Top Canadian Finance Blogs 2013 Final Round

Early this year the 2013 edition of Modest Money’s Top Canadian Finance Blogs poll began. The poll started with over 80 blogs covering everything from general personal finance to debt to investing.

After about 3 months of voting, the first round of voting ended with a total of 4,793 votes from 3,829 voters. Amazingly one blog had 84% of the voters selecting them as one of their 5 favourite Canadian finance blogs. And no it wasn’t the blogger who dominated the 2012 poll.

For this poll the 1st round of voting does not carry over though. That way everyone can vote among the most popular blogs instead of just voting for their closest blogging friends. With this format the top 3 blogs should be much more accurate.

The final winner of this poll wins $100 cash and the 2 runner ups each get $50.
And of course you get bragging rights.

The winners will be announced on Canada Day on July 1st. So place your vote today. You can vote for up to 3 blogs:

To encourage your readers to vote you are welcome to include the following image on your blogs:

top Canadian finance blogs

Even if your blog did not make it to the final round it would be great to help get the word out to ensure the worthy bloggers come out on top. Good luck to the bloggers in this final round and keep up the great work everyone.

Which blog do you feel is the best Canadian finance blog?

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