Tired Of Spending A Killing On Conference Calls?

If you’re in business for yourself, chances are, you have monthly conference call expenses. I know when I’m working with larger websites, there’s 6 or 7 executives that need to be in on some of the conversations we have. By offering them a way to all call in to the conference from anywhere they are, my larger clients feel like I’m taking an extra step to make them happy. The only problem is, the platform I was using was costing me a killing. So, I set out to find one that was just as good, but more affordable. Today, I’m here to tell you about UberConference.

So, I’m the type of guy that looks for free options. I know, free is never better than paid for, but usually free options suffice. That being said, when I first found UberConference, I was stoked that they had a free option. So, smaller guys like myself get a break! The cool thing is, the free option had a great list of perks. Here are the features that come with a free account:

  • Invites: UberConference will send invites to all of your intended attendees. The invites will be sent through email or text message.
  • Who’s On The Call: The platform gives you the ability to see who’s on the call without asking!
  • Social: Social networking is everything these days. This is why the fact that social integration to major networks was another perk that really took me by surprise, especially on a free account!
  • Call Summaries: Want to keep track of who was on your calls and how long your calls lasted? Great, they’ve got summaries for that!
  • Who’s Talking?: That’s really simple to figure out with this platform, because it tells you.

So, the free platform gives a lot of perks, and will be plenty for most people. Unfortunately, it just won’t work for me. Personally, I record all of my conferences. Although, I do have great note taking abilities, I find it best to be able to go back and listen to the conversation at times. So, i decided to look into the paid account to see what it offers, here’s what I found.

  • Call Recording: Because call recording was the only thing that I really needed that the free account did not offer. I looked for this first. Yup, they’ve got it!
  • Outbound Dialing: This is a really neat feature that I haven’t seen on most platforms. Who’s to say that everyone involved will remember that there is a conference today? Or what happens if they don’t see the invitation in time? Well, in these cases, you’ve got the ability to give them a call and get them involved.
  • Local Line: With the paid option, you can choose a local phone number. UberConference boasts that they have the ability to give you virtually any area code you want!
  • Hold Music: Let’s face it, I think we’re all tired of plain old elevator music. With the paid option, you can have any hold music you’d like! Just upload the MP3 you’d like to play when callers are on hold.
  • Conference Size: If you’re looking for a platform that can hold larger conference calls, you’ll be happy with the 100 personal call in capability.
  • International Capability: You also get international call in phone numbers from up to 50 different countries.
  • Price: $10.00 per month!

OK, now we’re getting somewhere. For ten bucks a month, I have everything my last provider offered!

Reader Question

Have you tried UberConference? If so, what did yo think of them?

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