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Jeremy Biberdorf
By: Jeremy Biberdorf
Aug 16, 2023
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In a nutshell: Trade The Pool is a stock trading proprietary firm created by Five Percent Online Ltd, the operator of Since its establishment in 2016, has earned a solid reputation as an online prop firm. TTP builds on this legacy with an experienced team of senior active traders at its core.

Drawing from years of expertise in the funding traders arena, TTP has developed an environment that benefits both the company and its partner traders. The team’s experience as traders has driven them to create a mutually rewarding trading setting, positioning The5ers as an industry leader and innovator in the online prop trading sphere.

This current era is marked by easy accessibility to global stock markets, and many people are drawn to trading as a viable profession. Trade The Pool is one of the companies making this dream a reality for talented traders.

The same attitude that made The5ers successful carries through to Trade The Pool. The leadership team, including Founder Gil Ben Hur and CEO Michael Katz, along with 16 other dedicated team members, has developed a funding program that shows the value of a partnership between the company and its traders.

In this Trade The Pool review, we’ll take a closer look at this proprietary trading firm to assist you in determining whether it might align with your individual trading objectives.

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Pros & Cons
  • Experienced team with a solid reputation from
  • Four distinct account sizes cater to different trading needs.
  • Innovative "Pump and Dump" features for dynamic trading.
  • Offers a 14-day free trial for new traders.
  • Access to over 12,000 stocks and ETFs for diversification.
  • Responsive customer support through various channels.
  • Positive customer feedback with a 4.4-star rating on Trustpilot.
  • Challenging evaluation requirements for prospective traders.
  • Limited promotional offers for certain evaluation programs.

Trade The Pool Overview

Trade The Pool is a stock trading firm that is pioneering fresh approaches to trading, enabling more people to enter and thrive in the markets. Trade The Pool’s approach to trading is not only focused on achieving financial success but also on fostering a community of like-minded individuals striving for mastery in the trading world. Their dedication to a mutually beneficial relationship sets them apart from many other firms in the industry.

The firm offers easy accessibility to global stock markets, attracting many to trading as a viable profession. With four different account options ranging from Mini to Ultimate Buying Power, TTP caters to various trading needs, supported by special features like “Pump and Dump.” A free 14-day trial is available for newcomers, while the payout structure is made transparent with a partnership with Deel.

TTP also employs the Trader Evolution platform and provides access to over 12,000 stocks and ETFs. Customer support is responsive, with a 4.4-star rating on Trustpilot, reflecting positive feedback. From account flexibility to innovative trading features, Trade The Pool makes trading accessible and rewarding for traders at all levels. You can explore the firm’s exciting offers. Use this link to secure a 5% discount.

How Trade The Pool Works

Prospective traders must undergo a single-step evaluation to become funded by Trade The Pool. This process requires completing at least 30 trades within a 45-day period. The essential aspect to consider in this phase is the daily loss limit, as this figure plays a critical role in defining both the profit target and the maximum allowable drawdown. The max daily drawdown varies across each account, and the size of the account determines the amount set for it.

Here’s an example to clarify the procedure:

Suppose you opt for the Mini Buying Power account, where your daily loss is capped at $300. To meet the profit target, you must achieve six times your daily loss amount, which is $300 multiplied by 6, equaling $1800. Concurrently, your max drawdown, or the maximum loss allowed, is calculated at three times your max daily loss, leading to a figure of $900 as the max loss.

Trade The Pool Accounts Options

Trade The Pool offers four distinct account sizes to cater to various trading needs. These options range from the Mini Buying Power to the Ultimate Buying Power, each with specific requirements and advantages. What makes these accounts stand out is the flexibility in profit sharing, scaling from a 50/50 split to a more favorable 80/20 ratio for larger accounts.

Account Options and Pricing

1. Mini Buying Power: Designed for those looking to start small, this account provides a buying power of $20,000 at the cost of $97. The profit split in this tier is balanced, allowing traders to grow steadily.

2. Super Buying Power: This account supplies $80,000 in buying power for a $300 fee. This option may be suitable for intermediate traders looking to expand their portfolios.

3. Extra Buying Power: As the name suggests, this account boosts buying power to $160,000 for $475. Ideal for more experienced traders, the Extra Buying Power account accommodates more substantial investments and trading strategies.

4. Ultimate Buying Power: For the seasoned and ambitious trader, the Ultimate Buying Power account furnishes a commanding $260,000 in buying power at the cost of $1240. With this account, traders can access a higher profit-share ratio, reflecting the level of investment and potential returns.

By offering these varied account sizes, Trade The Pool ensures that traders at different stages of their careers can find an option that aligns with their goals and budget. From those taking their first steps in trading to seasoned professionals seeking significant leverage, these account options cater to a diverse trading community, all under the thoughtful guidance and support of Trade The Pool.

Trade The Pool Free Trial

Trade The Pool offers a 14-day free trial for new traders. It’s an opportunity provided to traders that would want to explore their trading platform without any cost for a two-week period.

Trade The Pool Payout Structure

Trade The Pool has partnered with Deel for its payout system. Traders can withdraw their funds every 14 days, following a straightforward process. The withdrawal becomes eligible once a profit equal to one daily loss has been reached.

Here’s a breakdown of the daily loss figures for each account type:

  • Mini Buying Power (BP): $300
  • Super Buying Power (BP): $700
  • Extra Buying Power (BP): $1300
  • Ultimate Buying Power (BP): $2000

These figures reflect the thresholds for each account size, offering clarity and transparency in how TTP handles payouts. It’s part of their commitment to provide a seamless trading experience, ensuring that profit withdrawals are both accessible and timely.

What Symbols Are Available on TTP’s Trading Platform?

TTP provides an expansive selection for traders on its platform, offering access to more than 12,000 stocks and ETFs (Exchange-Traded Funds). This wide range allows traders to diversify their portfolios and explore various investment opportunities, reflecting TTP’s commitment to delivering a comprehensive and flexible trading experience.

What Trading Platform Does Trade The Pool Uses?

Trade The Pool uses a platform named Trader Evolution. It’s a platform designed with professionals in mind; this proprietary platform encompasses all the essential features a trader may need. From a scalper window and market depth to super DOM (Depth of Market) and scanners, Trader Evolution is equipped to support various trading strategies and preferences. It offers a blend of functionality and user-friendliness, making it a fitting choice for both new and experienced traders.

TTP Special Features

Trade The Pool (TTP) provides a range of special features designed to support traders in their pursuit of success at the firm.

Here are some of the highlights:

1. The Reset/Bypass Button

Trade The Pool understands that timing is essential in trading and provided the Reset/Bypass button to acknowledge this need. If a trader reaches the daily loss limit but identifies an upcoming opportunity, this button allows them to bypass the daily pause, getting back into trading swiftly.

The button is located at the right corner of the trading program dashboard, but it comes with specific costs for different account sizes:

  • Mini Buying Power (BP): Reset costs $25
  • Super Buying Power (BP): Reset costs $50
  • Extra Buying Power (BP): Reset costs $100
  • Ultimate Buying Power (BP): Reset costs $250

This feature provides flexibility for traders at TTP, allowing them to remain responsive to market changes.

2. The “Pump and Dump” Features

Trade The Pool (TTP) offers two unique features called “Pump” and “Dump,” designed to dynamically adjust a trader’s daily loss allowance. These features aim to reward consistent performance and mitigate prolonged risk.

What is a Pump?

A “Pump” occurs when TTP increases your daily loss allowance, allowing for more risk and potential profit. This increase is triggered when a trader achieves five consecutive winning days, with profits totaling at least three times their initial daily loss. The daily loss and max exposure are then increased by a percentage that depends on the specific program chosen.

For example:

  • Initial daily loss = $700
  • 1st day: profit of $300
  • 2nd day: profit of $400
  • 3rd day: profit of $500
  • 4th day: profit of $400
  • 5th day: profit of $500
  • Total = $2100 (3 times the initial daily loss)
  • Result: The daily loss allowance automatically increases by one step to $735.

What is a Dump?

Conversely, a “Dump” refers to a decrease in daily loss allowance, which only happens if a “Pump” has occurred first. If a trader experiences five consecutive losing days, with losses totaling at least twice their initial daily loss, the daily loss allowance is reduced by one step.

For example:

  • Initial daily loss = $700
  • Risk Pump to $735 (5% increase)
  • Subsequent losing streak:
    • 1st day: loss of $200
    • 2nd day: loss of $300
    • 3rd day: loss of $400
    • 4th day: loss of $200
    • 5th day: loss of $300
  • Total = $1400 (2 times the initial daily loss)
  • Result: The daily loss allowance automatically decreases by one step back to $700.

These features reflect how real traders operate, aligning incentives with consistent performance and offering a safety mechanism against prolonged risk.

Customer Support

Trade The Pool provides comprehensive support to its users through various channels. On their website, they feature a detailed FAQ section to address common queries. In addition, their contact information, including phone number and email address, is readily available for those who need personalized assistance. Their office hours are as follows:

Sunday – Thursday: 07:00 – 17:00 GMT Fridays: 07:00 – 12:00 GMT

Furthermore, TTP is active on various social media platforms, where they are prepared to engage with users and respond to their needs.

Customer Reviews

Trade The Pool has earned favorable feedback on Trustpilot, with over 32 users contributing to an impressive 4.4-star rating out of 5. Reviewers have commended the firm for its high-quality trading platform and exceptional customer service. Many have expressed appreciation for the clear rules and the genuine willingness demonstrated by the company to help traders succeed on their platform.”

Trade The Pool Review – Final Thoughts

Trade The Pool, emerging from a legacy of credibility and innovation, marks itself as a distinctive presence in the stock trading industry. With its well-designed structure and approach, TTP caters to traders across different skill levels, providing them with tools and features to grow and succeed in their trading endeavors.

The company’s leadership, backed by years of experience, has managed to shape an environment where partnerships are valued, and growth is nurtured. The adaptability of the trading accounts, the innovative features like “Pump and Dump,” and Its strong reputation, as shown by positive reviews on Trustpilot, speaks to the confidence that clients have in the platform.

Despite some challenging evaluation requirements, the firm’s overall package, backed by its partnership with Deel, responsive customer support, and thriving community, makes it an appealing choice for anyone serious about trading.

If you’re thinking of trying out a stock trading prop firm, then TTP might just be it. Think about what could be achieved with the right platform supporting you. Take advantage of the 14-day free trial, or choose your preferred account size to get started.

Join Trade The Pool now and savor a 5% discount using our exclusive link. Don’t hesitate; make the first move towards your trading success today! It’s a decision that could shape your financial future.

Frequently Asked Questions

You will successfully complete the evaluation phase when you achieve a profit of twice your maximum drawdown (DD). For example, if your max DD is $2100, reaching a profit of $4200 will qualify you to advance to the higher tier and receive funding. Please note that your best trade must not constitute more than 30% of the total profit.

Yes. Trade The Pool has collaborated with Trader Sync, allowing new sign-ups to access their program at no cost. Furthermore, members have the option to select one of three tools—Trade-Ideas, TrendSpider, or Bookmap—for free with all evaluation programs except for the Mini Buying Power account.

Absolutely! Trade The Pool permits its traders to engage in both day trading and swing trading throughout the week, as well as over the weekend.

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