha, Oxford Communique, and The Motley Fool offer distinctive approaches ranging from community-driven content and exclusive newsletters to guided stock picks and comprehensive financial education.

TipRanks Review – Final Thoughts

TipRanks earns a solid 4.5/5 rating for its depth of features, quality of data, and the value it brings to individual investors. It levels the playing field by providing access to the same caliber of data and analysis tools that were once exclusive to institutional investors.

Whether you’re just starting out or are a seasoned investor, TipRanks has something to offer.

The platform’s commitment to transparency and empowering investors with tools for informed decision-making justifies its position as a top choice for those seeking a comprehensive investment research tool.

With its money-back guarantee, trying out TipRanks is a low-risk investment in your financial education and portfolio performance. Click here to get started with TipRanks and take control of your investment decisions with confidence. Save 50% via our Exclusive Link.

Frequently Asked Questions

TipRanks stands out by combining analyst ratings, insider transactions, and blogger opinions with powerful analytics tools, offering a comprehensive view of the stock market that helps users make data-driven decisions.

Yes, TipRanks is designed to assist both long-term investors and active traders by providing insights into market trends, expert opinions, and a variety of tools for portfolio management and investment research.

While TipRanks offers advanced tools that may require a learning curve, it also provides instructional videos and educational resources that can help novice traders understand the basics and make informed decisions.

The Smart Score system on TipRanks is based on a combination of 8 market factors that have been backtested and shown to outperform the market. However, like all predictive models, it should be used as part of a broader investment strategy.

TipRanks offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for its premium services, allowing users to explore the full range of features risk-free.

TipRanks offers portfolio analysis and management tools that can be used alongside your existing brokerage account, but direct integration varies depending on the brokerage.

TipRanks prides itself on transparent pricing with no hidden fees. Users can choose from different subscription plans with clear, straightforward pricing models.

TipRanks updates its stock data frequently throughout the trading day to ensure users have access to the latest information for their investment decisions.

TipRanks provides customer support via email, with a dedicated team ready to assist users with any questions or issues they may encounter.

Yes, TipRanks offers a News Sentiment feature that analyzes the tone of financial news articles and presents an overall sentiment score, helping users gauge the market’s reaction to current events.

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