Top 5 Reasons to Invest with TradeKing

Founded in December 2005, TradeKing is one of the newer players in the world of online investment brokers, but they have lower fees than many of its competitors. And that makes them stand out against other companies who have been in a game a little longer.

I want to talk about the top 5 reasons why I think you should give this company some serious thought.

#1: Low Commissions and Fees

I have already mentioned that TradeKing has lower fees than many of its competitors, and that gives them a tremendous advantage – especially if someone is new to the market or doesn’t have a lot to invest. They charge a flat fee for every trade, and it varies from one investment to another.

Stock trades cost $4.95 a piece, and they charge $0.65 for every options contract. Mutual funds are $9.95 each, which isn’t a bad price at all. In fact, compared to what other online brokers are charging, it’s pretty cheap. Broker-assisted trades cost $20.00 a piece, which is still not bad when you stack it up against the competition.

#2: Great Customer Service

TradeKing was named one of the top online brokers in terms of customer service, and that can mean a lot for some people. They offer phone, e-mail, and live chat support, and their agents are very friendly and helpful. Not to mention, their response times are quick at all levels of support. So, you can be sure to get quality, professional service from knowledgeable people.

#3: Easy-to-Use Platform

The fact that TradeKing is easy to use makes it an ideal platform for newcomers in the market. Their simple research tools and user-friendly interface makes it easy for anyone to get started in the world of investing. TradeKing also offers real-time streaming data, and it is presented in a way that is pleasing to the eye.

#4: Comprehensive Research Data

I already mentioned that TradeKing streams data in real time, and when you first take a look at it you can see that they have designed it with aesthetics in mind. Not only are the charts comprehensive, but they have a clean layout that makes it easy to understand. They identify the key points of each chart, so they go further than just raw data mining. They get their data from a third party source, but they go the extra mile to make it presentable. That way, you don’t have to waste time trying to figure out what the different numbers mean.

#5: Good Security

Security is important, especially when you’re dealing with financial information over the web. And TradeKing doesn’t miss the mark. They use different encryption tools to make sure that everything on the site is free from hacking or tampering of any kind. And they also have an insurance policy that protects the site from up to $25 million in damages. So, you can be sure that what you have in your account will be protected – even if something bad were to happen.

Final Thoughts

With the lower price tag and the simple tools, TradeKing seems to cater to the newer investor. Still, it doesn’t mean that more experienced traders won’t find use in this amazing new platform. They’re research tools are becoming more and more comprehensive, and they are presented in a manner that is as aesthetically pleasing as it is easy to understand.

It’s clear that TradeKing has a lot to offer, and you won’t have to break the bank to reap the rewards of this new trading platform. They’re pricing is extremely competitive, and with it you will get everything you need to get started.