TopStepTrader Trading Combine: The Steps You Need to Know About


Are you looking to take your trading game to the next level and get funded?
Then let me introduce you to the TopStepTrader Trading Combine!

You see, trading is not just about having a killer strategy. It’s also about consistency and following rules.

That is what TopStepTrader Trading Combine is all about – it’s a two-step program that evaluates your trading skills and helps you prove to the firm that you have what it takes to trade with real money.

Step 1 is all about showing that you can reach the profit target and trade without breaking the rules. And once you pass that, step 2 brings the heat with even stricter rules and smaller trading lots. But hey, if you’re a true trader, you’ll love the challenge, right?

So, are you ready to prove your worth and become a funded trader? Let’s get started with the TopStepTrader Trading Combine.
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What Is TopStepTrader?

I know you’re thinking, “Another trading company, what’s the big deal?” But hold on; this one’s different!

Let me tell you a little about TopStepTrader. Founded by the legendary trader Michael Patak in 2012, it’s now one of America’s fastest-growing companies according to INC.5000. That’s right, the majority of traders out there are searching for exactly what TopStepTrader offers.

So, what does TopStepTrader offer? It’s simple, my friend. If you qualify, you get to trade with their capital on a funded futures trading account.

And here is the exciting thing. You get to keep the first $5,000 in profits and 80% of the profits after that. How cool is that?

Over 10,000 traders have already made the cut and claimed their funded trading account in the last two years. It doesn’t matter where you’re from, whether you’re a U.S. citizen or residing in some other corner of the world, the trading community is open to everyone.

That’s right. They’ve got traders from 143 different countries, all chasing their dreams and making them happen.

Between, you might want to breeze through our TopStepTrader review for detailed insight into this platform.

TopStepTrader Pros & Cons

  • Brokers finance real trading accounts, eliminating the need for personal investment.
  • Comprehensive training materials are provided.
  • Support is available via various methods.
  • There’s an opportunity for extra income through the referral program.
  • Majority of traders appreciate the outstanding payouts: retain up to 100% of initial profits.
  • Evaluation for funded trading is swift, with no stringent time requirements.
  • Topstep has over a decade of experience in the futures market, making them experts in market conditions.
  • Once a trader is funded, monthly subscription fees are waived.
  • There’s flexibility in trading, with no strict deadlines for achieving profit objectives.


  • The variety of account options can be confusing.
  • Traders need to achieve a specific number of profitable days before withdrawing earnings.
  • Even after reaching the funded trader status, exchange data fees might still apply unless one opts for certain account types.

TopStepTrader Service

First up, you can start by taking a spin with our free 14-day practice account. No credit card is needed, and you’ll have $150,000 virtual cash to play with. That’s right. You get to experience the thrill of trading without any risk!

But, if you’re feeling confident and want to see if you still have what it takes to be a funded trader, you can jump straight into the TopStepTrader’s Trading Combine challenge. Here’s what you need to know:

TopStepTrader’s Trading Combine and Funded Trader Preparation are simulations where you trade in real-time, and we assess your performance to see if you’re ready for a funded account.

So, what can you trade using Trading Combine? Check it out!

  • CME Equity Futures: ES, MES, NQ, MNQ, RTY, M2K, NKD
  • CME Foreign Exchange Futures: 6A, 6B, 6C, 6E, 6J, 6S, E7
  • CME Agricultural Futures: HE, LE
  • CME NYMEX Futures: CL, QM, NG, QG
  • CME CBOT Agricultural Futures: ZC, ZW, ZS, ZM, ZL
  • CME CBOT Financial and Interest Rate Futures: ZT, ZF, ZN, TN, ZB, UB, GE
  • CME COMEX Futures: GC, SI, HG

TopStepTrader Trading Combine

Here’s the deal – you get to trade according to the rules with all the time you need to reach the goal, but be prepared to pay a monthly subscription fee from the day you sign up.

If you’re searching for a fresh start, you can always reset your balance and the rules for $99 (but that’s on top of your monthly payment).

Now, the exciting part – you get to choose how big you want to go! You can start with $50K, $100K, or $150K in simulated funds. The $50K account starts at $165 per month and is the most popular option. But if you’re feeling confident, go for the $100K account for $325 or the $150K for $375 per month.

And listen up because this is important – the balance you choose in the Trading Combine determines your starting balance in the funded account once you complete it successfully.

So, if you start with a $50K Trading Combine account with a monthly fee of $165, you’ll get access to a funded account with a balance of $50K (if you meet the target, of course!).

The profit target, daily loss limit, maximum position size, weekly loss limit, trailing maximum drawdown, and monthly fee will all be different depending on the account balance you choose.

TopStepTrader Trading Combine Step 1

Here’s the deal: to get that sweet, sweet Topstep funded account, you need to take on a challenge and show the world what you’ve got.

Step 1 is the first hurdle, and it’s not as tough as it sounds. All you need to do is:

  • Meet the profit target
  • Trade on at least 5 days (not necessarily in a row)
  • Don’t breach the daily loss limit (which is monitored in real-time)
  • Keep your balance from hitting the trailing maximum drawdown (calculated at the end of the day)

And, just so you know what you’re getting into, let’s take a look at what Step 1 would look like if you chose a $50K starting balance:

  • You’ve got to trade on 5 days (not necessarily in a row)
  • You need to hit a profit target of $3,000
  • The maximum number of contracts you can trade at once is 5
  • The daily loss limit is $1,000
  • The weekly loss limit is $1,000
  • The trailing maximum drawdown is $2,000

Why bother with all this? Well, for starters, Step 1 is your chance to prove to the firm that you’re a consistent trader and that you know what you’re doing. Plus, it’s a great opportunity to test out your strategies in different market conditions.

Just keep in mind that if you choose a different starting balance, you’ll have different rules to follow.

So, choose wisely! If you follow the rules, reach the profit target, and complete Step 1 of the Trading Combine, then you’re on your way to the next step.

TopStepTrader Trading Combine Step 2

So you finished Step 1. Congratulations! That’s a great start; now it’s time to step up your game. Your account will be reviewed, and once your trade reports are uploaded, you’ll receive an email confirming that you’re ready for Step 2.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • If you choose a Starting Balance of $50K, you have to reach the profit target of $3,000 (the best day can’t be more than 40% of the total profits)
  • The daily loss limit is $1,000, and the weekly loss limit is also $1,000 (until the trailing maximum drawdown reaches the starting balance)
  • The trailing maximum drawdown is $2,000. If you start the day with $50K and end the day with less than $48K, then the trailing maximum drawdown was hit. If the next day starts with $55K, your trailing stop loss is $53K, and so on.
  • No trading during major economic releases

You have to follow the scaling plan, meaning the maximum number of lots you can trade depends on the account balance. You start with 2 contracts, but as you add more funds to your account, the number of lots increases.

One more thing you have to keep in mind, you can reset Step 2 just like in Step 1, but every reset will cost you an extra $99.

Step 2 is a bit more challenging than Step 1. With fewer contracts and tougher rules, you have to reach the same profit target you met in Step 1.

But you also need to be aware of all the details because if you’re not, you might fail just because you didn’t realize there was a limitation.

For example, if you were trading 5 lots in Step 1 and you start Step 2 with the same number of lots, you’ll fail because you need to follow the Step 2 scaling plan. So make sure you have a good understanding of all the details before you start.

Which Platforms Are Compatible With TopStep Trader?

TopstepTrader supports fifteen futures trading platforms. Among them, Topstep recommends TSTrader, NinjaTrader, and Quantower. TSTrader and Quantower are free in both the Trading Combine phase and live funded account. NinjaTrader, however, is free only during the Trading Combine.

Other platforms available on Topstep include:

  • TradingView: Free in both Trading Combine and live funded account.
  • Sierra Chart, Jigsaw Daytradr, MultiCharts, and several others have associated fees.

For Mac users, TSTrader, TradingView, MotiveWave, and T4’s web version are compatible. Mobile users can opt for T4, R|Trader Pro, MotiveWave, and VolFix.

When you move to the trader program and receive a Live Funded Account, Topstep manages your brokerage account. Connections are available with NinjaTrader Brokerage, Tradovate Brokerage, and Cunningham Brokerage for platforms like TSTrader, TradingView, and T4, respectively.

If you’re considering T4, remember that accounts created or reset after 3 PM CT will be accessible the next trading session at 5 PM CT.

Is TopStepTrader Trading Combine Legit?

Topstep trading, located in Chicago, has been in the prop trading business for over a decade. They’re close to major trading landmarks like the Chicago Board of Trade and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

With thousands of funded traders and millions paid out in profits, their reputation in the Chicago futures trading community is solid. TopStepTrader provides a reliable platform for day traders, offering tools and resources to help them succeed in the industry.

Who is TopStepTrader Best For?

Topstep Trading is primarily designed for futures traders seeking access to a trading platform that will offer them increased capital. For experienced traders who pass the two-step evaluation process and reach their profit goals, they offer funded futures accounts, providing up to $150,000 in real capital. For those new to futures trading, TopstepTrader provides a range of valuable tools, comprehensive educational materials, and an active trading community.

It’s an excellent opportunity to trade without personal financial risk, as traders can keep the first $5,000 of their profits and thereafter retain 90% of their earnings. This profit payout arrangement is a great profit split when compared to other prop firms.

However, it’s essential to understand that becoming a funded trader is challenging. While some traders have managed to achieve this status in just 15 days, it may take longer for others, and success is not guaranteed. Because of the trading rules, the prop trading business can be difficult for novice traders to achieve minimum profit targets.

In summary, TopstepTrader is best suited for those looking to leverage external capital in futures trading and who appreciate support from fellow traders and make a consistent profit from their trading strategies.

Signup for an account today and see if this funded account provider works for you.

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What Profit Split Does TopStepTrader Offer?

Topstep offers one of the most favorable profit-sharing arrangements around. Once you secure a Pro Account as a funded trader, the first $10,000 in profits is entirely yours, and you retain 90% of subsequent earnings. Such a deal is unparalleled in the prop trading business.

Is TopStep Trading Regulated?

Topstep, like many proprietary trading firms, isn’t subject to traditional financial regulations in the U.S. They use their own capital and don’t solicit external investments, so they aren’t required to register with bodies like the National Futures Association or the Commodity Futures Trading Commission.

Most prop firms operate with demo accounts, further distancing them from typical securities regulations. However, it’s worth noting that proprietary trading is regulated when it occurs within large banks.

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