Top Canadian Finance Blogs 2013

Early in my blogging journey I decided to pay homage to my fellow Canadian finance bloggers. It’s not that I focus specifically on Canadian finance topics, but it just didn’t seem like there were any good lists of Canadian finance blogs out there.

So first I hosted a poll for the top Canadian personal finance blogs and later followed it up with a poll for the top Canadian investing blogs.

Even though my blog was relatively new, the polls were a big success and I got to know a lot of the Canadian finance bloggers out there. If you’re interested in seeing which Canadian blogs came out on top, here are the winners from both polls.

Now that my blog is more established I’m hosting these polls again and I’m quite interested to see how similar the results are. This time around there are some changes to the poll format. First of all, the poll for the top Canadian personal finance blogs also includes blogs dedicated to investing. Later there were also be a separate poll for the investing blogs.

The next major change is that the polls will consist of two rounds. The first three months will determine which blogs are finalists in each poll. Then the final round will pit the finalists against each other. The winners will be announced on Canada Day on July 1st.

As in the previous poll, you can vote for up to 5 blogs in the initial round. During the second round you can choose your 3 favourites.

To spice things up the final winner of this poll wins $100 cash and the 2 runner ups each get $50. And of course you get bragging rights and maybe I’ll buy you a beer at FinCon13 šŸ˜‰

If I missed any suitable blogs, please let me know right away.

Top Canadian Finance

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