How Today’s Brightest Executives Get Recruited

The executive career path used to be predictable. At least more predictable than it is now. The financial crisis, now six years in the rear view, still haunts many sectors to this day. Because the sting of job uncertainty is still felt, many upper management positions are staying filled longer than they did in decades past. Those a little lower on the totem pole or those who recently completed leadership degrees can no longer expect these offices to vacate any time soon. Even if they did, there’s usually no guarantee that a corporation with recruit from within anyway.

So, many young executives are unsure what the future holds. Fearing to get stuck on the promotion ladder indefinitely, to change companies might be just the remedy. But will the new job be a good fit? In an increasingly uncertain and complex corporate job market, today’s executives are better served relying on the professionals in their search for the perfect position. Firms are poised to pair the best talent with the most fitting positions available.

For executive candidates looking for the best professional home, recruiters are a step ahead of the game. Already well-versed in the technicalities of all potential jobs they work to fill, Pierce Gray can match their most qualified candidates with positions better than what they would be able to find themselves. Before approaching any candidate, PG ensures that an individual is uniquely suited for a placement, with core competencies already in place. These are then highlighted and developed before the job begins.

From here, any pool of potential candidates will be vetted by the company in question. Because only qualified candidates are brought to the table, and because the filling of the job is priority, this isn’t usually a very long wait. Following candidate selection, the recruiting company facilitates the contract between company and candidate, so a suitable agreement is reached quickly.

Because firms like Pierce Gray have already assembled a network of known entities, the jobs they represent usually aren’t found in the usual internet spaces. For executives outside of their databases, not every job will be available. All this can sound somewhat automated, but this could not be further from the case. In reality, these networks of people are all made of real relationships. Therefore, if one executive finds a potential job to be ill-fitting, recommending a better suited candidate is a definite reputation-builder.

Finally, different recruiters have different pay requirements. Some require payment up front. These are usually the most connected and professional. Others require payment only upon securement or commencement of a job. An individual executive’s choice of recruiter will depend largely on industry.

Though the hiring process and career path for today’s executives differs somewhat from decades past, there are still ways to guarantee a fitting destination after job-hunting season. Executive recruiters like Pierce Gray are able to cast a wider net for job openings than almost any individual executive. By availing oneself of their resources, a better job is available sooner. In an uncertain corporate world, you can’t really ask for more than that.


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