Jeremy Biberdorf
By: Jeremy Biberdorf
Jan 08, 2024

Trade Ideas Stock Scanner

Jeremy Biberdorf
By: Jeremy Biberdorf
Jan 08, 2024


Disclosure: This page may contain affiliate links. This means we earn a small commission (at no additional cost to you) if you purchase a product through our links.
Disclosure: This page may contain affiliate links. This means we earn a small commission (at no additional cost to you) if you purchase a product through our links.
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4.8 rating based on 5 ratings


In a Nutshell: Trade Ideas is a powerful intraday stock scanner that delivers real-time data from the financial market including stock exchanges and exchange-traded funds (ETF) movements.

For any trader, Trade Ideas is an invaluable tool. These stock screeners will locate the tiny handful of stocks worth trading each day out of the thousands of stocks available on the market. Nothing else comes close to that. It’s a five-star asset.

This Trade Ideas Stock Scanner review delves into the powerful features, pros and cons, cost, free trials, and other helpful hints.

Service TypeFeesPromotion
Stock scanning toolStarts at $84/month15% off your first purchase (code MODEST15)
Pros & Cons
  • The free live trading room provides valuable guidance.
  • Pre-defined channels offer easy access to many investing industries.
  • There are browser and desktop programs to choose from.
  • Professional trader packages.
  • There are several AIs for various interpretations.
  • Autotrade technologies are available.
  • Simulated trading.
  • Options and cryptocurrency traders can benefit from our trading suggestions.
  • There is no mobile version.
  • Subscriptions are costly.
  • Learning software takes time.
  • Robo trading tends to take priority over individual decision-making.
  • Trade Ideas cannot be used to make actual transactions.

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Full Trade Ideas Stock Scanner Review

Trade Ideas Stock Scanner stands out as a cutting-edge tool for traders seeking an edge in the fast-paced financial markets. It excels in providing real-time market data, including comprehensive stock exchange and ETF movements, crucial for informed trading decisions.

The platform’s unique selling point is its AI-driven analytics, embodied in Holly – an advanced AI system that suggests optimized trading strategies. This feature, coupled with the platform’s ability to filter the vast array of available stocks to identify the most promising daily trading opportunities, positions Trade Ideas as a top-tier resource for traders.

In addition to its real-time scanning capabilities, Trade Ideas offers an array of tools designed to cater to various trading styles and strategies. Whether you’re an active day trader, swing trader, or someone exploring algorithmic trading, the platform’s versatility and depth make it a valuable addition to your trading toolkit.

The integration of AI and machine learning algorithms ensures that traders are equipped with the latest market insights and trends, facilitating better decision-making and strategy formulation.

What is Trade Ideas Stock Scanner?

Product NameTrade Ideas Stock Scanner
ServicesStock trading scanner
Membership Fee$84/month
Customer ServiceSupport tickets, contact forms, phone, email, live chat, mailing address

Trade Ideas was formed in 2003 by a group of FinTech entrepreneurs to assist individual investors and intra-day traders in catching stocks in real-time. Scanners for stocks and options control a huge amount of data and filter out stocks worth following daily. Trade Ideas is a web-based technology tool that delivers stock market profit opportunities and recommendations.

Learning to Use the Platform

Navigating the intricacies of Trade Ideas can be a daunting task, especially for new users. However, the platform recognizes this challenge and provides a suite of educational resources to ease the learning curve. The “TI User Guide” is a comprehensive manual that covers all aspects of the platform, from basic navigation to advanced features like AI integration with brokerage accounts. For visual learners, Trade Ideas’ video trading courses offer step-by-step tutorials, making it easier to grasp the platform’s functionalities.

Beyond technical know-how, Trade Ideas also focuses on enhancing users’ trading strategies. Daily Support Sessions and Webinars are available to provide insights and answer trading questions, fostering a learning environment within the platform.

The “Training & Educational Resources” page is a treasure trove of information, beneficial for both beginners looking to understand market dynamics and experienced traders seeking to refine their tactics.

Trade Ideas Stock Scanner Features

Trade Ideas also comes with several extra features and tools to make the user experience even better.

Brokerage Plus

Users with Interactive Brokers accounts can use this feature to create scans (using either prebuilt scans or custom scans), develop trading strategies, and execute automated trading orders. You can also choose a semi-automated experience, in which you place entries manually, giving you more control.

Meanwhile, Trade Ideas has a history of limiting the quantity of Brokerage Plus licenses available. In Q1 2019, for example, licenses were limited to 1,000.

Live Chat Room

Even if they do not have a Trade Ideas subscription, customers can log into the live trader’s chat room to participate with the support team and trading community. Additional ideas, insights, and occasionally even a live presentation of investment opportunities can be found in the moderated discussion group.

Chart Windows

Rather than using separate platforms for research and alerts, the Chart Windows tool allows users to evaluate an alert without leaving the Trade Ideas Pro site. Depending on the membership package, users can view 10-20 chart patterns and add price alerts straight to selected charts.

In comparison to a dedicated charting software like TradingView, customers should not expect a large number of technical indicators. Instead, they should use this as a tool for stock ideas and research.

Who is Trade Ideas Stock Scanner Best For?

Trade Ideas Stock Scanner is a versatile tool that can be beneficial for a variety of traders. Depending on your trading style, goals, and level of expertise, you might find this platform particularly suitable. Here are a few types of traders who might find the most value in Trade Ideas:

  • Active Day Traders: Active traders require up-to-date information and need to make swift decisions based on real-time data. Trade Ideas stock screener offers real-time alerts and insights, making it an excellent tool for this group of active investors.
  • Swing Traders: Swing trading holds positions for several days to weeks. The platform’s ability to scan a broad range of stocks for trends and patterns, as well as its AI capabilities, can assist swing traders in spotting potential opportunities.
  • Momentum Traders: Momentum traders, who rely on stock market trends, can greatly benefit from Trade Ideas. The scanner’s real-time data and trend-spotting algorithms can help identify stocks with strong momentum.
  • Algorithmic Traders: Those who use automated systems to make trades will find Trade Ideas stock screener particularly useful. The platform’s AI, Holly, can execute a variety of strategies, and with the Brokerage Plus feature, traders can automate their trading process.
  • New Traders: With its educational resources, including webinars, daily support sessions, and a comprehensive user guide, Trade Ideas is a great platform for beginners looking to learn more about the markets, gain exposure to trading opportunities, and develop their trading strategies.
  • Experienced Traders: The depth of features and customization available makes Trade Ideas an equally powerful tool for seasoned traders. The ability to create custom scans and alerts allows traders to hone in on specific market movements that align with their advanced strategies.
  • Traders Looking for Community: The live trading room provides a space for traders to connect, share ideas, and learn from one another, making Trade Ideas an excellent choice for those seeking a sense of community in their trading activities.

Trade Ideas Stock Scanner Pricing

Trade Ideas users can pick between two account levels, each with its unique pricing structure. Both choices can be paid monthly or annually, with the latter offering savings of up to $468. Trade Ideas also offers discounts with promo codes occasionally.

Trade Ideas Standard

Although it doesn’t offer as many features as the premium subscription, the Trade Ideas Standard plan is nothing to scoff at. You can purchase the Standard membership via an annual subscription or a monthly subscription. On a month-to-month basis, this membership will cost you $118 every month. Fortunately, you can reduce these fees if you pay $999 upfront for an entire year of membership (which comes out to $84/month).

The standard plan offers many features that active day traders will enjoy, including stock screeners, real-time data, real-time streaming trade ideas, price alerts, and access to the live trading room. Standard members also have access to a Chart-Based Visual Trade Assistant (which may present them with some unique trade opportunities).

This plan offers plenty of tools for experienced traders who prefer to manage their own money, but the retail trader who wants to take advantage of AI integration with Brokerage Plus will have to opt for the Premium plan instead.

Trade Ideas Premium

If you want to get the most out of this powerful tool, then you’ll need to subscribe to the Premium plan. However, gaining access to exclusive features like Brokerage Plus isn’t cheap. Like the Standard plan, there are both monthly and annual subscription plans offered for Premium subscribers.

Currently, a monthly subscription will cost you $228 per month, whereas the annual plan averages out to $167 per month (or $1,999 for the entire year). Although this is certainly a large investment to make upfront, we highly recommend opting for the annual plan, as this will save you $737 over the course of the year.

As one might expect, the Premium plan offers all of the benefits included with the Standard plan (plus more!). Besides gaining access to Brokerage Plus, premium subscribers can also run up to twenty simultaneous charts, backtest trade ideas, run risk assessment checks, and take advantage of Trade Ideas’ proprietary AI trading assistant, Holly.

Holly AI

Trade Idea’s proprietary AI trading software and stock screeners all fall under the name “Holly AI.” However, there are actually three different versions of Holly AI: Holly Grail, Holly Neo, and Holly 2.

Holly Grail is the original version of Holly AI. It currently allows retail investors to fully automate and execute 50 unique trading strategies.

Holly Neo is actually the second version of Holly AI, and—although it currently only supports two trading strategies—it takes an aggressive investing stance by focusing on stocks that have recently made the news and/or have a high trading volume.

Holly 2.0 is actually the third version of Holly AI, but it was programmed using all the trading data from machine learning (thus, Holly 2.0!). Currently, Holly 2.0 can execute eight unique trading strategies.

Each iteration of Holly AI is a powerful option for fueling future investment strategies on your choice of compatible trading platforms, but remember: AI trading is not profitable 100% of the time. Like conventional investing, AI trading still involves risk, so you should keep a close eye on any fully-automated trades that are being made.

If fully automatic trading doesn’t sound like a great idea, you’ll be happy to learn that Brokerage Plus offers a “semi-automatic” trading experience (which sets up trades but requires approval before execution).

Adapting to Market Volatility with Trade Ideas

Trade Ideas is particularly adept at helping traders adapt to market volatility. The platform’s real-time data and AI-driven analysis are essential in identifying emerging trends and potential market shifts. This capability is crucial for traders to react swiftly to changing market conditions, allowing them to capitalize on opportunities or mitigate risks promptly.

The AI component, Holly, analyzes historical data and current market trends to provide predictive insights, giving traders a proactive approach to handling volatility. This feature is invaluable in today’s dynamic financial markets, where timely information and quick adaptation are key to successful trading.

Community and Support

The platform fosters a sense of community among its users, which is a significant benefit. The live trading room is not just a place for real-time market discussions; it’s a community hub where traders share insights, strategies, and experiences.

This communal learning aspect of Trade Ideas is a standout feature, providing both support and a network for traders to engage with peers. Additionally, the customer service aspect of Trade Ideas is commendable, offering multiple channels of support including phone, email, and live chat. This comprehensive support system ensures that users can quickly resolve issues and get the most out of the platform.

Trade Ideas Stock Scanner Success Stories

As we’ve covered in this review, Trade Ideas Stock Scanner is a powerful tool with a range of features that can assist traders in making informed and timely decisions. However, hearing about success stories from real users can give you a better perspective on how this tool can help you achieve your trading goals.

Streamlined Decision-Making

One trader noted that the AI-powered Holly system was instrumental in improving his trading decisions. Before using Trade Ideas, he was overwhelmed with the amount of data to sift through each day. Holly was able to provide him with the most promising stock picks based on his trading style, allowing him to focus on making the best trading decisions.

Improved Learning Curve

Another user mentioned that the live trading room and daily webinars drastically shortened her learning curve. As a beginner trader, she found the community support and education resources to be invaluable. Through these resources, she quickly learned how to use the software and develop effective trading strategies.

Greater Efficiency

A day trader praised Trade Ideas for its efficiency. He found that the scanner saves him a considerable amount of time each day by identifying the best stocks for his trading style. This allows him to spend more time on other important aspects of his trading business.

Increased Profitability

An experienced trader shared that since subscribing to Trade Ideas, his profitability has increased significantly. He attributes this to the accurate and timely alerts that the software provides, allowing him to capitalize on short-term market movements.

Trade Ideas Stock Scanner – Final Thoughts

Trade Ideas Stock Screener is an exceptional tool that revolutionizes the way traders navigate the stock market. With its advanced AI capabilities, real-time data, and extensive educational resources, it truly stands out in the crowded field of trading platforms.

Despite its relatively high cost and initial learning curve, the potential returns and benefits can far outweigh these initial barriers for many users.

Whether you’re a beginner, an experienced trader, or someone looking to streamline their trading strategy, Trade Ideas could be the game-changer you’ve been waiting for.

It offers an opportunity to make informed decisions swiftly, optimize your trading strategies, and ultimately increase your profitability. It’s more than just a stock scanner—it’s a comprehensive trading companion. Click here to get started with Trade Ideas today.

15% off your first purchase (code MODEST15)

Frequently Asked Questions

Unlike Standard users, Premium users can access an AI virtual trading analyst, full signals service, and strategy backtesting functionality, in addition to many other competitive features such as ten simultaneous charts and a free simulated trading environment.

There is no mobile device version of the software. You can download the desktop software and log in with your credentials.

Connecting your broker to the Trade Ideas platform varies with the firm, and detailed instructions are given on the website. Clients of Interactive Brokers, for example, must use the proper API settings.

Trade Ideas can be accessed from any desktop computer, whether you own a Windows, Mac, or Linux computer. This is thanks to “TI on the Web,” which allows investors to take advantage of cloud-based scanning software. This browser-based version is excellent for experienced investors who are still using older equipment, as this version requires almost no processing power from your device!

However, if you own a Windows computer that meets or exceeds TI’s recommended minimum specs (Windows 10, 32-bit system, 1.5 GHz CPU, 4 Gb of RAM), then you can use the downloadable client instead. It does offer some advanced features not available on the browser-based version, but its overall effectiveness is highly dependent on the performance of your computer.

Trade Ideas does not offer a completely free version of its platform. However, it provides a free live trading room where users can interact with a community and gain insights. This feature is particularly useful for new traders or those interested in experiencing Trade Ideas’ community and learning resources before committing to a paid subscription.

Trade Ideas is considered worth the investment for many traders due to its advanced AI capabilities, comprehensive real-time data, and a range of analytical tools. It is particularly beneficial for active day traders, swing traders, and those looking for efficient stock scanning and trading strategy development. However, the value depends on individual trading needs and how effectively one utilizes the platform’s features.

Absolutely. Trade Ideas is particularly well-suited for day traders, offering real-time market data, trend analysis, and AI-driven insights to help identify potential trading opportunities quickly. Its stock scanning capabilities and algorithmic suggestions are tailored for traders who need to make fast, informed decisions based on current market movements.

Yes, Trade Ideas provides a wealth of educational resources, including daily webinars, a live trading room for community learning, and extensive support materials. These resources are designed to help new traders learn how to use the platform effectively and develop sound trading strategies.

Trade Ideas sets itself apart with its advanced AI-driven analytics, Holly, which offers a range of trading strategies and real-time scanning capabilities. Its unique combination of AI technology, comprehensive real-time data, and user-friendly interface makes it a standout choice in the realm of stock scanners.

Trade Ideas offers a simulated trading environment that allows users to test trading strategies without financial risk. This feature enables traders to practice and refine their approaches using real-time data, a crucial tool for both new and experienced traders honing their skills.

While Trade Ideas is primarily designed for day and swing traders, long-term investors can also benefit from its comprehensive market analysis and trends tracking. However, its strengths are most pronounced in active trading scenarios.

Trade Ideas offers integration with some brokerage accounts, particularly for users of its Brokerage Plus feature. This integration allows for seamless execution of trading strategies and real-time data syncing, enhancing the overall trading experience.

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