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4.8 rating based on 5 ratings


In a nutshell: Trade Ideas is a powerful intraday stock scanner that delivers real-time data from stock exchanges and exchange-traded funds (ETF) movements.

For any trader, Trade Ideas is an invaluable tool. These scanners will locate the tiny handful of stocks worth trading each day out of the thousands of stocks available on the market. Nothing else comes close to that. It’s a five-star asset.

This Trade Ideas Stock Scanner review delves into the features, pros and cons, cost, free trials, and other helpful hints.

Service TypeFeesPromotion
Stock scanning toolStarts at $84/monthNone

Pros & Cons


  • The free live trading room provides valuable guidance.
  • Pre-defined channels offer easy access to many investing industries.
  • There are browser and desktop programs to choose from.
  • Professional trader packages.
  • There are several AIs for various interpretations.
  • Autotrade technologies are available.
  • Simulated trading.
  • Options and cryptocurrency traders can benefit from our trading suggestions.


  • There is no mobile version.
  • Subscriptions are costly.
  • Learning software takes time.
  • Robo trading tends to take priority over individual decision-making.
  • Trade Ideas cannot be used to make actual transactions.

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Full Trade Ideas Stock Scanner Review

Trade Ideas is a novel way of making financial decisions. The company’s software incorporates Artificial Intelligence in addition to many windows displaying the trading day’s main movements.

It monitors the markets and makes recommendations for both long and short-term investments.

Trade Ideas Stock Scanner is best for:

  • Dedicated and active traders
  • Intra-day traders that trade pre-market, normal market, and post-market hours
  • Swing traders who use longer time frames
  • Momentum and chart-based traders

One of the most successful standalone scanners on the market is Trade Ideas. The platform has various built-in scans that identify unique trading opportunities in real-time.

Please read our full Trade Ideas Stock Scanner Review to know why this is our best choice for any stock trader who wishes to leverage AI.

What is Trade Ideas Stock Scanner?

Product Name

● Trade Ideas Stock Scanner


● Stock trading scanner

Membership Fee

● $84/month

Customer Service

● Support tickets, contact forms, phone, email, live chat, mailing address


● None

Trade Ideas was formed in 2003 by a group of FinTech entrepreneurs to assist investors and intra-day traders in catching stocks in real-time. Scanners for stocks and options control a huge amount of data and filter out stocks worth following daily. Trade Ideas is a web-based technology tool that delivers stock market profit opportunities and recommendations.

Get Started With Trade Ideas Stock Scanner

Trade Ideas Stock Scanner Features

Trade Ideas also comes with several extra features and tools to make the user experience even better.

Brokerage Plus

Users with Interactive Brokers accounts can use this feature to create scans, develop trading strategies, and execute automated trading orders. You can also choose a semi-automated experience, in which you place entries manually, giving you more control. Meanwhile, Trade Ideas has a history of limiting the quantity of Brokerage Plus licenses available. In Q1 2019, for example, licenses were limited to 1,000.

Live Chat Room

Even if they do not have a Trade Ideas subscription, customers can log into the live trader’s chat room to participate with the support team and trading community. Additional ideas, insights, and occasionally even a live presentation of investment opportunities can be found in the moderated discussion group.

Chart Windows

Rather than using separate platforms for research and alerts, the Chart Windows tool allows users to evaluate an alert without leaving the Trade Ideas Pro site. Depending on the membership package, users can view 10-20 chart windows and add price alerts straight to selected charts. In comparison to a dedicated charting software like TradingView, customers should not expect a large number of chart indicators. Instead, they should limit their usage of this tool to stock research.

Trade Ideas Stock Scanner Pricing

Trade Ideas users can pick between two account levels, each with its unique pricing structure. Both choices can be paid monthly or annually, with the latter offering savings of up to $468. Trade Ideas also offers discounts with promo codes occasionally.

Trade Ideas Stock Scanner FAQ

What’s the Difference Between Trade Ideas Premium and Trade Ideas Standard?

Unlike Standard users, Premium users can access an AI virtual trading analyst, full signals service, and strategy backtesting functionality, in addition to many other competitive features such as ten simultaneous charts and a free simulated trading environment.

How Can I Get Trade Ideas?

There is no mobile device version of the software. You can download the desktop software and log in with your credentials.

How Does Broker Integration with Trade Ideas Work?

Connecting your broker to the Trade Ideas platform varies with the firm, and detailed instructions are given on the website. Clients of Interactive Brokers, for example, must use the proper API settings.

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