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Nowadays, active traders can easily access many trade analyzer software options. Given the wide range of choices, deciding which platform to use can be challenging.

Trademetria is a user-friendly online trading journal specifically developed to assist swing and day traders in managing and evaluating their trade records. It allows traders to easily organize their trade history in one place, which can be invaluable for tracking performance over time.

Conversely, TraderSync simplifies day traders’ trading habits by providing an online trading journal that monitors, tracks, and analyzes their trades.

Both platforms have their strengths. But which one is better? In this Trademetria vs TraderSync review, we will compare these two platforms and help you decide which one to choose for your trading needs.

Trademetria is Better For: TraderSync is Better For:
Non-professional traderPremium users
Customizable chartsAI-powered insights
Traders looking for multiple asset typesMobile users

When comparing Trademetria vs. TraderSync, it’s crucial to examine each platform’s unique features and tools. Although both platforms offer charting and stock screening capabilities, specific differences may make one platform more suitable for your needs.

Factors such as trading style and investment objectives can significantly impact which platform may be more appealing to you. Therefore, consider each platform’s features below, which may help you make an informed decision.

Trademetria TraderSync
Service Type Online trading journal Online trading journal
Fees $0-$39.95 per month $0-$79.95/month
Best use Trading Journal Trading Tracking
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Factor 1: Free Features

Trademetria Offers Better Free Features

  • Trademetria three quotes and three order imports per month
  • TraderSync doesn’t offer automatic trade imports for free
  • Trademetria provides an individual journal


The platform’s free plan provides an excellent option for traders looking to get started with Trademetria without committing to a paid subscription. Despite some limitations, the free plan offers a variety of valuable features to help you monitor trades and analyze your performance.

Some benefits of the free plan is that it supports all asset types, from stocks and options to futures, forex, CFDs, and cryptocurrency. This means you can easily track all your trades on one platform rather than switching between different apps and software.

Additionally, the free plan comes with an individual journal that you can use to take notes about your trading strategies, historical performance, and critical metrics. The analytics dashboard and portfolio tracking features are also included in the free plan, allowing you to keep track of your investments and assess your overall performance.


TraderSync offers a free plan for traders looking to improve their trading habits and monitor their trades. While the free plan has some limitations, it still provides valuable features to help you track your trades and assess your performance.

One of the significant differences with the free plan is that it doesn’t automatically import trades and will always ask before sharing a trade. Your trades won’t be shared without your permission, giving you more control over your trading history.

However, it’s essential to note that the free plan only provides support for stocks, which may be a limitation for traders looking to track trades across different asset types.

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Factor 2: Paid Features

TraderSync offers More Advanced Features.

  • TraderSync has three different paid subscription plans.
  • Trademetria tracks up to 50 accounts.
  • The TraderSync “Elite” plan offers mobile app access and AI-powered insights.


Trademetria paid plan includes unlimited delayed quotes and access to all the features available in the free program, along with nine additional advanced features such as Api functionality, Pnl simulator, watch lists, instrument rankings, strategy rankings, and fundamental research.

Additionally, you can use the “Distribution by Time” feature and the “Distribution by Market Condition” function and export your trades from the platform.

The paid plan removes the limitations on the number of order imports and delayed quotes. With this plan, you can track up to fifty accounts using a single interface, making it an ideal option for day and swing traders who need to track trades across multiple brokerages.

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TraderSync provides traders with various advanced features to help them monitor and improve their trading performance. It allows you to track multiple accounts and removes the limitations on order imports and delayed quotes. You can also use customizable charts to track numerous asset types, including stocks, options, futures, equities, forex, CFDs, and cryptocurrency.

With the paid plan, you can access even more advanced features like sector, market cap, evaluator, and simulator reports. You can also track your running PnL to identify trading mistakes and adjust your trade setups accordingly quickly.

TraderSync beats Trademetria, hands down, with its artificial intelligence features. The AI-powered insights and assessments of your trades can help you improve your trading skills. This plan also includes automatic target/stop losses tracking automatic spread detection, “Stock Market Replay,” and trading management features.

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Factor 3: Subscription costs

TraderSync Has the Highest Paid Plan

  • Trademetria’s lowest price is $29.95/per month.
  • Less-experience traders may not find TraderSync pro plan appealing
  • Trademetria Pro plan doesn’t unlock any new features


The Basic plan is the cheapest at $29.95/month but has some limitations. The Pro plan costs $39.95/month but offers no new features beyond the Basic plan.
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Less-experienced retail investors may find the monthly expense of TraderSync’s subscriptions surprising, even though professional traders may be accustomed to paying higher-priced subscriptions. While the cheapest plan, Pro, costs $29.95/month, it could provide better value for the price.

Instead, we suggest choosing the Premium or Elite plan, which provides much higher levels of functionality and additional features, although they come at a slightly higher cost. The Premium plan costs $49.95/per month, while the Elite plan is the most expensive at $79.95/per month.
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Trademetria vs TraderSync: Our Summary

Both Trademetria and TraderSync are popular platforms. However, Trademetria’s features and tools make it a better option. Trademetria offers customizable dashboards, supports multiple asset types, and has a clean visual interface. Additionally, Trademetria’s plans include more advanced features like sector reports, running PnL tracking, and trading management tools.

You can sign up for Tradermetria by clicking here.

Unlike Trademetria, TraderSync offers a free plan, making it accessible to traders on a budget. TraderSync’s mobile app access and AI-powered insights make it a more comprehensive platform. However, TraderSync still needs more efforts to outweigh Trademetria’s advanced features.

You can also click here to sign up for TraderSync.

Conclusively, both platforms contribute effectively to the excellent trading experience.

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