Winners of the Top Canadian Finance Blogs Poll 2013

First of all…
Happy Canada Day everyone!

My plans seem to keep changing for Canada Day. Originally I was supposed to be working since my employer deals exclusively with US clients. So they wanted to be open today and closed on the 4th.

As luck would have it, our office building chose today as the day to do electricity checks throughout the building. End result – we only had to work a few hours and we still get Thursday and Friday off work. Can’t complain about a 2 1/2 day work week 🙂

Getting off work early is allowing me to post the poll results for the 2013 edition of the Top Canadian Finance Blogs on time. I first hosted this poll last year and it turned out to be quite popular. It only made sense to make the poll an annual event.

Originally this year’s poll started with 82 Canadian finance blogs. This year’s format had that 82 blogs narrow down to 10 finalist Canadian finance blogs for a final round of voting.

Over those 2 rounds there were over 7000 voters…ok I admit probably a lot less since I’m sure plenty of people voted both rounds. Regardless it was a great turnout. In comparison, the 2012 edition had less than 1000 voters. That poll had the investing blogs in a separate poll than the rest of the personal finance blogs. So the total number of people voting was probably closer to 600.

Did my blog really grow that much in 1 year’s time? I wish. No the truth is that the top voted blog sent a large portion of the voters my way. It was very impressive how loyal his readers were, even if a number of them did mock the 2 round voting setup. Apparently I was supposed to call off the 2nd round after that blog dominated the first round of voting 😉 It was no surprise that this blog got even more votes the 2nd time around.

To prove that the poll was run fairly, Modest Money somehow didn’t make the cut for the final round. I guess readers here like other blogs more. Since I don’t write much of the content anymore, I blame the guest writers lol. Well actually they do a pretty solid job. So maybe it had more to do with most of the top voted blogs being much older and more established. Perhaps I’ll make it a goal to finish higher next year.

Anyways, enough rambling. Time to get to the winners….

1st Place – The Greater Fool

Donated winnings to Red Cross effort in Lac Megantic and the animal rescue organization Heaven Can Wait in High River AB

2nd Place – Canadian Couch Potato

Donated winnings to Doctors Without Borders

3rd Place – Brighter Life

Donate winnings to Juvenile Diabetes Foundation

Each of these winners will receive a cash prize. Ironically the prizes are small enough to be inconsequential to anyone who manages their finances well. So if you want me to donate your prize to charity on your behalf, let me know and I can make note of that in this post.

Winners are welcome to post the following badge on their blogs:

top Canadian finance blogs

Honorable mention to the other finalists:

Canadian Budget Binder
Canadian Capitalist
Dividend Ninja
Gail Vaz-Oxlade
Million Dollar Journey
The Blunt Beancounter
The Dividend Guy Blog

Congratulations to all the winners. Also thank you to all of the bloggers who were up for vote in this poll, as well to everyone who took the time to vote.

So do you think I should keep this poll going as an annual event? Or should we just declare The Greater Fool the winner each year and have a vote for 2nd and 3rd place?

Also what do you think could be done to improve the format of the poll? Are you in favor of the 2 round voting system?

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