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Jeremy Biberdorf
By: Jeremy Biberdorf
July 29, 2023
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In a Nutshell: In this Traders4Traders Review, we’ll explore a unique platform gaining popularity in the trading space. Traders4Traders, a reliable partner, delivers on its promises through innovative trading software, educational courses, and funded trading options. This program caters primarily to beginners and professional traders, offering diverse trading opportunities and realistic assessments for securing funded trading accounts.

The company provides real-time insights into financial markets, supporting a spectrum of trade ideas suitable for seasoned traders and beginners. The practical assessment aims to prepare traders for market volatility and help determine their readiness for funded trading.

In summary, Traders4Traders’ platform, with its comprehensive courses, robust software, and realistic assessments, is an excellent choice for traders aiming to profit from financial markets. Nevertheless, you should evaluate the pros and cons according to your trading goals and risk tolerance before partnering with Traders4Traders.

Service TypeFees
Prop Trading FirmVariable Fee
Pros & Cons
  • Experienced Proprietary Trading Firm
  • Unlimited Time Limit
  • Wide Range of Assets
  • Multiple Trading Accounts
  • Low Leverage
  • Slow Evaluation Process

What Is Traders4Traders Funding?

Traders4Traders Educational Program

We can’t do a Traders4Traders review and overlook the company’s dual contribution to the trading space – Its educational products under the Traders4Traders brand and proprietary trading under the T4T Capital brand.

The Traders4Traders brand is renowned for its educational prowess, providing a comprehensive suite of training programs for novice to advanced traders. Their academic courses focus on honing trading skills and providing a deep understanding of the financial market dynamics.

The interactive, step-by-step approach to learning, equipped with practical tools and lifetime access, allows traders to develop at their own pace. If you’re interested in this robust educational platform, click here to explore more.

But where Traders4Traders truly sets itself apart is through its T4T Capital proprietary trading program. After a successful practical assessment, they allow you to trade on live accounts, scaling up to $1,000,000.

T4T Capital provides traders access to various trading instruments, including forex, commodities, cryptocurrencies, and shares. These features allow you to diversify your portfolios and choose assets you’re most comfortable trading. Are you ready to explore T4T Capital’s prop trading offerings? Click here to start.

Traders4Traders stands out as a proprietary trading firm, a beacon in the financial market since 2009, offering you more than just funds.

It’s an all-encompassing platform providing online forex trading courses and unique trading opportunities to traders around the globe.

This dual approach ensures traders learn professional trading and access real money through a funded account.

The trading program involves a practical assessment using a forex trading demo account, where successful traders can earn up to $1,000,000. Prospective traders must pay a one-time subscription fee to gain lifetime access to this comprehensive program.

Traders4Traders offers various account types tailored to suit different trading needs and skill levels, catering to inexperienced and professional traders.

However, Traders4Traders might only cater to some people’s needs. With its slow evaluation process involving multiple levels and relatively low leverage, it may fall short for anyone seeking quick access to funded accounts.

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How does Traders4Traders Work?

Traders4Traders operates through a straightforward three-step process, guiding traders from a practical assessment to a live $1,000,000 trading account. Here’s a detailed explanation of how it works:

Step 1 – Practical Assessment Challenge

The first step in Traders4Traders’ process is the Practical Assessment. This test aims to evaluate your trading abilities and risk management skills. It is conducted on a demo account with a few rules and limits to adhere to.

Traders need to make an 8% profit from their starting balance, maintain a win rate of 45% or higher, and ensure that their best trading day doesn’t exceed 40% of total profits.

Additionally, they must follow the rules and not breach any limits. Traders pass the assessment on achieving these targets and maintaining industry-standard trading metrics.

If you are an experienced retail forex trader, you can begin with the $100,000 Practical Assessment. On the flip side, If you’re new to trading, we recommend taking the free Trading Education Courses.

Step 2 – Trading the Live Account

After completing the Practical Assessment, you’ll be granted a Live Trading Account. With this, you can start making profits and scale your account to $1,000,000.

Step 3 – Scaling Up to the $1,000,000 Live Account

You’re allowed to scale your accounts by exchanging 15% of their profit. If you choose to scale, The company doubles your account size and increases your profit share by 5%. However, you’re required to meet up with certain conditions.

  • You must have a $100,000 trading account,
  • your account must be 15% or more in profit, and
  • Avoid breaking any rules during trading.

The scaling process involves multiple levels, each with a different account size and a scaling profit target of 15%. The levels are as follows:

  • Level 1: $100,000
  • Level 2: $200,000
  • Level 3: $400,000
  • Level 4: $800,000

This approach by Traders4Traders offers a structured path to success, ensuring you have a clear vision of their journey and the milestones they need to hit.

Who Is FundYourFX Best For?

Traders4Traders (T4T) is best suited for individuals who fall into the following categories:

● Aspiring Traders

T4T’s comprehensive online courses and educational resources make it an excellent choice for individuals looking to start their journey in forex trading. The platform provides a solid foundation of knowledge for newbies.

● Experienced Retail Forex Traders

For those with established forex trading experience, T4T offers an opportunity to leverage their skills in a practical assessment and gain access to a funded live trading account, eventually scaling up to $1,000,000.

● Traders Seeking Comprehensive Support

T4T’s platform provides traders advanced trading software, a wide range of assets, and multiple trading accounts. These resources and their education courses make T4T suitable for traders seeking a comprehensive trading support system.

● Traders Focused on Risk Management

  • T4T’s evaluation process emphasizes sound risk management strategies, making it ideal for traders prioritizing safe and sustainable trading.

However, we don’t recommend this prop firm to anyone seeking a high-leverage or fast-paced evaluation process, as it offers comparatively lower leverage and a more thorough and slower evaluation process.

Trading Rules and Account Limits

Traders4Traders (T4T) sets forth a series of trading rules and account limits designed to manage risk effectively and to maintain consistency in trading. These rules are categorized into soft breaches and hard breaches.

Soft Breach Trading Rules (The account can continue trading)

Maximum Position Risk

The risk of all open trades should not exceed 3.0% of your account equity. You must have a valid stop loss attached to every trade at entry into the market, which falls within the available risk limits.

Unlimited Time to Pass the Challenge

You have unlimited time to hit the Profit target.

No Outlier Profit Days

The largest profit day must be below 40% of total profits. T4T values consistent risk management over large one-time gains.

Martingale Trading Strategy Prohibited

The Martingale Trading Strategy or its variants, akin to gambling, is strictly prohibited.

No Open Positions Over the Weekend

Positions must be closed by Friday at 7.00 pm GMT/UTC. Traders can trade at all other times, including during unforeseen high-volatility international News events.

Hard Breach Account Limits (Account reset required)

Maximum Trailing Loss Limit

The maximum drawdown is a trailing drawdown until reaching the account start balance. Then it becomes static. This is calculated by subtracting 5% from your account’s high watermark (highest account balance).

Daily Loss Limit

For the Challenge, Incurred losses cannot exceed 2.5% of your account equity on a trading day. This is reset daily at 5 pm New York time.

For Live Accounts: Like in the challenge, losses cannot exceed 2.5% of account equity daily. Depending on whether the account is in profit or loss, specific outcomes exist in case of a breach.

If you breach the ‘soft rule,’ the firm will close the offending trade automatically. On the flip side, if you breach the ‘hard rule’ territory, your account will be shut down, and you’ll have to pay a reset fee to continue with the challenge.

It’s important to note that a soft breach results in the automatic closing of the trade that violated the rule, but it does not require a reset.

However, a hard breach will result in the closing of the account, and a reset fee will be required to continue with the challenge. These rules aim to protect traders and ensure the sustainability of trading practices.

What Can You Trade On Traders4Traders Funding

Traders4Traders (T4T) capital offers diverse trading instruments, allowing you to develop varied portfolios. Below are the asset classes and instruments that you can trade on T4T:

Forex Trading

T4T capital offers major, minor, and exotic currency pairs. Each pair has its own typical spreads and trade size. This broad selection caters to the needs of any forex trader seeking to operate a funded account.


You can trade various commodities like gold, platinum, and silver. The trading features, such as spreads, profit margin, and leverage limits, vary according to the commodity type.


T4T Capital’s fund management caters to crypto traders by offering over 200 cryptocurrencies. This includes high cap, middle cap, low cap, cap crosses, and indexes.


Trading opportunities in major indices are also available.

Traders4Traders Review -Final Thought

Traders4Traders offers practical training, funding, and robust trading platforms. These features set them apart in the crowded prop trading landscape.

Their trading rules and account limits ensure a controlled and disciplined approach to trading, protecting both the trader and the firm.

With many trading instruments ranging from Forex, Commodities, and Cryptocurrencies to Equities, T4T caters to diverse trading interests, making it an excellent choice for anyone aiming to thrive in the financial market.

Despite minor drawbacks like low leverage and a somewhat slow evaluation process, the firm stands out as a reputable prop trading firm, making it worth consideration for any aspiring trader.

Get to the next phase of your trading career; leverage their expertise and experience to jumpstart your journey today. Click here to sign up.

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